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Benton County, Iowa 1856 State Census Name Index

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LAST NAME                FIRST NAME
Page                     Isaac         

{ Note: per Connie Sunnarborg, the following name is PATTY and not Pally }

Pally                    David
Pally                    Mary
Pally                    Theodore

Palmer                   George S.
Palmer                   Henry N.
Palmer                   John E.
Palmer                   Marietta
Palmer                   Mary M
Palmer                   Nancy N.
Palmer                   Thomas l.
Palmer                   Walter L.
Palmer                   William C.
Palver                   David F.
Palver                   James M.
Palver                   John H.
Palver                   Larila  A.    
Palver                   Olla D.
Palver                   Sarah J.
Pangborn                 Amanda
Pangborn                 Howard
Pangborn                 Iann
Pangborn                 James
Pangborn                 John
Pangborn                 Leo
Pangborn                 Levi W.
Pangborn                 Liantha
Pangborn                 Sarah E.
Pangborn                 Simeon
Parcels                  Ann
Parcels                  Hosannah
Parcels                  Isaac
Parcels                  Jane
Parcels                  John
Parcels                  Louisa
Paris                    Andrew
Parish                   Natilda
Parish                   Wm.
Parker                   Amanda M.
Parker                   Ardila
Parker                   Asher
Parker                   Butler M.
Parker                   Charles
Parker                   David K.
Parker                   Eliza
Parker                   Francis
Parker                   Harriet
Parker                   James
Parker                   Joel
Parker                   John
Parker                   John N.
Parker                   John W.
Parker                   Martin W.
Parker                   Mary
Parker                   Mary
Parker                   Nathan
Parker                   Rosey
Parker                   Samuel
Parker                   Samuel A.
Parks                    Charles A.
Parks                    Eliza E.
Parks                    John A.
Parks                    S.S.
Parnizer                 H.B.
Parnizer                 J.C.
Parnizer                 Josephus
Parter                   John
Pasco                    Asa
Pasco                    Asa P.
Pasco                    Charles
Pasco                    John
Pasco                    Marinda
Pasco                    Mary A.
Pasco                    Nancy
Pasco                    Samuel
Pasco                    Sarah
Patent                   Anna
Patent                   Christy
Patent                   Elisabeth
Patent                   Seth
Patent                   Sylvester
Patent                   Thomas
Patrick                  Daniel
Patrick                  David
Patrick                  Emeline
Patrick                  Ira S.
Patrick                  Jesse
Patrick                  Lewis
Patrick                  Margaret
Patrick                  R?
Patrick                  Vashti
Pauley                   Barton H.
Pauley                   James L.
Pauley                   Sarah A.
Pauley                   Sarah M.
Pauly                    Jeremiah C.
Pauly                    Martha A.
Pearce                   Andrew
Pearson                  James
Pearson                  John T.
Pearson                  Mariah
Pearson                  Mary
Pearson                  Thomas
Penn                     Elisabeth
Penn                     Joshua
Penn                     Luther J.
Penn                     William B.
Penrose                  Ann
Penrose                  Joseph
Penrose                  Lewis
Penrose                  Margette
Penrose                  Mary
Penrose                  William
Peowell                  Alvin
Peowell                  John
Peowell                  Martha
Peowell                  Rhoda
Peowell                  Sylvia
Perkins                  Elijah
Perkins                  J.L.
Perkins                  J.M.
Perkins                  O.L.
Perkins                  S.
Perry                    Ebenezer
Peters                   George
Peters                   Luiana
Peters                   Margaret
Peters                   Peter
Peters                   Sevana
Peterson                 David
Peterson                 Jonas
Peterson                 Jonas
Peterson                 Leve
Peterson                 Mary
Peterson                 Peter
Peterson                 Thomas
Peterson                 Uber

{ Note: per Merton Franklin, Petes is really Petit or Petitt }

Petes (Petit)            Elizabeth
Petes (Petit)            Jeremiah J.
Petes (Petit)            Joseph
Petes (Petit)            Mary A.
Petes (Petit)            Sarah J.
Petes (Petit)            William M.

Pheasant                 Edwin
Pheasant                 Ellen
Pheasant                 Isabel
Pheasant                 James
Pheasant                 John
Pheasant                 Laure
Pheasant                 Mary
Phifer                   Christina
Phifer                   Ellennor
Phifer                   George W.
Phifer                   Susannah
Philips                  Benj.
Philips                  Charles W.
Philips                  E.N.
Philips                  George G.
Philips                  James W.
Philips                  Jane
Philips                  John B.
Pickerel                 Oscar D.
Pierce                   Howard
Pierce                   Susan
Pitts                    Abel E.
Pitts                    C.J.
Pitts                    Cynthia
Pitts                    Elias H.
Pitts                    Elizabeth Jane
Pitts                    Emma F.
Pitts                    George M.
Pitts                    John W.
Pitts                    Mary
Pitts                    Mary E.
Pitts                    R.L.E.
Pitts                    Sarah L.
Pitts                    Susan Jane
Pitts                    Thomas
Pitts                    William H.
Pitts                    Wm. N.
Platt                    Joseph
Plumer                   Wm.
Pomeroy                  Edwin O.
Pomeroy                  Jane M.
Pores                    Permelia
Pores                    Rebecca
Pores                    Sophrana
Postle                   John
Postlewait               Joseph F.M.
Postlewait               Lovina
Postlewait               Richard
Postlewait               Wm.
Potter                   Abraham
Potter                   Charles
Potter                   Elizabeth
Potter                   Hannah J.
Potter                   Nancy
Potter                   Polly
Potts                    Arthur
Potts                    Hesterann
Potts                    John F.
Potts                    John L.
Potts                    Johnathan
Potts                    Melia
Potts                    Rhoda
Potts                    Rufert
Potts                    Samuel
Potts                    Sarah
Powers                   Adaline A.
Powers                   Gilbert
Powers                   Selvester
Pratt                    Alice E.
Pratt                    Daniel
Pratt                    Elen
Pratt                    Freeman
Pratt                    John
Pratt                    Mary
Pratt                    Milo
Pratt                    Morgan S.
Pratt                    Senthes
Price                    Charles M.
Price                    David
Price                    Elizabeth
Price                    James J.
Price                    Marian W.
Price                    Martha Jill
Price                    Nancy
Price                    Sam F.
Price                    Seth R.
Primer                   Anna B.
Primer                   James A.
Primer                   Mary C.
Primer                   Sarah A.
Primer                   William C.
Primmer                  Allen
Primmer                  Eliza
Primmer                  James
Primmer                  James E.
Primmer                  John W.
Primmer                  Margaret
Primmer                  Mary
Primmer                  Mary A.
Primmer                  Patrick E.
Primmer                  Robert M.
Primmer                  Wealthy
Prough                   Peter
Pruner                   John
Pugh                     Frances A.
Pugh                     Mary B.
Pugh                     Ulyses
Pyne                     Edward
Pyne                     John F.
Pyne                     Ruth A.

Transcribed by James P. Kullmer,, January, 2000
© Copyright 2000 by James P. Kullmer

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