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Jasper County, Iowa

Colfax Funeral Home
Colfax, Iowa

For people who died in 1954 - 1959, you can order the original copy of the Funeral Home record from the Jasper County Genealogical Society for $2.00 per name. Send the name(s) and $2.00 per name to JCGS, PO Box 263, Newton IA 50208-0163.

You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read the funeral home transcriptions. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, it is a free program and can be downloaded from www.acrobat.com

Surname Given Name Book
Palmer Mrs. Jos. Book 0
Pardoe Anna Book 0
Paschal Eliza Book 1
Paschal Shannon Cicero Book 1
Paschal Wife of S. C. Book 0
Patterson   Book 1
Patterson Nathan Edward Book 3
Patton Lizzie Book 0
Paynter Anne Book 2
Paynter Wm. Harry Book 1
Pearson Carl John Book 1
Pearson Howard Oliver Book 4
Pearson John Book 1
Pearson Mrs. E. J. Book 0
Pearson Ole Book 0
Pearson Torsten Albert Book 2
Pease Frank Gaylord Book 2
Pease George H. Book 4
Pease Hugh Anderson Book 1
Pease Isaac Galen Book 1
Pease Mother Book 0
Pease Myrtle M. Book 2
Pease Sarah Ellen Book 1
Pease Vesta J. Book 2
Pease Walter Reed Book 4
Peck Mary Ella Book 1
Peck Nora Catherine Book 2
Peck Venna Bell Book 2
Penier Octavie Book 1
Penquite Maynard Ellsworth Book 2
Penquite Olive Book 0
Penquite Robert Book 0
Pentico Child of Wm. Book 0
Pentico Homer Austin Book 1
Perrier John Baptiste Book 1
Perrier John Sr. Book 1
Perry Edwin Book 1
Peterson Barbara Ann Book 4
Peterson Child of Olaf Book 0
Peterson Noah Book 3
Pettit Charles A. Book 2
Pflaum Emory H. Book 1
Pflaum John Oliver Book 4
Phalen Child of Chas Book 0
Phelan Dr. John D. Book 1
Philson Susan Matilda Book 1
Philson Thomas Anderson Book 1
Pickles Christine Ann Book 2
Pickles Emanuel Book 1
Pickles Joseph Book 1
Pieart Erika (Dolly) Book 4
Pieper Fred D. Book 1
Pieper Mary Book 4
Pierce Hattie Book 4
Pierce Marvin Dale Book 1
Pierce Miss Book 0
Pierce Son of Geo. Book 0
Pigg Gustavus Decator Book 4
Pigg Howard Book 4
Pink Della Jean Book 1
Pink Peter R. Book 1
Pitcock Edward Lucian Book 4
Pitcock Harley Waters Book 2
Pitcock Harry Epp Book 1
Pitcock Mrs. Joe Book 0
Pitman Charles Book 1
Plamer Joseph Book 0
Plenelpe Peter Book 0
Plummer J. A. Book 0
Plummer Levi Book 0
Plummer Ora E. Book 1
Plympton Edwin Sylvester Book 1
Plympton Minnie Book 2
Pollard Ellen Book 2
Pollard Samuel Book 1
Pollmeier George Book 2
Poorbaugh Child of H. Book 0
Poorbaugh Child of Book 0
Poorbaugh Henry Book 0
Poorbaugh Mrs. Book 0
Porter Child of Isaac Porter Book 0
Porter Mrs Book 0
Porter Neva LaRue Book 4
Poulson Child of W. L. Book 0
Poulson George Lincoln Book 2
Poulson Rachel Ann Book 3
Pratt John Book 4
Pratt Joseph Book 1
Pratt Maude Annette Book 2
Pratt Philip Book 1
Pratt Robert Don Book 1
Price Alice Book 1
Price Child of John Book 0
Price David Herbert Book 1
Price Mrs. T. J. Book 0
Price Robert Ramon Book 1
Price Sarah E. Book 0
Pugh Charles Homer Book 1
Pugh James Book 1