Grundy County Teachers 1912

Wielders Of The Hickory Stick

Male Teachers Number 4 Only

County Schools are Ready to Open--Many Have Already Started the Fall Terms

The Grundy county rural schools are under full swing in many places and the others are preparing to open shortly. A few districts will not hold any school during the fall term, the small number of pupils making it inadvisable to do so. Below we give the list of teachers as reported to County Supt. Gray. There are a few districts that have not reported, although several requests have been made for the names of the teachers.

An examination of the list reveals the fact that school teaching is a woman's business, very few of the districts having men teachers. There are four men teachers on the list, Otto Haren in Shiloh No. 6, Emery Dickensen in Colfax No. 7 (Holland), Fred Benz in Grant No. 7 (Zaneta) and John Connell in Palermo No. 6. The salaries paid the rural teachers run from $37.50 to $55.00 a month with the average of $42.50 for the fall term. The average fall term is eight weeks.

The list of teachers is as follows:

Fairfield Township
No. 2 Kathryn Courtwright
No. 3 Marguerite Clark
No. 4 Eva Stoner
No. 5 May Eberhart
No. 6 Stena Jensen
No. 7 Marie Rasmussen
No. 8 Maude Emery
No. 9 Blanche Callaghan

No. 1 Nellie Cole
No. 3 Edna J. Bawn
No. 4 Anna Trey
No. 5 Maggie Schoeneman
No. 6 Grace Palmer
No. 7 Nettie Helt
No. 9 Jennie Mahanke

Pleasant Valley
No. 1 Gertrude DeNeui
No. 2 Harriet J. Bruns
No. 3 Lena Spieker
No. 6 Doris A. Mahanke
No. 9 Miss Simington

No. 1 Florence Blom
No. 2 Emily Rabe
No. 3 Anna Wessels
No. 5 Flossie Palmer
No. 6 Nellie Rewerts
No. 8 Louise Ubben
No. 9 Ruth Elliott

No. 1 Florence Hildebrand
No. 3 Lulu Cartright
No. 6 Otto Haren
No. 7 Florence Stover
No. 8 Edith Wilder
No. 9 Edith Berg

No. 1 Ella Haren
No. 2 Lena Trey
No. 5 Mable McBroom
No. 6 Coletta Conway
No. 7 Emery Dickenson
No. 8 Minnie Aldrich
No. 9 Dena Boldt

No. 1 Ada V. Johnson
No. 2 Alma Larsen
No. 3 Louise Cullinan
No. 4 Mae Connell
No. 6 Clara B. Denniston
No. 8 Letitia Ablett

No. 2 Genevieve Murphy
No. 4 Bertha Dowd
No. 5 Kathryn Murphy
No. 6 Ada Miller
No. 7 Fred Benz (Zanetta)
No. 8 Ruth Mackaman
No. 9 Margaret E. Miller

Black Hawk
No. 2 Mae Taylor
No. 3 Mary Rohde
No. 5 Anna Hepperly
No. 7 Emma Cooper
No. 8 Dora Runft
No. 9 Isabel Cooper

No. 1 Fern Gray
No. 2 Beulah Sperry
No. 4 Jeanette Dew
No. 5 Emma Holtz
No. 7 Mary Appel

No. 3 Pearl Gottsch
No. 4 Arvilla Morrison
No. 5 Margaret Keiter
No. 6 John Connell
No. 7 Gertrude Lewis
No. 9 Cora Dilly
No. 10 Lorena Ravlin

No. 1 Ruth Davis
No. 3 Lois Gibson
No. 5 Fay Wilder
No. 6 Ruth Carroll
No. 7 Mary McCreath
No. 8 Fay Allen
No. 9 Georgia Bolton

No. 1 Mrs. Eulah Long
No. 3 Ruth Bristley
No. 4 Fern Crouse
No. 6 Mae Lewis
No. 8 Mae McKibbin
No. 9 Ruth McLain

No. 1 Fannie Koobs
No. 2 Ethel Kleespie
No. 3 Mary Head
No. 4 Mable White
No. 7 Lucile Cole

--The Grundy Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 5 September 1912, pg 1