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Colfax Funeral Home
Colfax, Iowa

For people who died in 1954 - 1959, you can order the original copy of the Funeral Home record from the Jasper County Genealogical Society for $2.00 per name. Send the name(s) and $2.00 per name to JCGS, PO Box 263, Newton IA 50208-0163.

You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read the funeral home transcriptions. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, it is a free program and can be downloaded from www.acrobat.com

Surname Given Name Book
Hadsall Cherri Book 4
Hadsall Elsie Mae Book 3
Hadsall Johathan Book 2
Hadsell Child of Jno Book 0
Hahn John Henry Book 4
Hahn Lizzie Book 1
Haines Flora Book 4
Haley Julia Book 1
Hall Ella A. Book 1
Hall Fred Young Book 4
Hall George Bennett Book 1
Hall James Warnick Book 2
Halliwill Eudoda Agatha Book 4
Halliwill Rebecca Ellen Book 1
Hallowell Nathaniel Book 0
Hamer Edward Book 2
Hamer Jane Book 2
Hamilton Agnes Book 1
Hamilton Lillian Margaret Book 1
Hammerly Child of Book 0
Hammerly George Book 0
Hamrick Child of Wm. Book 0
Hanawalt Ralph Ivan Book 4
Hand Arthur Book 0
Hand Ruby Florence Book 2
Haning Oliver Earl Book 4
Haning William Tuttle Book 2
Hanna Eva Book 1
Hanna Jack Book 0
Hanna James Henry Book 1
Hannawalt Baby Book 2
Hannawalt Elmer Eugene Book 4
Hanning Child of Geo. Book 0
Hansen Child of Ed Book 0
Hansen Mrs. Book 0
Harlan Lawrence Leon Book 1
Harnop Charles R. Book 1
Harp Child of John Harp Book 0
Harper Cora Jeanette Book 1
Harper Mary Katherine Book 1
Harper William Jacob Book 1
Harrington Laura Belle Book 3
Harris Child of J. D. Book 0
Harris Mrs. James Book 0
Harsewell Maria Book 1
Harter Stella May Book 1
Harter Stillman E. Book 1
Hartley Walter Wesley Book 2
Hartnet Babe of Harry Book 0
Hartnett Maurice Book 1
Hausner Minnie Book 4
Hay Mrs. Emma L. Book 0
Hay Mrs. Geo. Book 0
Hays Charles Edward Book 1
Heberer Conrad Book 1
Hedges Flora Mae Book 3
Heffelfinger Beatrice Book 4
Heffelfinger Elmer Book 2
Heffelfinger Leonard Brice Book 3
Heffelfinger Sharon Kay Book 4
Heinquist Child of P. Book 0
Heinquist Child of P. Book 0
Heinquist Child of Peter Book 0
Helfenstine Mary Isabel Book 1
Helm Rose Book 1
Helphery Anna Book 3
Hendee Johanna Book 1
Hendee William Eugene Book 1
Henderson Amanda Baldwin Book 1
Henderson Child of Tom Book 0
Henderson J. P. Book 0
Henderson Julia Catharine Book 4
Henderson Laura Louise Book 2
Henderson Loretta Jane Book 3
Henning Dale Allen Book 4
Hernedy Helene Book 0
Heselins Child of Jno. Book 0
Heselins Dau. of Jno. Book 0
Hess Laura Elizabeth Book 1
Hester John Wesley Book 1
Hickman Dora Ellen Book 1
Hickman Ulysses Grant Book 1
Highley Carrie Mary Book 2
Hill Alexander Book 3
Hill Catherine Ann Book 2
Hill Robert Raymond Book 1
Hills Kenneth Gene Book 2
Hills Lois Jean Book 2
Hines John Henry Book 1
Hinkleman Bessie Book 1
Hinton C. C. Book 0
Hinton Isaac Book 0
Hinton Lily May Book 1
Hird James Arthur Book 2
Hise Jay Tilden Book 4
Hise Sam Book 0
Hoagland Mrs. Josephene Book 0
Hodge Elsie Geneva Book 1
Hodgson Alvah L. Book 3
Hodgson Edward Book 1
Hodgson Olga Anna Book 2
Hodgson Randolph Clyde Book 1
Hodson Child of R. C. Book 0
Hogarth Child of Thomas Book 0
Hogendorn Leonard Book 1
Hogendorn Mary S. Book 4
Hoggarth Child of Tom Book 0
Holdefer Forrest M. Book 1
Holdefer Gracia Lillian Book 1
Holdefer Lue Amy Book 4
Holdefer Marthel Lavina Book 1
Holden Roy Book 4
Holland Cristine Marie Book 1
Holland Vinson A. Book 1
Holldefer Katie Book 4
Holmes Daisy Iola Book 4
Holmes John Wesley Book 1
Hopkins Child of A. S. Book 0
Hopkins Mary H. Book 3
Hopkins Samuel S. Book 1
Hopkins Vera Book 2
Horsewell Mary Ann Book 4
Horsewell Nellie Book 0
Horsewell Samuel John Book 4
Hotchkiss Jack P. Book 3
Houtz Jointer Roy Book 3
Howe Edward Julius Book 4
Howe Frank T. Book 2
Howell Lydia M. Book 1
Howell Monre F. Book 1
Hoy Benjamin H. Book 1
Hruisworth Mrs. Book 0
Hubbard Joseph Ryan Book 1
Hubbard Mrs. Susanna Book 0
Hughes Benjamin Book 2
Hughes Catherine Book 4
Hughes David Book 1
Hughes Evan Book 1
Hughes Fred Book 4
Hughes Henry T. Book 0
Hughes John M. Book 2
Hughes Margaret Book 1
Hughes Mary Book 4
Hughes Sarah Ann Book 2
Hughes Thomas Book 4
Hughes William Henry Book 1
Hulse Archie Alvin Book 2
Hulse Edith Mary Book 1
Hulse Floyd Ivan Book 3
Hulse Walter Leslie Book 1
Hummel Anna M. Book 1
Hundley Richard Dean Book 4
Hunse Child of Thomas Book 0
Hunter Baby Boy Book 2
Hunter Edgar Book 1
Hunter George Edward Book 2
Hunter George H. Book 1
Hunter Isaiah Book 1
Hunter William Book 1
Hurst Lewis Clair Book 1
Hurst Ullyses Grant Book 3
Husson Alfred David, Sr. Book 4
Husson Henry Richard Book 2
Husson Sarah Book 4
Huston Alonzo Book 1
Hutchens Davis Carlton Book 1
Hutchinson Child of Geo. Book 0
Hybl Frank Joseph Book 2