Mills County, Iowa

Forester School site
Indian Creek Township

Recent photos of the Forester School Site. Compliments of Christine Eagan.    

Forester School site on Lambert Avenue in Emerson, Iowa

The Forester School was turned into a private residence by Faye Lang Smith, owner of the surrounding farmland. Years later it was sold outside the family.

Note by Christine: "Forester School" is where my Grandmother Alice Marie (Lang) Anderson (1918-2006) and her older siblings attended. It has since been turned into a private residence by Faye Lang Smith who owned the farmland surrounding it, and years after that it was sold outside the family.

Alice's siblings were Pearl Ethlyn Lang (married name Griffith), George Edward Lang, and Helen May Lang (never married). They were the children of Charles D. Lang and wife Nettie Gertrude (Brown) Lang. The entire family except for Pearl are buried in the Emerson cemetery. They lived at the farm on Marh Ave, Emerson, Iowa.

Photograph of Lang Family:
Left to Right: Charles D. Lang, Alice Marie Lang, George Edward Lang, Pearl Ethlyn Lang, Nettie Gertrude Brown-Lang
Back Row with Bow: Helen May Lang

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