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Benton County, Iowa 1856 State Census Name Index

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LAST NAME                FIRST NAME
Kabrick                  Catharine
Kabrick                  Elisabeth
Kabrick                  John
Kabrick                  Peter
Kabrick                  Rachel
Kabrick                  Rebecca
Kabrick                  Sickfrit
Kane                     Susannah
Kasner                   William H.
Kayelett                 McManus R.
Kearns                   Archibald
Kearns                   Eliza
Kearns                   Frank
Kearns                   Hiram
Kearns                   John
Kearns                   Phebe
Kearns                   Sarah
Kearns                   Thomas
Kearns                   Watkins
Keenan                   Cornelius
Keenan                   Elisabeth
Keenan                   Hannah
Keenan                   Katharine
Keenan                   Thomas
Keenan                   Thomas
Keile                    Amos
Keile                    Delavan B.
Keile                    Nancy W.
Keith                    Eugine L.
Keller                   Alexander
Keller                   Alfred S.
Keller                   John W.
Keller                   Nancy
Keller                   Susanna J.
Kellison                 Catherine A.
Kellison                 Cornelia J.
Kellison                 Lucy A.
Kellison                 William
Kellison                 William L.
Kelly                    Bridgett
Kelly                    James
Kelly                    Mary
Kelly                    Mary
Kelly                    Michael
Kelly                    Patrick
Kelly                    Patrick
Kelly                    Patrick
Kelly                    Thomas
Kelly                    Wm.
Kelsey                   John H.
Kelsey                   Mary A.
Kendal                   Ellen J.
Kenida                   Albert
Kenida                   Julia A.
Kenida                   Willard N.
Kennady                  Cornelius
Kennady                  Dennis
Kennady                  Margaret
Kennedy                  Alvira A.
Kennedy                  Andrew R.
Kennedy                  Boswell
Kennedy                  G.L.
Kennedy                  H.
Kennedy                  Hannah
Kennedy                  James
Kennedy                  Jas. R.
Kennedy                  John L.
Kennedy                  M.A.
Kennedy                  Sarah J.
Kerby                    Caroline
Kerby                    Catharine
Kerby                    Catharine
Kerby                    John
Kerby                    Moriah
Kerby                    Nancy
Kerry                    Jessee H.
Ketterman                Catharine
Ketterman                Isaac
Ketterman                James J.
Ketterman                John
Ketterman                Justus
Ketterman                Lewis
Ketterman                Mary A.
Ketterman                Nancy
Keyes                    Alfred
Keyes                    Almond C.
Keyes                    David B.
Keyes                    Everett S.
Keyes                    Judson
Keyes                    Laura
Keyes                    Martha
Keyes                    Newell C.
Keyes                    Salome
Keyes                    Sarah R.
Kiddoo                   Eliza
Killpatrick              Jane
Killpatrick              John
Kimball                  Ann C.
Kimball                  Caroline
Kimball                  Cassins B.
Kimball                  Edward A.
Kimball                  Ellen J.
Kimball                  George
Kimball                  George C.
Kimball                  Isa. C.
Kimball                  Johnson H.
Kimball                  Wallace S.
Kimble                   David
Kimble                   Francis S.
Kimble                   John
Kimble                   Margaret E.
Kimble                   Margaret E.
Kimble                   Olive
Kimble                   Pettet B.
Kimble                   Steven
King                     ?
King                     Daniel R.
King                     Elizabeth
King                     George
King                     Jackson
King                     James N.
King                     Martha
King                     Mary A.
King                     Mary Ann
King                     Maud K.
King                     Melvina
King                     Phillip M.
King                     Richard
King                     Samantha
King                     Sarah E.
King                     Stephen
King                     Thomas J.
King                     William
Kingery                  John
Kingery                  M.A.
Kingery                  Sp.
Kingsbury                ? ?
Kingsbury                ? ?
Kingsbury                ? ?
Kinney                   Charles
Kinney                   Margaret
Kinney                   Mary F.
Kinney                   Mary M.
Kinsel                   Adiy
Kinsel                   Anna
Kinsel                   Henry
Kinsel                   John
Kinsel                   John
Kinsel                   Josephine
Kinsel                   Lucinda
Kinsel                   Margaret
Kinsel                   Racheal
Kinser                   Alexander
Kinser                   J.H.
Kinser                   James
Kinser                   Joseph
Kinser                   Lyda E.
Kinser                   Pheby
Kinser                   Samuel
Kinser                   Sylvester S.
Kinsington               David
Kinsington               Elizabeth W.
Kinsington               Jane E.
Kinsington               John
Kinsington               Joseph
Kinsington               Mary A.
Kinsington               Sarah M.
Kinsington               William
Kinsington               William H.
Kinsington               William M.
Kirkpatrich              Azubah
Kirkpatrich              David
Kirkpatrich              James F.
Kirkpatrich              Martha
Kirkpatrich              Nancey
Kirkpatrich              Nancey
Kirkpatrich              Sarah C.
Kirkpatrick              David P.
Kirkpatrick              Dynis
Kirkpatrick              Leonidas
Kirkpatrick              Lydia
Kirkpatrick              Lydia M.
Kirkpatrick              Margaretta N.
Kirkpatrick              Martha J.
Kirkpatrick              Martin
Kirkpatrick              Mary E.
Kirkpatrick              Robert H.
Kirkpatrick              Samuel
Kirkpatrick              Willaim M.
Kirkpatrick              William F.
Kisling                  Andrew
Kisling                  Dalila
Kisling                  Daniel
Kisling                  Elizabeth
Kisling                  Ellen
Kisling                  Jacob
Kisling                  John
Kisling                  Joseph
Kisling                  Joseph
Kisling                  Lyda C.
Kisling                  Manda M.
Kisling                  Mary A.
Kisling                  Mary Jane
Kisling                  Nancy
Kisling                  Peter
Kisling                  Peter
Kisling                  Rebecca
Kisling                  Rebecca
Kisling                  Roseana E.
Kisling                  Sarah A.
Kisling                  Susan
Kisling                  Susannah
Kitchen                  Emma J.
Kitchen                  James
Kitchen                  John
Kitchen                  Joseph K.
Kitchen                  Mariah
Kitchen                  Mary C.
Kitchen                  Rebecca
Kitchen                  Susan
Kitchen                  William
Kittiesent               Chillion B.
Kittiesent               Cornelius
Kittiesent               Elizabeth
Kittiesent               Jackson
Kittiesent               James
Kittiesent               Philunder
Kittiesent               Sarabeln
Knapp                    Charles
Knapp                    Ira
Knapp                    John
Knapp                    Lucinda
Knapp                    Stephen
Knapp                    Susan
Knapp                    Thomas J.
Knapp                    Willaim
Knowlton                 C.Y.
Knowlton                 Eliza C.
Knowlton                 Francis H.
Knowlton                 George G.
Knowlton                 Martha B.
Knowlton                 Mary A.
Knowlton                 Mary C.
Knox                     Charles
Knox                     Charles
Knox                     Jane
Knox                     Manassa
Knox                     Margaret
Knox                     Robert
Knox                     William
Knudson                  Charles H.
Knudson                  Henry
Knudson                  Laurey
Knudson                  Mary E.
Kolman                   Aaron
Kolman                   Franklin P.
Kolman                   John M.
Kolman                   Layfayette
Kolman                   Mary
Kolman                   Naomi M.
Kolman                   William R.
Krier                    Amanda
Krier                    July
Krier                    Mary E.
Krier                    Reuben
Krier                    Sarah E.
Krier                    William
Kryer                    Jacob
Kryer                    Nancy

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