Mills County, Iowa
School History
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Location and Notes
Anderson Township
Anderson School
Benton School Also known as "Big Mud School" (1854-1946)
Box Elder School Section 2, range 41. (1874-1960)
Fairview School Anderson township
Farm Creek School (1887-1920); Section 1, Range 40, struck by lightning July 1, 1920, burned to the ground.
Henderson High School
Henderson School
Oaks School
Pickerill School (1874-1948) After 1948, Students were bussed to Emerson.
Union Valley School
Center Township
Barbee School Section 9, range 42 (1870-c1941)
Hawthorne School (1906-1960)
Hillsdale School (1880-1936), Building burned, rebuilt with a smaller structure, used until 1965.
Little Brick School (1880-1913); Destroyed by a tornado on Easter Sunday.
Mt. Vernon School
Pleasant Grove School Center township
Reasoner School Section 20, Range 42 North.
Silver School (1874-1945), Section 2, Range 42
Deer Creek Township
Center School Deer Creek township - (c1868-1924), old building replaced with a newer one then closed in 1960.
Fairview School
Glynn School
Keystone School
Preston School
South Grove School
Strahan School
Union School
Warner School
Glenwood Township
Glenwood High School Glenwood township
Glenwood School
Glenwood State School
Goheen School
Plainview/Donnell School
West Hill/Grade School (1868-1937)
Williams School
Indian Creek Township
Forester SchoolIndian Creek township - (c1869 - 1952); One mile west of Emerson
Emerson School
Fairview School
Golden Hill School
Hastings High School (1892-1959)
Hastings School
McClain School
Nishna Valley School
North Grove/Indian Creek School
Sandiland School
Wearin School
Ingraham Township
Excelsior School
Ingraham Center School (1872-??)
Mt. Vernon School
Osborne Valley School (1872-??)
Pleasant Hill School aka Estes School, nine miles south of Glenwood,
Prairie Creek School Original school destroyed by fire in 1916, rebuilt by 1925, closed by 1953.
Prairie Valley/Frog Pond School (1872-??)
Silver City High School
Silver City School5th & 6th grade class 1921-1922
Silver Creek School
Lyons Township
Burr Oak School 
Egypt School
Elm Grove School (1857-1913), Destroyed by a cyclone, rebuilt and closed in 1966, Section 11, range 48.
Walnut Grove School
Wright School Lyons township
Oak Township
Evernham School
Gowen School #1
Gowen School #2
Gowen School #3
Letal School(1880-1958)
Plumer/Oak Bluff School #2 (1906-1954)
Sand Hollow School
Spetman/Oak Bluff School #1 School
Vogler/Mineola School
West Liberty School
West Liberty #2
West Oak School
Plattville Township
Bethlehem School
Lincoln School
Pacific City School (1857-1962)
Pacific Junction School
White Chapel School
Rawles Township
Center School
Estes/Pleasant Hill School 9 miles southeast of Glenwood.
Forest Grove School
Four Corners School 5 miles north of Tabor.
Goodfellow School (1895-???)
Maple Grove School 5 miles southwest of Malvern. Closed in 1950.
Pleasant Ridge School
Shady Grove School Rawles
West/Sunnyside School Originally named West School, located one mile north of Tabor
Silver Creek Township
Pleasant Valley School Originally known as Jones School; Section 5, Township 41, Range 72.
Center School
Malvern Schools
St Marys Township
Eureka School #1
Eureka School #2
St. Marys, 1856
White Cloud Township
Barrett School
East Sunbeam School
Foxworthy School Peaceville (c1858-1951)
Spring Valley School
Sunrise School
Valleyview School
West Sunbeam School
White Cloud School

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