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Colfax Funeral Home
Colfax, Iowa

For people who died in 1954 - 1959, you can order the original copy of the Funeral Home record from the Jasper County Genealogical Society for $2.00 per name. Send the name(s) and $2.00 per name to JCGS, PO Box 263, Newton IA 50208-0163.

You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read the funeral home transcriptions. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, it is a free program and can be downloaded from www.acrobat.com

Surname Given Name Book
Saathoff Walter Frank Book 4
Sackett W. N. Book 0
Sage Barbara Book 1
Sage Charity Bell Book 2
Sage Charles William Book 4
Sage Child of C. Sage Book 0
Sage Child of C. Book 0
Sage Child of C. Book 0
Sage Jackie Martin Book 1
Sage Jane Book 3
Sage Maude Mary Book 1
Sage Sam Book 0
Sage Samuel, Sr. Book 2
Sage Tom Book 3
Sage William Book 1
Sager Mary Elizabeth Book 3
Sager William Henry Book 1
Sagers S. Book 0
Sally Minnie Florence Book 2
Sally Thomas Joseph Book 2
Salmon William Martin Book 1
Sams Cordia B. Book 4
Sams Goldie Pearl Book 1
Sams Lena Bell Book 3
Sams Mrs. Book 0
Sams Virgil Bayless Book 2
Sapp Ella May Book 4
Sapp William Marcellus Parker Book 2
Sayre Bertha Book 1
Scanlan Essie Talitha Book 2
Scarbrough Charles Franklin Book 1
Schadel Richard Book 1
Schandelmeier Jacob Book 0
Schlasser Lewis Phillip Book 4
Schlosser Carrie Ellen Book 2
Schlosser Child of H. Book 0
Schlosser Edward Richard Book 4
Schlosser George Richard Book 2
Schlosser Louise Nagel Book 1
Schmidt Elizabeth Book 1
Schmidt Oscar Book 1
Schmidt William A. Book 4
Schmitt Anna Jane Book 1
Schmitt George Cleveland Book 4
Schmitt Henry Book 1
Schmitt Phillip Book 1
Schoondeck Child of Jno. Book 0
Schoondeck Child of John Book 0
Schoondeck Mrs. John Book 0
Schoondyke Richard Vergil Book 2
Schroyer Maud G. Book 4
Scott Albert Clinton Book 2
Scott Della Inez Book 2
Scott James Book 1
Scott Pearl Olive Book 2
Scott Rose Mae Book 1
Scott Ulysses Winfield Book 1
Scoville Charles H. Book 1
Seaver Alpheus Othelo Book 4
Seaver Lidie Ellen Book 2
See Baby Girl Book 2
Sellers Sarah J. Book 0
Sewel Helen Josephene Book 1
Shadley Alvin Max Book 2
Shadley Cecil Earl Book 4
Shadley Clarice Joyce Book 3
Shadley Willard Milford Book 1
Shanafelt Child of G. W. Book 0
Shanover J. B. Book 0
Sharp Hattie May Book 1
Sharp Henry Book 1
Sharp James Thomas Book 1
Sharp Richard Book 1
Sharp Thomas Book 0
Shattuck Joseph Coaly Book 1
Shearer Walter James Book 2
Shellenberger Child of A. Book 0
Shellenberger Child of A. Book 0
Shepley Hazel Book 2
Sherbon Dr. Florence Brown Book 1
Sherom ? J. E. Book 0
Sherratt James Book 2
Shiley Mina James Book 1
Shipley Clyde Robert Book 2
Shipley Edith Wilhelmina Book 1
Shipley Howard G. Book 4
Shipley Robert Given Book 1
Shisler Child of John Book 0
Shisler Isaac Book 0
Shissler Carl Isaac Book 1
Shissler Curtis Hamilton Book 2
Shissler Ellis Bartlett Book 1
Shissler Russell Webb Book 2
Shissler Sarah Book 3
Shriner Mrs. Book 0
Shroyer Joseph Book 1
Sinnott Patrick Edward Book 2
Sinske Minnie Book 3
Slatkoski John August Book 1
Small Arthur Eugene Book 1
Small Ida Book 0
Small Martha M. Book 1
Small W. M. Book 0
Smith Andrew X. Book 1
Smith Betty B. Book 2
Smith Chris H. Book 1
Smith Christopher P. Book 2
Smith Daughter of Mr. Book 0
Smith Della Book 4
Smith Delmar Mason Book 2
Smith Ella C. Book 1
Smith Frank Book 3
Smith Herbert James Book 1
Smith Milo Book 2
Smith Mrs. J. H. Book 0
Smith T. G. Book 0
Smith Victoria Music Book 3
Smith William Ivan Book 2
Smythe Mrs. Book 0
Snapp Mervin Book 1
Sneddon Carrie K. Book 1
Snow George Book 0
Snyder Lydia Rosella Book 1
Snyder Vernon LeRoy Book 1
Soderholm Oscar Frank Book 1
Southern Deane H. Book 2
Southern Lowell E. Book 2
Southern Norman Lee Book 1
Sowers India Alice Book 4
Spence Belle Book 4
Spence Child of Bob Book 0
Spence Robert Book 0
Spencer Chas Book 0
Spowart Margreat Book 4
Squire Sarah May Book 2
Staker Carrie Christina Book 1
Staker Edwid Pyle Book 1
Staker Katheryn Book 4
Stamper Child of John Book 0
Stauffer George Henry Book 1
Stayaner Maud Book 0
Stayner Elizabeth Book 1
Stayner Gib Book 0
Stephenson Martha Book 0
Stephenson W. G. Book 0
Sterrett Robert Book 4
Sterrett Verna Irene Book 4
Stevens Hobart Book 0
Stevens Baby Boy Book 1
Stevens Child of P. O. Book 0
Stevens Milo Raymond Book 4
Stevenson Edward C. Book 3
Stevenson Infant of Tom Book 0
Stevenson Judith Rose Book 1
Stewart Baby Son Book 1
Stewart Charles Wm. Book 3
Stewart James Book 3
Stewart Mrs. A. J. Book 0
Stewart Mrs. R. N. Book 0
Stier John Book 0
Stillings Child of C. G. Book 0
Stillings Child of C. G. Book 0
Stillings Child of C. G. Book 0
Stillings Child of Book 0
Stillings Susie Book 0
Stock Cora Ann Book 1
Stock Frances Hazel Book 4
Stock Frank Roy Book 1
Stock Glenn Book 4
Stock John Cyrus Book 1
Stock Ora Lynn Book 1
Stone Peter Book 0
Stonehocker Mrs. A. Book 0
Storts Carey Ellen Book 1
Story Amy Bell Book 4
Story Andrew Theodore Book 4
Stouffer Celia Ann Book 1
Stouffer Frank James Book 1
Stouffer Nellie D. Book 2
Stouffer William Coulter Book 3
Stover George Book 4
Stover Sarah Book 3
Stover William Book 1
Strain Wm. Book 0
Stremfel Antonia Dorothea Book 4
Stremfel John Jacob, Sr. Book 3
Strother Ella Book 1
Strother Mrs. L. Book 0
Strothers Emanuel Book 0
Strothers Lewis Watson Book 2
Stroup Baby Boy Book 1
Stroup William Lewis Book 1
Stupka Joseph Henry Book 1
Sumpter Child of Book 0
Sumpter Cynthia Book 0
Sumpter John Book 0
Sumpter Mrs. H. Book 0
Sundberg Eva Book 0
Swank Daniel Book 0
Swanson Child of Nels Book 0
Swanson Otto Book 1
Sweedland Olaf Book 0
Sweitzer Jennie Book 1
Swihart Ella Book 0