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Benton County, Iowa 1856 State Census Name Index

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LAST NAME                FIRST NAME
Faglesang                Catherine
Faglesang                Christian
Faglesang                Jane
Faglesang                Sarah
Farmer                   Adeline
Farmer                   Armelia
Farmer                   Jessee
Farmer                   Joseph
Farmer                   Mary A.
Farmer                   Rhoda
Farmer                   Taylor
Farmer                   Thomas
Farrell                  Bridgett
Farrell                  James
Farrell                  John
Farrell                  Thomas
Farrer                   Amilla A.
Farrer                   Lyander
Faucett                  Asa
Faucett                  Caroline
Faucett                  Elma
Faucett                  Johnathan
Faucett                  Joseph
Faucett                  Martha
Faucett                  Mary
Faulk                    Abigail
Faulk                    Ann
Faulk                    Bradly
Faulk                    Delennis
Faulk                    Hugh
Faulk                    Marshall
Faulk                    Mary
Faulk                    Michael
Featherly                Cameline L.
Featherly                David
Featherly                Finando
Featherly                Issac
Featherly                John
Featherly                Mahala
Featherly                Manerva
Featherly                Marand
Featherly                Maranda
Featherly                Marilla
Featherly                Mary S.
Featherly                Samantha A.
Felkir                   Ezra
Fellows                  Lucelia L.
Fenner                   Mary S.
Fenner                   Nancy
Fenner                   Rebeca J.
Fenner                   William H.
Fergeson                 Andson J.
Fergeson                 Cahein D.
Fergeson                 Eliza M.
Fergeson                 Hiram A.
Fergeson                 John
Fergeson                 John S.
Fergeson                 Madison L.
Fergeson                 Nancy
Ferguson                 Elizabeth
Ferguson                 Isaac
Ferguson                 Judeth A.
Ferguson                 William
Fetheketer               A.A.
Fetheketer               A.H.
Fetheketer               G.M.
Fetheketer               Mary
Fetheketer               S.M.
Fetheketer               T.Margaret
Filkins                  John W.
Fincher                  Elizabeth J.
Fincher                  John
Fincher                  Sarilda
Finey                    Abram
Finey                    Alice
Finey                    Jane
Finey                    John
Finey                    Sarah
Finey                    William
Finey                    Willis
Fireson                  Cyrus
Fireson                  Elson
Fireson                  John
Fireson                  Margaret
Fireson                  Oliver
Fish                     David
Fish                     Debrrah
Fish                     Elictia
Fish                     Elisabeth
Fish                     Elisabeth
Fish                     Ellen J.
Fish                     Henry
Fish                     Jane
Fish                     John
Fish                     John B.
Fish                     Litas
Fish                     Lucretra E,
Fish                     Mary
Fish                     Mary
Fish                     Nathan W.
Fish                     Theodore
Fish                     William
Fish                     William
Fiskl                    Ada
Fiskl                    J.M.
Fiskl                    Mary A.
Fiskl                    Thadeus
Fitch                    Edward
Fitch                    Harriett V.
Fitch                    Henry Clay
Fitch                    J.W.
Fitch                    John
Fitch                    Julian
Fitch                    L.H.
Fitch                    Manda E.
Fitch                    Mary E.
Fleming                  Harriet S.
Fleming                  James W.
Fleming                  Marshall
Fleming                  Martha A.
Fleming                  Nancy
Flickinger               Elizabeth F.
Flickinger               Ellen J.
Flickinger               Esther
Flickinger               Joseph
Flickinger               Mary F.
Flint                    Augustus
Flora                    Elisabeth
Floyd                    E.D.
Floyd                    Edward
Floyd                    Louisa E.
Foot                     C.C.
Foot                     Harman
Foot                     Susan A.
Ford                     Elizabeth
Ford                     Enes Holmes
Ford                     James F.
Ford                     John H.
Ford                     Thomas K.
Forney                   Franklin
Forney                   Mary
Forney                   Peter
Forney                   Sibrina
Forney                   Urias
Forster                  Asa
Forster                  Julia
Forster                  Nathaniel
Forsyth                  Adeline F.
Forsyth                  Alice E.
Forsyth                  Florence K.
Forsyth                  James K.
Forsyth                  James W.
Forsyth                  Margaret
Forsyth                  Martha E.
Forsyth                  Rebecca J.
Forsyth                  Willaim P.
Forsythe                 Edward P.
Forsythe                 John D.
Forsythe                 John L.
Forsythe                 Lucretia M.
Forsythe                 Marion W.
Forsythe                 Robenish E.
Forsythe                 Robt. M.
Forsythe                 William H.
Fouris                   Henry
Fouts                    Abigail
Fouts                    Daniel
Fouts                    Daniel W.
Fouts                    Elisabeth C.
Fouts                    Isaac
Fouts                    James M.
Fouts                    Mary M.
Fouts                    Peter D.
Fouts                    Rebbecca J.
Fowler                   Anne
Fowler                   James
Fowler                   James
Fowler                   John
Fowler                   Mariah
Fowler                   Mary Ann
Fowler                   Mercy
Fowler                   Nelson M.
Fowler                   Samuel
Fox                      Mary
Fox                      Michael
Fox                      Wm.
Francis                  Authur R.
Francis                  Elorneah
Francis                  Haritte
Francis                  Lama T.
Francis                  Lyman
Francis                  Lyman R.
Francis                  W.W.
Fraser                   John
Frasey                   F.M.
Freeman                  Alline C.
Freeman                  Catherine
Freeman                  Evlyne C.
Freeman                  Greoge W.
Freeman                  Lymon H.
Freeman                  Mary
Freeman                  Mary L.
Freeman                  Missionary N.
Freeman                  Patrick
Freeman                  Rachael
Freeman                  Samuel
Frits                    Barbara
Frits                    Peter
Fritz                    Angeline
Fritz                    Daniel K.
Fritz                    Eliza E.
Fritz                    Gerome
Fritzggarrald            ?
Fritzggarrald            Benjamin F.
Fritzggarrald            Emily
Fritzggarrald            George
Fritzggarrald            James B.
Fritzggarrald            James L.
Fritzggarrald            John H.
Fritzggarrald            Robert
Fritzggarrald            Thomas
Fritzggarrald            William
Fry                      America
Fry                      Anna
Fry                      Anna M.
Fry                      Eve
Fry                      John
Fry                      Joseph
Fry                      William
Fuller                   James
Fullton                  Florena J.
Fullton                  Fransis J.
Fullton                  Isabella J.
Fullton                  Mary R.
Fullton                  Sarah J.
Furguson                 W.W.
Furnas                   Benjamin
Furnas                   Henry
Furnas                   Jacob
Furnas                   James W.
Furnas                   Malinda Louisa
Furnas                   Mary
Furnas                   Mary J.
Furnas                   Rebecca
Furnas                   Sarah

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