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Jasper County, Iowa

Colfax Funeral Home
Colfax, Iowa

For people who died in 1954 - 1959, you can order the original copy of the Funeral Home record from the Jasper County Genealogical Society for $2.00 per name. Send the name(s) and $2.00 per name to JCGS, PO Box 263, Newton IA 50208-0163.

You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read the funeral home transcriptions. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, it is a free program and can be downloaded from www.acrobat.com

Surname Given Name Book
Daft Child of Cliffton Book 0
Daft Lydia Diana Rose Book 1
Dales Jennie E. Book 1
Dales Vincent Book 1
Dalinsek Nrsula Book 1
Danks John Henry Book 1
Danks Mrs. Sam'l Book 0
Danks Myrtle Zoe Book 4
Danks Robert LeRoy Book 1
Darrock Helen Maude Book 1
Darrock Henry Book 2
Darrock Sarah Book 2
Darrock William H. Book 1
Davenport Andrew Book 0
Davidson Child of Tom Book 0
Davidson David Book 0
Davidson Gene LeRoy Book 2
Davis Danil Book 3
Davis David John Book 3
Davis Florida Jane Book 4
Davis Judith Faye Book 2
Davis Phillip Lewis Book 4
Davis Sarah A. Book 0
Davis Wm. Book 0
Dawson Chloe C. Book 3
Dawson Robert Book 1
Dawson William Thomas Book 1
Day Annie D. Book 1
Day Charles Wesley Book 1
Day Mr. Book 0
Day Mrs. Ann M. Book 0
Day Thomas Lorraine Book 2
De Bolt Harvey Earl Book 2
De Busk Mrs. Book 0
De Reus Ella S. Book 2
De Reus Peter Book 2
DeCamp August Book 3
DeCamp Frances Book 4
DeCamp Mary Ann Book 4
DeGraff Edith Lavina Book 4
DeVaul Lillian B. Book 1
DeWitt Mrs. Book 0
Dean Samuel Book 1
Deaton George Timothy Book 2
Deaton Laverne Maxine Book 1
Deaton Sarah Eldora Book 4
Decker Mary Margaret Book 1
Dee Clark Book 0
Dee Jackson Book 0
Dee Maurice Book 0
Dee Mrs. W. A. Book 0
Dee Wm. A. Book 0
Dennis Mrs. V. B. Book 0
Denny Samuel Book 1
Dereas Child of P. Book 0
Dexter Child of Richmond Book 0
Dick John Book 1
Dickey Mrs. S. Book 0
Dixon Mrs. S. J. Book 0
Dixon Sarah Book 3
Dluhos Agnes Book 1
Dluhos Edward Book 1
Dodd Loren E. Book 1
Dolinsek John Thomas Book 1
Dolinsek Tom Book 1
Donaldson Phay Reynolds Book 4
Dooley Richard Enoch Book 4
Dotson Daughter of E. E. Book 0
Doud P. H. Book 0
Downey Alva C. Book 1
Downing Julia Ann Book 1
Doyle Dorothy Ellen Book 2
Doyle John William Book 2
Drullinger Vera Alberta Book 4
Drummond Jerome H. Book 1
DuRocher Harriett Ella Book 3
Dugeon Abe Book 1
Duncan Mr. Book 0
Duncan Mrs. L. H. Book 0
Dunlavy Howard Thompson Book 1
Dunn? Child of W. Book 0
Duton Mae Russell Book 2