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Jasper County, Iowa

Colfax Funeral Home
Colfax, Iowa

For people who died in 1954 - 1959, you can order the original copy of the Funeral Home record from the Jasper County Genealogical Society for $2.00 per name. Send the name(s) and $2.00 per name to JCGS, PO Box 263, Newton IA 50208-0163.

You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read the funeral home transcriptions. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, it is a free program and can be downloaded from www.acrobat.com

Surname Given Name Book
Jabaai Mark Douglas Book 4
Jacobs Ester LeDora Book 4
Jacobsen Gehard Book 3
Jader Allie Book 0
James Albert Wm. Book 1
James Child of Al. Book 0
James Child of Jesse Book 0
James Child of Jesse Book 0
James Elizabeth Book 4
James Infant of Al Book 0
Janney Carl James Book 4
Jeffries Miss Book 0
Jeffries Mrs. Al Book 0
Jenkins John H. Book 1
Jenkins Mrs. Margaret Book 0
Jenkins Wm. Earnest Book 2
Jennings Charles Book 0
Jennings Rhoda Almira Book 1
Jensen Barbara Jean Book 4
Jickling Clara Belle Book 4
Jickling William Robert Book 4
Johns Lazarus Book 2
Johnson Anna Helen Book 4
Johnson Benjamin Bundy Book 2
Johnson Child of Andy Book 0
Johnson Child of C. A. Book 0
Johnson Child of C. J. Book 0
Johnson Child of C. Book 0
Johnson Child of Gus Book 0
Johnson Dau. of C. Book 0
Johnson Delia Book 0
Johnson Dora Book 0
Johnson Lula May Book 4
Johnson Mrs. A. P. Book 0
Johnson Mrs. Gus Book 0
Johnson Mrs. H. Book 0
Johnson Nellie Marie Book 4
Johnson Thomas Evans Book 1
Johnston R. I. Book 0
Jolley Mildred C. Book 2
Jones Anne Book 2
Jones Catherine Rowland Book 1
Jones Child of J. S. Book 0
Jones Child of J. S. Book 0
Jones Child of Philip Book 0
Jones Child of Philip Book 0
Jones Dollie Agnes Book 1
Jones Ernest Book 0
Jones Frank M. Book 1
Jones Ioan Guilyn Book 2
Jones John Wendell Book 1
Jones Laura Lavinia Book 1
Jones Matilda Book 0
Jones Mrs. T. Book 0
Jones Samuel Evore Book 2
Jones Sara Ellen Book 1
Jones T. P. Book 0
Jones Walter, Sr. Book 1
Jones William Sherman Book 1
Jopling Nellie Pease Book 1
Jordan Thomas Book 4
Jorgenson Nels Book 0
Junis Charles Pete Book 3
Junis Emma Bock Book 4