Mills County, Iowa ~ Early Schools

Pacific Junction School
Plattville Township

Class of 1892

Graduation: The room was decorated with pictures and flowers. Over the stage hung the crescent and star
Motto: "There are no Alps"
Music: Miss Wallace sang "In Old Madrid"
Valdictorian: Miss Mary Scott

  • All Graduates gave a commencement speech:
    • Mary Regester; "Errors, like straws, on the the surface flow. Those who see pearls must dive below".
    • Effie Ryckman; "One sees the world according to the color of his spectacles".
    • Celia Carr; "God helps those who help themselves".
    • Harry Bauguess; "Right way and a wrong way to perform our life work."
    • Marquis Fowler; "Advancement of Civilization".
    • Mary Scott; Women of the 19th Century".
Father Cook gave some excellent advice to the parents, as well as, pupils regarding school duties.
R. E. McDonald, President of the Board presented the graduating class with diplomas.

~ Transcribed by Karyn Techau.The complete article can be found in the "The Opinion-Tribune", June 2, 1892

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