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Colfax Funeral Home
Colfax, Iowa

For people who died in 1954 - 1959, you can order the original copy of the Funeral Home record from the Jasper County Genealogical Society for $2.00 per name. Send the name(s) and $2.00 per name to JCGS, PO Box 263, Newton IA 50208-0163.

You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read the funeral home transcriptions. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, it is a free program and can be downloaded from www.acrobat.com

Surname Given Name Book
Wade Durlay Book 4
Wade Guy Book 1
Wade Mack Douglas Book 1
Wade Sidney DeEster Book 1
Wadsworth Homer Dewey Book 4
Waggner Eliza Book 1
Wagner Bessie M. Book 2
Wagner Chase Harold Book 2
Wagner Mary Lucrettia Book 2
Wagner William Anthony Book 4
Wait E. O. Book 0
Waite Daughter of Geo. Book 0
Walker Mrs. A. Book 0
Walkley H. Book 0
Wall Lady Vesta Book 1
Wallace Annie Book 1
Wallace William Robert Book 1
Waltz Mrs. E. A. Book 0
Ward Anna Lester Book 1
Ward Anna Book 4
Ward Child of Oscar Book 0
Ward John C. Book 2
Ward Logan Herbert Book 4
Ward Mel Book 4
Ward Milo Vinton Book 2
Ward Mrs. David Book 0
Ward Oscar Sydney Book 2
Ware Joshua Book 1
Ware Mrs. E. Book 0
Warren Thomas Book 3
Warrick Agnes Myrtle Book 4
Warrick Alfred Book 4
Warrick Allen Eli Book 4
Warrick Inda Inza Book 2
Warrick John William Book 1
Warrick John, Sr. Book 1
Warrick Laura Bell Book 3
Warrick Martha Ann Book 4
Warrick Martin Walter Book 1
Warrick Mary Agnes Book 4
Warrick Thomas E. Book 1
Wasgreen Child of Anton Book 0
Wassgren Charlotte Book 2
Wassgren Victor Book 3
Waters Mrs. E. A. Book 0
Watt Lawson Book 1
Watt Mary (Mollie) Book 2
Watters E. Book 0
Waxal Child of Alfred Book 0
Wear James Book 0
Weaver Dietta Book 4
Webb Mary Jane Book 2
Webb Mrs. Catherine Book 0
Wells Mary Annette Book 4
Wells Mrs. W. B. Book 0
Wenes Anna Book 3
Wenes Martin, Sr. Book 2
Weresh Anna Elena Book 4
Wescott Louisa Book 0
West Anna Elizabeth Book 2
West Frank Bates Book 1
Westfall Child of Book 0
Weston H. L. Book 0
Wharff William Harold Book 2
Wheeler Bessie Beatrice Book 1
Wheeler Clara Belle Book 1
Wheeler Elbert A. Book 1
Wheelock Child of M. B. Book 0
White Carroll Allen Book 1
White Child of Tom Book 0
White George Thomas Book 1
White Lucinda Book 1
White Margaret Book 4
White Mary Agnes Book 1
Whitehead Ethel Zola Book 3
Whitelaw Amy Book 4
Whitelaw Raymond M. Book 1
Whitley James Travis Book 2
Wiese Otto Hilton Book 4
Wilcox Dayse May Book 4
Wilcox Robert Vern Book 2
Wiley Mother Book 0
Willey David Book 0
Willey Frank E. Book 2
Willey Richard Book 1
Willey Sarah Amelia Book 2
Williams Amelia Naomi Book 4
Williams Blanche Book 1
Williams Charles S. Book 1
Williams Child of Elmer Book 0
Williams Child of Richard Book 0
Williams Daniel Book 1
Williams David Roy Book 1
Williams John C., Sr. Book 3
Williams Mary Jane Book 3
Williams Ralph Richard, Jr. Book 2
Williams Richard, Sr. Book 2
Williams Robert W. Book 4
Williams Thomas Joseph Book 2
Williams Walter L. Book 1
Willis Geo. Book 0
Willis Sarah Jane Book 1
Wilner A. Book 0
Wilson Almeda Book 2
Wilson Everett Ramsay Book 4
Wilson Robert Dodd Book 2
Wing Fank Leslie Book 2
Winpegler Byron Book 1
Winpegler LeRoy Book 2
Winpegler Lulu Vada Book 3
Winslow Eliza Jane Book 1
Winslow George William Book 4
Wintersteen Child of H. Book 0
Wintersteen Child of H. Book 0
Wistner Josephine E. M. Book 1
Withers Maryln Marie Book 4
Wolfe Claude Thomas Book 4
Wolfe Lucy Fern Book 4
Wonders Child of T. O. Book 0
Wood Daniel Collett Book 1
Wood Olive Brown Book 3
Wood Bonnie Belle Book 4
Wood Geo. D. Book 0
Wood Harley Raymond Book 4
Wood Harry Wesley Book 1
Wood Mrs. Geo. Book 0
Woods Florence May Book 1
Woods Frank E. Book 3
Woods Harry Book 2
Woods John Alexander Book 1
Woods Mrs. Book 0
Woodyard Child of Sam Book 0
Woodyard Child of Sam Book 0
Woodyard Maggie Book 1
Wray James Edward Book 1
Wright Child of Jno. Book 0
Wright Lucinda Book 1
Wright Mae or Mrs. Book 0
Wright Mauise Chapman Book 0
Wyburg Andy Book 0
Wyer Franklin Dow Book 4
Wyre Child of A. Book 0