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Jasper County, Iowa

Colfax Funeral Home
Colfax, Iowa

For people who died in 1954 - 1959, you can order the original copy of the Funeral Home record from the Jasper County Genealogical Society for $2.00 per name. Send the name(s) and $2.00 per name to JCGS, PO Box 263, Newton IA 50208-0163.

You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read the funeral home transcriptions. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, it is a free program and can be downloaded from www.acrobat.com

Surname Given Name Book
Faidley Edith Mae Book 2
Faidley Levi William Book 4
Faidley Nora Ann Book 4
Falcon Fredric Book 1
Falcon Theodosia (Dota) Book 2
Farrington Larry Lester Book 2
Farrington Myrtle Tempy Book 4
Farrington William Jesse Book 2
Fatland Baby Son Book 2
Fatland Dr. Olaf Screne Book 2
Fenner Harold Diehl Book 1
Fenner Ida May Book 1
Ferguson Alice Alberta Book 1
Ferguson Dolly Book 1
Ferguson Elizabeth P. Book 2
Ferguson Emma Louise Book 2
Ferguson Frank Addison Book 2
Ferguson John Jasper Book 1
Ferguson Joseph Sherman Book 1
Ferguson Joseph Book 0
Ferguson Mrs. Book 0
Ferris Egbert Book 1
Ferris Elnorah Book 3
Fields A. T. Book 0
Fields Baby Boy Book 2
Fields Earl R. Book 4
Fields Gail Willis Book 2
Fields Nellie Book 4
Fields Richard Lee Book 2
Fischer Mary Book 1
Fisher Miss Ola Book 0
Fitzgerald Joan Marie Book 1
Fitzgerald John Joseph Book 1
Flaherty Grace Alberta Book 4
Flaherty William Patrick Book 1
Flaherty Wm Book 0
Flora Dwight Harold Book 1
Forker Child of R. Book 0
Forsyth Edwin Stanton Book 1
Forsyth Lenora Macy Book 2
Foster Mrs. H. Book 0
Frace Wm. J. Book 0
France Kirk Book 1
France Thos. Book 0
Francis E. E. Book 0
Franklin J. Benjamin Book 1
French John Thomas Book 1
French Z. K. Book 0
French Z. K. Book 0
Frey Paul Book 1
Friberg Eli Book 0
Friberg Mrs. Book 0
Frink Herbert William Book 2
Froberg Peter Book 0
Fullington Mrs. Nellie Book 0
Funk Howard W. Book 1
Funk Rilla Emma Dunlap Book 1