This cemetery is located just north of the southeast corner of section 18 in Pleasant Valley township.

Pleasant Valley #4 School also called the Drieyer School sat on the southeast corner of this section. In 1869 members of the previous Baileyville, Illinois, Baptist Church began to organize and have services at this school. By 1874 the members had organized and called their church the Baptized Christians of Pleasant Valley, Iowa. They were to be led by the Rev. Peter deNeui. Rev. deNeui was a Baptist missionary minister who came to the Silver Creek, Illinois church in 1871. He was born in the Province of Friesland, Netherlands. His church in Ostfriesland was in the village of Ditzumerverlatt. He came to Iowa to lead this church in 1875. This is the cemetery of that church. The church members split in about 1880. Part of the members built a new church in Aplington, the Aplington Baptist Church, in 1883. This is still a functioning membership today. The other members remained meeting here until a new church was built in 1891 in Buck Grove just two miles to the east and started a new cemetery. They were under the leadership of Pastor deNeui.

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WPA Records from the 1930s

Name Maiden
Birth Date Death Date Aged Grave Obit GPP WPA Bio Marker Inscription Military Other
Buss, J. C.   13 May 1811 13 Mar 1871 059y 10m 00d        
Buss, M.   22 Jan 1824 1891      
Flesner, Geerd H.   04 Jan 1830 27 Jun 1891 061y 05m 23d   G W      
Flesner, Jan   06 Mar 1864 01 May 1922 058y 01m 25d   O G W       Flesner, Geerd H. & Rixte
Flesner, Rixte Jansen Seehusen 07 Feb 1835 15 Feb 1917 082y 00m 08d   O G W     w/o Geerd H.
Hoek, Geske R.   26 Aug 1885 31 Mar 1887 001y 07m 05d   G       Hoek, Rudolf B. & Antje O. nee Ostendorp
Hoek, Keea R.   11 Apr 1882 12 Sep 1895 013y 05m 01d   G       Hoek, Rudolf B. & Antje O. nee Ostendorp
Hook, Antje Ostendorp 11 Feb 1848 05 Nov 1911 063y 08m 25d   O G     w/o Rudolf B.
Hook, Harm R.   23 Aug 1883 28 Jun 1967 083y 10m 05d   O G       Hook, Rudolf B. & Antje O. nee Ostendorp
Hook, Hilka Brass 28 Aug 1883 10 May 1965 081y 08m 12d   O G     w/o Harm R.
Hook, Rudolf B.   13 May 1841 12 Aug 1928 087y 02m 30d   O G B       Hook, Berend H. & Greetje R. nee Fokken
Janssen, Ettje J. Schoon 16 Oct 1825 15 Feb 1901 075y 03m 30d   O G W     w/o Meine C.
Janssen, Meine Cornelius   11 Mar 1816 12 Nov 1891 075y 08m 01d   O G W       Janssen, Cornelius & Antje M. nee deBuhr
Junker, Bauke Heerts 18 Mar 1864 02 Jun 1948 084y 02m 15d   O G     w/o Rudolf B.
Junker, Edgar   03 May 1930 23 May 1930 000y 00m 20d   O G W Son of E. R. & H.     Junker, Edd R. & Henrietta nee Wessels
Junker, Rudine R.   15 Jan 1901 07 Jan 1910 008y 11m 23d   O G W Tochter von R. B. u. Frau Bauke geb. Heerts     Junker, Rudolf B. & Bauke nee Heerts
Junker, Rudolf B.   02 Aug 1863 28 Sep 1946 083y 01m 26d   O G       Junker, Beene J. & Wupke R. nee Fokken
Junker, Wilkea B.   10 Dec 1902 22 Sep 1915 012y 09m 12d   O G W Tochter von Rudolf B. u. Frau Bauke geb. Heerts     Junker, Rudolf B. & Bauke nee Heerts
Kedous, Mantje / Meentje Hinnerka   25 Jan 1902 01 May 1903 001y 03m 06d   G W Tochter von K. und H.     Kedous, Klaas & Gertje nee Buseman
Leffers, Benhard   1884 1885   G W       Leffers, Friedrich & Geske A. nee Neemann
Meyer, Janna vanOsten 07 Nov 1814 25 Sep 1881 066y 10m 18d   G W     w/o Anton F.
Ostercamp, Bauko F.   01 Mar 1857 17 Oct 1890 033y 07m 16d   G      
Ostercamp, Elizabeth   1890 1891   G Dau     Ostercamp, Bauko F. & Aje nee Schürman
Ostercamp, Tillie Alice   12 Mar 1887 03 Feb 1903 015y 10m 22d      
Roos, Anna C.   04 May 1877 04 Apr 1880 002y 11m 00d   G W Children of J. C. & T.; Our lost beloved ones     Roos, Jakob A. & Trientje D. nee Smit
Roos, Johnie B.   25 Aug 1879 10 Mar 1880 000y 06m 14d   G W Children of J. C. & T.; Our lost beloved ones     Roos, Jakob A. & Trientje D. nee Smit
Schluter, Tena   23 Mar 1871 07 Sep 1881 010y 05m 15d   G W       Schluter, Johann H. & Antje nee Heeren
Sents, Ebe A.   23 Jun 1882 09 Oct 1919 037y 03m 16d   O G W Jesus starb fuer mich     Sents, Aeilt F. & Toebke nee Abben
Stukenberg, daughter   31 Dec 1901 31 Dec 1901 000y 00m 00d   G W Dau. Of Fred & Rena     Stukenberg, Fred H. & Rena S. nee Buskohl
Veen, Dorethea A.   02 Apr 1869 02 Jan 1873 003y 09m 00d   G W Dau. Of L. & M.     Veen, L. & M.

--Sources: Grave Markers, Cemetery Directory, Grundy County Birth/Marriage/Death Records, Obituaries, Newspapers