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Benton County, Iowa 1856 State Census Name Index

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LAST NAME                FIRST NAME
Ladd                     Adaline
Ladd                     Isaac
Ladd                     Johnathan
Ladd                     Mandline
Ladd                     Marshall R.
Ladd                     Mary
Ladd                     Mary A.
Ladd                     Milly
Ladd                     Sarah J.
Ladd                     Vinsan
Ladd                     Wm. H.
Laddler                  Johnathan
Lamber                   Luisa
Lambert                  Abiram
Lambert                  Abner
Lambert                  Centhia
Lambert                  David
Lambert                  David
Lambert                  David A.
Lambert                  George R.
Lambert                  George S.
Lambert                  Henderson
Lambert                  James
Lambert                  Luisa
Lambert                  Permelia
Lambert                  Sarah E.
Lambert                  Sherebiah
Lamer                    Delilah
Lane                     2 unnamed
Lane                     Anna
Lane                     Betsy
Lane                     Chantel
Lane                     E. F.
Lane                     Elizabeth
Lane                     Hether
Lane                     Isaac
Lane                     Isaac
Lane                     Isaac
Lane                     Isaac
Lane                     James
Lane                     James
Lane                     Joseph B.
Lane                     L. F.
Lane                     Nancey
Lane                     Rufus
Lane                     Thomas
Lane                     William
Lane                     Zeffeniah
Lang                     Barbara A.
Lang                     Jacob R.
Lang                     W.R.
Larkin                   Ann
Larkin                   Peter
Lash                     Maria
Lathrop                  James N.
Lathrop                  Mary E.
Lathrop                  Wm. P.
Leach                    Alice R.
Leach                    Anne A.
Leach                    Benjamin
Leach                    Caroline
Leach                    Cornelia
Leach                    Elias S.
Leach                    Harry
Leach                    Jacob
Leach                    John E.
Leach                    Joseph
Leach                    Joseph J.
Leach                    Julius
Leach                    Rebecca L.
Leach                    Sophionia
Learner                  David
Learner                  Delilah
Learner                  Eliza
Learner                  Emma
Learner                  Jacob
Learner                  Joseph S.L.
Learner                  N.M.
Learner                  Rachael
Learner                  Rebecca
Learner                  S.N.
Lechitner                Ann E.
Lechitner                Jacob
Lee                      Andrew
Lee                      Andrew H.
Lee                      Catell?
Lee                      Emeline
Lee                      Jesse M.
Lee                      John G.
Lee                      Solomon
Lee                      William Henry
Lee                      Wm. A.
Leed                     Elizabeth
Leed                     Frederick
Leed                     Henry
Leipert                  Fredenick
Lembowor                 Isaiah H.
Lembowor                 Sarah H.
Lembowor                 Wm. H.
Lesry                    Lydia
Level                    Abigail
Level                    Abraham Jacob
Level                    Mary S.
Level                    Thomas
Leverich                 Hannah
Leverich                 James
Lewis                    Andrew
Lewis                    C.B.
Lewis                    Dianthia
Lewis                    E.L.
Lewis                    M.A.
Lewis                    S.
Lewis                    Sarah
Lewis                    Wm.
Lewis                    Z.J.
Libby                    Cyntha
Libby                    Sarah
Libby                    Simeon
Libby                    Wm.
Linden                   Christian
Linden                   Louis
Linden                   Modaley
Linderman                Eliza
Lindsay                  Robert
Lisk                     Norman
Lisk                     Phlena
Lisk                     Soloman
Livermore                Francis A.
Livermore                Mary C.
Livermore                Ph?
Livermore                Phina D.
Livermore                Pricilia
Livermore                Samantha J.
Lobourett                Henry
Lobourett                Muntgumary
Lobourett                Sarah
Locke                    Elsie L.
Locke                    James B.
Locke                    Parmenas
Locke                    Semantha
Locke                    Semantha A.
Lockheart                Cass
Lockheart                Clarinda
Lockheart                Greese
Lockheart                Lyda L.
Lockheart                Malinda
Lockheart                Malinda
Lockheart                Malinda W.
Lockheart                Miltan
Lockheart                Nancy E.
Lockheart                Samuel H.
Lockheart                Samuel M.
Lockheart                Sarah C.
Lockheart                Thomas
Lockheart                William
Loizcaux                 Charles J.
Loizcaux                 Hellen M.
Loizcaux                 Jacob F.
Loizcaux                 James L.A.
Loizcaux                 Jean J.
Loizcaux                 Lydia S.
Loizcaux                 M.S.
Loizcaux                 Timothy
Long                     Anna
Long                     Cornelius P.
Long                     Elizabeth
Long                     Harrison B.
Long                     Jackson J.
Long                     John F.
Long                     John M.
Long                     Mary M.
Long                     Nancy J.
Long                     Samuel
Long                     Susan
Long                     William J.
Long                     Woodson P.
Lord                     Augustus
Lord                     Charles
Lord                     George M.
Lord                     Margaret
Lord                     Martha
Lord                     Mary J.
Lord                     Susan A.
Lorer                    William M.
Lott                     Charles
Lott                     Elizabeth
Lott                     Henry
Lott                     James
Lott                     Jane
Lott                     John A.
Lott                     Lewis
Lott                     Sarah
Lott                     Stephen
Loury                    J.F.
Loury                    Jane
Lowe                     Frederick
Lowe                     John D.
Lowe                     Martha C.
Lucas                    Alma
Lucas                    Edward M.
Lucas                    Miner
Lucas                    Newton S.
Lucas                    Ruby
Ludlow                   George S.G.
Ludlow                   Isaac H.
Ludlow                   Josephine L.
Ludlow                   Prudence C.
Ludlow                   Sarah A.M.
Ludlow                   Sylvester W.
Ludlow                   Willaim H.
Ludlow                   William H.
Luther                   Andrew
Luther                   Daniel
Luther                   George
Luther                   John
Luther                   Martin
Luther                   Mary C.
Luther                   Samuel
Luther                   Sarah J.
Luther                   Susan
Luton                    Benjamin
Luton                    Daniel
Luton                    George W.
Luton                    Henry
Luton                    Hiram F.
Luton                    Jacob
Luton                    John
Luton                    Katharine
Luton                    Margaret S.
Luton                    Mary
Luton                    Mary A.
Luton                    Sarah
Luton                    Sarah J.
Lutz                     David
Lutz                     Rebecca M.
Lyman                    Frederick
Lyman                    Henry
Lyman                    Joanna
Lyon                     Walter L.
Lyons                    Abigail
Lyons                    Henry
Lyons                    Levi J.
Lyons                    Margaret
Lyons                    Sarah A.
Lyons                    Willaim

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