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Colfax Funeral Home
Colfax, Iowa

For people who died in 1954 - 1959, you can order the original copy of the Funeral Home record from the Jasper County Genealogical Society for $2.00 per name. Send the name(s) and $2.00 per name to JCGS, PO Box 263, Newton IA 50208-0163.

You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read the funeral home transcriptions. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, it is a free program and can be downloaded from www.acrobat.com

Surname Given Name Book
Bailey Elzaida V. Book 3
Bailey James Franklin Book 1
Bailey Lucie Jane Book 1
Bailey Marion Edwin Book 1
Baker Bessie Jane Book 1
Baker Burtress Matilda Book 2
Baker Effie Book 1
Baker Harrie Leon Book 1
Baker Mary Adel Book 4
Baker Mary Isabel Book 1
Baker Mevina Viola Book 1
Baker Mrs. Frank Book 0
Baker Mrs. W. F. Book 0
Baker Roy Sylvester Book 4
Baldwin Claudia Lynn Book 4
Baldwin Thomas Book 1
Bales George Henry Book 1
Bales Gertrude Anna Book 1
Ball Earl LeRoy Book 2
Ball William Howard Book 1
Ball Mary Alfreta Book 4
Banjac Mike Book 4
Barbour Benjamin Book 3
Barbour Henry Book 1
Barker Catherine Book 2
Barker Frances (Fannie) Book 4
Barker George Book 1
Barker Hazel Fern Book 2
Barker Noah Book 1
Barker Taylor Book 1
Barnes G. O. Book 0
Barnett Eleanor Ballard Book 3
Barnett Willis J. Book 2
Barrett Jarrold Benjamin Book 4
Barrett John Harold Book 2
Bass Child of Wm. Book 0
Batcheller Mrs. Book 0
Batthis G. W. Book 0
Battles Alice Book 1
Batty Child of Ed. Book 0
Batty Child of John Book 0
Batty George Thomas Book 2
Batty Mary Ann Book 3
Bauer Bertha Hunter Book 4
Bauer James Leonard Book 1
Bayl Mittie Annis Book 4
Beals Bonnie Fay Book 1
Beals Cecile Marie Book 2
Beals Jay Richard Book 4
Beals Mary Frances Book 4
Beals Patricia Diane Book 4
Beard Bion Willie Book 1
Beard Harold Wilbur Book 4
Beard Ina Mary Book 1
Beasley George McCulland (Ben) Book 4
Beasley James J. Book 1
Beasley Viola Book 3
Beaumont Son of Louis Book 0
Beckeluer Elizabeth Book 0
Beckham George, Jr. Book 1
Beckham Sarah Book 4
Beckman Abigale LaGrant Book 4
Beeson Minnie Book 0
Bell Arthur Sherman Book 1
Bell Bridget Veronica Book 4
Bell Burl Harvey Book 3
Bell Child of Wm. Book 0
Bell James Anthony Book 3
Bell Karla Sue Book 4
Bell Rosa Mary Book 1
Bennick Henry Book 0
Benson Child of Chris Benson Book 0
Benton Thomas Henry Book 1
Beris (Bros) Walt Book 0
Berkley Millard Fillmore Book 1
Bertoletti Mary Angelina Book 1
Bidwell Elizabeth Book 1
Bigney Solomon Book 1
Binkard Joe Book 0
Binkerd Ivan Floyd Book 2
Binkerd Maynard Arthur Book 4
Birdsall J. H. Book 0
Bishop Edwin Book 1
Bittner Blanche Dora Book 1
Black Anna C. Book 1
Black Clarence A. Book 2
Blake Mrs. Catherine G. Book 0
Blake Louise Violet Book 2
Blakesmith Alta Book 0
Blanford Anna Book 2
Blanford Charles Austin Book 4
Blanford Frank Book 1
Blanford Katie Book 0
Blee Margaret Elizabeth Book 3
Blodgett Mrs. Lizzie Book 0
Blomquest H. Blomquest Book 0
Boatwright Carey Fredrick Book 4
Bolen Anna Book 3
Bolen Samuel Book 4
Bolen Steve Book 1
Bollhoefer Ed Book 1
Bollhoefer Fay Lucile Book 3
Bond Maude A. Book 4
Bond Wm. Sr. Book 0
Bone (Born) Katherine Book 0
Booth Mrs. Book 0
Boothe David Cromwell Book 4
Boothe James Alfred Book 1
Boothe Nancy Ann Book 1
Bora (Born) Jacob Book 0
Border Emma May Book 1
Border George R. Book 2
Border Gertrude Brown Book 1
Border Mrs. Ann Book 0
Borts Ida Bell Book 1
Borts Leo Taylor Book 4
Borts William H. Book 1
Botsford Daughter of Warren Book 0
Bouchantz Hattie A. Book 1
Boucher Jennie M. Book 1
Bowie Grace Millvia Book 4
Bowman Lottie Book 2
Bowman Thomas Robson Book 4
Boyd Alice (Little) Book 2
Boyd Charles Ely Book 1
Boyd Clinton Dewight Book 1
Boyd Dr. Frank Elmer Book 2
Boyd Harold B. Book 1
Boyd John Umphrio Book 1
Boyd Joseph Harvey Book 1
Branam Joseph Book 0
Brant Jack Ellsworth Book 1
Brant James Everet Book 2
Breckenridge Edward Alec Book 4
Bridie Child of Will Book 0
Bridie John Book 1
Bridie William Elmer Book 1
Briggs David Henry Book 2
Briggs Harriett Anne Book 3
Brightle Loyd Book 0
Britton Fred Book 1
Brodis Child of John Book 0
Brown Horace Edward Book 1
Brown James Moses Book 4
Brown John Franklin Book 1
Brown Luvada Carpenter Book 1
Brown Margaret Helen Book 1
Brown Pearl May Book 1
Brown William Preston Book 4
Brown Wm. Book 0
Buck Nellie Book 4
Buckley Rose Mary & Stillborn Son Book 4
Buckley Etta May Book 4
Buckley Margie Amanda Book 4
Buckley Raymond Lee, Jr. Book 4
Buckley Robert Ray Book 4
Buckroyd Mary Ann Book 1
Bundy Thomas Book 1
Bunyard Angeline Book 3
Burks Baby Boy Book 3
Burnett Arminta Lydia Book 2
Burnett Cora Book 4
Burnett Eugene Francis Book 4
Burnett Fred William Book 1
Burns Laura Irene Book 1
Burr Minnie Mabel Book 1
Burris Mary E. Book 0
Burt Roy Bryan Book 4
Burt Thomas Book 0
Butler Charles Albert Book 4
Butler Charles Stephen Book 2
Butler Lydia Margaret Book 4
Butler Mary Ellen Book 1
Byers Rachael Melissa Book 3