There are 41 cemeteries in Grundy County.

In the Fall of 2010 and Summer of 2011, I walked and photographed (ending up with nearly 20,000 photos) the gravestones of all of these cemeteries. All of these photos have been uploaded to the Grundy Co. GPP website.

Some of the stones were very difficult to read and some are completely smooth, so unfortunately, some may be lost to time.

I am also working on finding obituaries and transcribing and uploading them to the Obits board and linking to the gravestone photograph for researchers. If you have any transcribed obituaries, please assist in this effort and post them to the obituary board.


Surname index of Grundy Co. Gravestone Photo Project

Surname index of Grundy Co. WPA records

Google Map showing all Grundy Co. cemeteries

Cemetery Name Established Township Location Supervisor
Ackley Christian Reformed 1883 German T89 R18 S03 2
Alice Union 1870 Palermo T87 R17 S30 1
Beaver Twp Abt. 1884 Beaver T89 R16 S27 2
Benson a.k.a. Felix Twp 1866 Felix T86 R18 S20 1
Buck Grove Baptist 1885 Pleasant Valley T89 R17 S22 2
Colfax Center Presbyterian Church 1871 Colfax T88 R17 S16 2
Conrad 1882 Clay T86 R17 S31 1
East Friesland Presbyterian Church German T89 R18 S29 2
Elmwood - Dike 1902 Grant T88 R15 S05 3
Fairfield Twp 1857 Fairfield T89 R15 S05 3
Faith Presbyterian Church German T89 R18 S03 2
First Christian Reformed Church 1867 Shiloh T88 R18 S17 2
Fredsville Evangelical Lutheran Church a.k.a. Danish Lutheran 1874 Fairfield T89 R15 S26 3
German Reformed Abt. 1872 Fairfield T89 R15 S26 3
German Twp Abt. 1863 German T89 R19 S30 2
Grant Twp Abt. 1876 Grant T88 R15 S31 4
Grundy Center - Fairview 1873 Palermo T87 R17 S11 5
Grundy Center - Rose Hill 1882 Palermo T87 R17 S11 5
Grundy Center - Sacred Heart 1887 Palermo T87 R17 S11 5
Hillcrest 1874 Fairfield T89 R15 S23 3
Holland a.k.a. Friedhof D E Lutheran Colfax T88 R17 S26 2
Lincoln Twp a.k.a. Lincoln Center Church 1880 Lincoln T88 R16 S16 4
Melrose 1875 Melrose T87 R18 S21 1
Oakland 1863 Clay T86 R17 S34 1
Petersen Abt. 1875 Black Hawk T87 R15 S29 4
Pleasant Valley Reformed Church 1884 Pleasant Valley T89 R17 S26 2
Pleasant Valley Twp 1878 Pleasant Valley T89 R17 S18 2
Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church Abt. 1873 Pleasant Valley T89 R17 S31 2
Reinbeck Black Hawk T87 R15 S28 4 Map
Reinbeck - Queen of Heaven Catholic 1956 Black Hawk T87- R15 S28 4
Salem Lutheran 1893 Beaver T89 R16 S17 2
Sheller Cemetery 1870 Melrose T87 R18 S10 1
Shiloh Twp - Wellsburg 1925 Shiloh T88 R18 S15 2 Map (this is a .pdf file and will open in Adobe reader)
St. Mary's a.k.a. Holy Family Abt. 1880 Grant T88 R15 S20 4
St. Paul's ev. Lutheran 1871 Shiloh T88 R18 S01 2 Map
St. Peter's Evangelical 1874 German T89 R18 S21 2
Stout 1907 Beaver T89 R16 S15 3
Washington Twp 1869 Washington T87 R16 S24 4
Weiss Black Hawk T87 R15 S03 4
Wellsburg Reformed Church - Wellsburg 1899 Shiloh T88 R18 S14 2
West Friesland Presbyterian Church 1874 German T89 R18 S04 2

If you need to contact a cemetery sexton, get the district# from the above table and then go to the county supervisor page and contact the supervisor for the district.