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Benton County, Iowa 1856 State Census Name Index

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LAST NAME                FIRST NAME
Gaings                   Dalila
Gaings                   Joseph A.
Gangs                    Alexander
Gangs                    Elizabeth
Gangs                    George W.
Gangs                    Jane
Gangs                    John
Gangs                    Lewis
Gangs                    Mary A.
Gangs                    Matilda
Gangs                    Sarah E.
Gangs                    Susana
Gangs                    Susanah
Gangs                    Wm.
Garrison                 Abraham
Garrison                 Benjamin
Garrison                 Caroline
Garrison                 Daniel W.
Garrison                 Levi
Garrison                 Levi
Garrison                 Lewis W.
Garrison                 Lucy A.
Garrison                 Lydia J.
Garrison                 Mercy
Garrison                 Nelson
Garrison                 Whiston
Gasten                   Alfred
Gasten                   Catharine
Gasten                   David
Gasten                   William
Gaston                   Allen G.
Gaston                   Amanda
Gaston                   Caroline
Gaston                   Eliza C.
Gaston                   Mary M.
Gaston                   Nancy J.
Gault                    John D.
Gaybar                   Charles N.
Gaybar                   Evaline
Gaybar                   Joseph L.
Gaybar                   Sarah A.
Gaybar                   Sidney A.
Gellicks                 James L.
Gellicks                 Joanana
Gengery                  John
George                   ?R.
George                   Martha E.
George                   Michael
Gerbrich                 Abram A.
Getty                    Antoinette E.
Getty                    John K.
Getty                    Marion B.
Getty                    William F.
Getty                    William T.
Gill                     Alfred
Gill                     Amos F.
Gill                     Arabella N.
Gill                     Charity
Gill                     Jacob M.
Gill                     John
Gill                     John
Gill                     Mary A.
Gillchrist               Allie
Gillchrist               James
Gillchrist               William
Gillchrist               William
Gillespie                Bennett S.
Gillespie                Charles
Gillespie                Harriet L.
Gillespie                Margaret F.
Gillespie                Maria L.
Gillespie                Mary E.
Gillespie                Sarah E.
Gillespie                Stewart
Gingery                  George
Gingery                  Isaac
Gingery                  Samuel
Gingry                   Catharine
Gingry                   Christian
Gingry                   Daniel
Gingry                   David
Gingry                   Eliza
Gingry                   George
Gingry                   Isaac
Gingry                   John
Gingry                   Liveced
Gingry                   Margaret
Gingry                   Margaret
Gingry                   N.M.
Gingry                   Samuel
Gingry                   William
Gingry                   William
Glass                    Lucy
Glaze                    Wesley
Glendy                   Elizabeth J.
Glendy                   John
Glendy                   John
Glendy                   Julia A.
Glendy                   Sarah M.
Glendy                   Thomas K.
Glendy                   Willaim R.
Glime                    John
Glime                    Mary E.
Glime                    Nancy
Goff                     Martha J.
Goodrich                 John E.
Goodwin                  Eliott
Gordon                   Elisabeth
Gordon                   Henry
Gordon                   Samuel S.
Gordon                   Sarah J.
Gordon                   U.B.
Gould                    Susan B.
Graham                   Clarissa C.
Graham                   David N.
Graham                   Edman A.
Graham                   Elizabeth
Graham                   Ira D.
Graham                   John
Graham                   Lucinda
Graham                   Samuel H.
Granby                   Adaline
Granby                   Louisa
Granby                   Sarah
Gransby                  Albert
Gransby                  John N.
Gransby                  Sarah E.
Grass                    Hairson
Greaser                  Catharine
Greaser                  Elizabeth
Greaser                  Ignes
Greaser                  Maria
Greaser                  Philip
Greaser                  Sarah
Green                    Edmund M.
Green                    V.S.
Greenawalt               John
Greenawalt               William
Greenlee                 Daniel
Greenlee                 Elizabeth
Greenlee                 Emeline
Greenlee                 Henry U.
Greenlee                 James
Greenlee                 Jane
Greenlee                 John
Greenlee                 Robert
Greenlee                 Thomas F.
Greenlee                 Willaim
Greenlee                 Willaim M.
Greenles                 Alpha Melinda
Greenles                 Francis M.
Greenles                 Larry L.
Greenles                 Rachael J.
Greenles                 Sarah J.
Greenles                 Willaim F.
Greens                   A.G.
Greer                    Frederick
Greer                    Katharine
Greer                    Louisa
Greer                    Wm.
Greer                    Wm.
Gregory                  Alvira
Gregory                  Martha
Grell                    Richard
Gribben                  Noah
Gribben                  Olive
Gribben                  Robert
Gribben                  Tryplema
Griffin                  B.J.
Griffin                  Catherine
Griffin                  Charity
Griffin                  Edward
Griffin                  Edwin
Griffin                  Emily R.
Griffin                  Isaac
Griffin                  Joanna E.
Griffin                  Julian
Griffin                  Margaret
Griffin                  Martha M.
Griffin                  Mary
Griffin                  Mary E.
Griffin                  Mary P.
Griffin                  Thomas
Griffin                  Thomas
Griffin                  Wm. A.
Griffin                  Wm. H.
Grippin                  Julius
Grippin                  Mary
Groff                    Anne
Groff                    Henry
Groff                    John
Grove                    Sampson
Groves                   Henry
Groves                   John
Groves                   Rebecca
Grubb                    Elizabeth
Grubb                    Henry L.
Grubb                    Jacob
Grubb                    Samuel M.
Grubbs                   Elizabeth
Grubbs                   Fanny A.
Grubbs                   Maithas E.
Grubbs                   Martin V. D.
Grubbs                   Nancy E.
Grubbs                   Otha
Grubbs                   Perusha
Grubbs                   Rachael
Grubbs                   Squire
Grubbs                   Squire A.
Grubbs                   William
Gruber                   Bailey
Gruber                   Edmond
Gruber                   Susan
Guinn                    A.J.
Guinn                    Alpha E.
Guinn                    Caroline C.
Guinn                    Catharine M.
Guinn                    Emily S.B.
Guinn                    Garrett G.
Guinn                    H.
Guinn                    Hyrcunus
Guinn                    Ivan
Guinn                    Jacob H.
Guinn                    James A.
Guinn                    John E.S.
Guinn                    John S.
Guinn                    Mahaly
Guinn                    Martha E.
Guinn                    Mary
Guinn                    Mary M.
Guinn                    Melinda J.
Guinn                    Melissa
Guinn                    Nancy J.
Guinn                    P.J.
Guinn                    Rachael E.
Guinn                    Rachael M.
Guinn                    Rachel B.
Guinn                    Rebecca A.
Guinn                    Robert F.M.
Guinn                    Robert M.
Guinn                    Sarah J.
Guinn                    Semantha C.
Guinn                    William A.
Guinn                    Wm. J.
Guinn                    Wm. S.
Guinn                    Wm. S.
Gun                      Elizabeth
Gun                      George W.
Gun                      James R.
Gun                      John A.
Gun                      Joseph
Gun                      Nancy
Gun                      Sarah L.
Guthrie                  Esther J.
Guthrie                  James A.
Guthrie                  John C.
Guthrie                  Mary A.
Guthrie                  Mary E.
Guthrie                  Nancy F.
Guthrie                  Thomas E.

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