Ackley-Geneva-Wellsburg-Steamboat Rock

History of Wellsburg School
Wellsburg and Steamboat Rock consolidated in 1987. (WSR)
In 2000, Wellsburg-Steamboat Rock was consolidated with Ackley-Geneva. (AGWSR)

Graduates of Wellsburg High School, 1923-1950 (with links to the class composites)

Graduates of SR - WHS - WSR - AGWSR 1896-2016


History of Beaman-Conrad-Liscomb Schools, 1857-1993
Beaman consolidated with the Conrad school in 1958.
Liscomb, located in Marshall County, was consolidated with the Beaman-Conrad school system in 1962. (BCL)
Union and Whitten, located in Hardin County, were consolidated with Beaman-Conrad-Liscomb in 1992. (BCLUW)

Graduates of Beaman - Conrad - Liscomb 1899-1930

Dike-New Hartford

Dike School History

Grundy Center

History of Grundy Center Schools, 1859-1994

Graduates of Grundy Center 1891-1994


Reinbeck and Gladbrook consolidated in 1988. (G-R)

Reinbeck School History

Graduates of Reinbeck 1886-1986


Grundy Junior College

Snow's College of Dressmaking


Grundy County Institute 1892

1895-6 Teachers

1907 Teachers

1912 Teachers

1920 Teachers

Teachers at County Institute 1932

Rural Teachers 1943-44

Additional information regarding consolidation of Iowa schools can be found here.

Grundy County School Statistics

Figures Taken from County Supt. Adams' Report

From figures taken from County Superintendent's report for last year the valuation of Grundy county school house property is placed at $146,696.

There are 127 school houses in the county.

The past year there were 208 female and 38 male teachers in the county's schools. The average monthly salary paid to male teachers was $56.64 a month. Salary of female teachers averaged $42.09. The average for female teachers was 93 cents and for males $2.90 higher than the previous year.

A total of 5879 books are in the school libraries, making an average of 47 library books for every school.

There are 74 sub-districts and 44 rural independent districts in the county.

The average number of months in each school was eight and one-half for last year.

The average cost of sending each pupil in the county to school the past year was $2.99 a month. The lowest average was $1.81 in Fairfield No. 2 and the highest was $7.00 a month in Fairfield No. 7.

Grundy Center and Reinbeck had the highest enrollment for the year. Grundy's enrollment was 433 and that of Reinbeck 315.

--Grundy County Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 9 September 1909