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Benton County, Iowa 1856 State Census Name Index

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LAST NAME                FIRST NAME
Tabor                    Frank
Tabor                    L.A.
Tabor                    Mary
Tabor                    Mary
Taft                     Ira
Taft                     Isora
Taft                     Ruth Anna
Taggart                  James
Talbert                  John
Talbott                  Matilda
Tallbott                 Abraham G.
Tallbott                 Druscilla
Tallbott                 Elizabeth
Tallbott                 John
Tallbott                 Mary A.
Talond                   James
Talond                   Jasper N.
Talond                   Sally W.
Talond                   William
Tarperoning              Diana
Tarperoning              Isaac
Tarperoning              Isabell
Tarperoning              Isabell
Tarperoning              J.B.
Tarperoning              James M.
Tarperoning              Johnson
Tarperoning              Ruth
Tatge                    Conrad
Tatge                    Henry
Tatge                    Mary
Tatge                    Sophiah
Tayler                   John
Tayler                   Lucinda
Tayler                   William O.
Taylor                   Ada
Taylor                   Agnes
Taylor                   Alfred
Taylor                   Algheus
Taylor                   Benjamin
Taylor                   Elizabeth
Taylor                   Elizabeth
Taylor                   Emmeline E.
Taylor                   J.D.
Taylor                   James
Taylor                   Jane
Taylor                   Jesse F.
Taylor                   John E.
Taylor                   Joseph
Taylor                   Julia
Taylor                   L.D.
Taylor                   Luther
Taylor                   Lydia
Taylor                   Martha J.
Taylor                   Mary
Taylor                   Mary
Taylor                   Mary Ann
Taylor                   Minerva
Taylor                   N.
Taylor                   Nancey
Taylor                   Wm.
Taylor                   Wm.
Taylor                   Wm.
Teetier                  Abraham
Teetier                  George
Teetier                  Mary B.
Terry                    Aaron
Terry                    Don P.
Terry                    George C.
Terry                    James J.
Terry                    Marion C.L.
Terry                    Mary A.
Terry                    Melvira
Terry                    Rosetta
Terry                    Sarah A.
Terry                    Unice P.
Tevek                    Cora Bell
Tevek                    Eliza
Tevek                    Flora E.
Tevek                    John
Tharp                    David
Tharp                    Harriet
Tharp                    Harriet
Tharp                    James
Tharp                    John
Tharp                    John
Tharp                    John
Tharp                    Marlin V.
Tharp                    William
Thayer                   Albert
Thinn                    William
Thomas                   ?
Thomas                   Albert
Thomas                   Charlotte
Thomas                   Choat
Thomas                   Exum
Thomas                   Ezra L.
Thomas                   F. H.
Thomas                   George M.
Thomas                   Jeremiah
Thomas                   Johan
Thomas                   Joseph
Thomas                   Lucinda
Thomas                   Rachael
Thomas                   Susan
Thomas                   Susan J.
Thomas                   Thornton
Thompson                 Belinda
Thompson                 Betsy
Thompson                 Catharine
Thompson                 Daniel M.
Thompson                 Eliza
Thompson                 Eliza A.
Thompson                 Eliza Jane
Thompson                 F.M.
Thompson                 Hiram
Thompson                 James
Thompson                 James
Thompson                 Martha J.
Thompson                 Mary A.
Thompson                 Mary Ellen
Thompson                 Mary J.
Thompson                 Nancy
Thompson                 Nancy R.
Thompson                 Norella Ann
Thompson                 Oscar
Thompson                 Richard
Thompson                 Robert H.
Thompson                 Rodger
Thompson                 Rodger E.
Thompson                 Sarah E.
Thompson                 Sarah Elisabeth
Thompson                 Thomas
Thompson                 William
Thompson                 William O.B.
Thomson                  Henery Ella
Thomson                  Isaac
Thomson                  John
Thomson                  Lewis
Thomson                  Martha
Thomson                  Martin
Thomson                  Richard
Thomson                  Samuel
Thomson                  Samuel
Thomson                  Samuel C.
Thomson                  Stephen
Thomson                  Thomas
Thorps                   Eugene
Thrapp                   Ann S.
Thrapp                   Bennett S.
Thrapp                   Russell B.
Thrapp                   Sarah
Thrapp                   William K.
Tichenos                 Mabel G.
Tietrich                 Sarah
Tilford                  Ann Jane
Tilford                  Helen A.
Tilford                  John G.
Tilford                  John S.
Tilford                  Margaret J.
Tilson                   Catharina
Tilson                   Clarinda
Tilson                   David
Tilson                   Elisabeth
Tilson                   Mary J.
Tilson                   William A.
Tilson                   Young
Timmerson                David
Timmerson                Emily G.
Timmerson                James
Timmerson                Luisa
Timmerson                Pheby
Timmerson                Sarah M.
Tinker                   Anria C.
Tinker                   Fanny J.
Tinker                   George S.
Tinker                   Nancy
Tinker                   Samuel C.
Tomma                    James
Tomma                    Mary
Tomma                    Mary
Townsend                 Christiana
Townsend                 Joseph L.
Townsend                 Lewis
Townsend                 Uriah
Townsend                 William H.
Tracey                   Eliza A.
Tracey                   Esther
Tracey                   Florence
Tracey                   George
Tracey                   Samuel F.
Tracey                   Samuel P.
Tracy                    Marion M.
Tracy                    Mary J.
Tracy                    William B.
Traer                    Florence E.
Traer                    James C.
Traer                    Marcia W.
Traer                    William M.
Travis                   J.
Travis                   Jesse
Travis                   Mary Ann
Travis                   Robert
Trifes                   Harrison
Troutman                 Daniel
Troutman                 John H.
Troutman                 Peter
Troutman                 Sarah
Troutman                 Sarah
Trublood                 Ann R.
Trublood                 Elijah
Trublood                 Elisha
Trublood                 Emma J.
Trublood                 Martha
Trublood                 Mary E.
Trublood                 Mary E.
Trublood                 Milton
Trublood                 Rachael
Tubbs                    Frederick E.
Tucker                   ?
Tucker                   Albert
Tucker                   Celinda
Tucker                   Channey
Tucker                   Collin D.
Tucker                   E.S.
Tucker                   George
Tucker                   John L.
Tucker                   Mary
Tucker                   Royal
Tucker                   Wm. H.
Turner                   Alfens?
Tuttle                   Judson

Transcribed by James P. Kullmer,, January, 2000
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