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Benton County, Iowa 1856 State Census Name Index

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LAST NAME                FIRST NAME
Eaton                    Joseph W.
Edmonds                  Alonzo
Edmonds                  James
Edmonds                  John A.
Edmonds                  Lonana W.
Eggeeson                 Elijah
Eggeeson                 Harriet
Eggeeson                 Hiram
Eggeeson                 Marshall W.
Eggerson                 Charles
Eggerson                 Charles
Eggerson                 Christina
Eggerson                 Edwin
Eggerson                 Martha
Eggerson                 Minerva
Eggerson                 William W.
Ellesworth               Adaline
Ellesworth               C.A.
Ellesworth               Gardiner
Ellesworth               M.A.
Ellesworth               W.O.
Ellingson                Elling
Ellingson                Julia
Elliott                  Alexander
Elliott                  Ebenezer
Elliott                  Gabriel
Elliott                  Harper
Elliott                  Issabella
Elliott                  Issabella
Elliott                  Jane
Ellis                    Ard H.
Ellis                    Darin H.
Ellis                    Luther
Ellis                    Sarah
Ellis                    Sarah H.
Ellis                    Sylvester
Ellison                  Ezra J.
Ellison                  Henry H.
Ellison                  Henry W.
Ellison                  Sarah H.
Elson                    Achabel
Elsworth                 Amos
Elsworth                 Emma
Elsworth                 George
Elsworth                 James
Elsworth                 John
Elsworth                 Margaret
Elsworth                 Matilda L.
Elsworth                 Wm. B.
Emmons                   Albert
Emsbayer                 Caroline
Emsbayer                 Daniel F.
Emsbayer                 John
Emsbayer                 Levi
Emsbayer                 Martha
Emsbayer                 Mary Ann
Emsbayer                 Mary Ann
Engledow                 Hirum N.
Engledow                 John M.
Engledow                 Katharine M.
Epperson                 Elmer H.
Epperson                 John
Epperson                 Martha J.
Epperson                 Nancy E.
Erskine                  Martha A.
Erskine                  William B.
Ervin                    Albert J.
Ervin                    Alonzo
Ervin                    Catharine R.
Ervin                    Catharine R.
Ervin                    David M.
Ervin                    Elbridge T.
Ervin                    Elijah
Ervin                    Elijah W.
Ervin                    Hannah M.
Ervin                    John F.
Ervin                    Malinda A.
Ervin                    Mary E.
Ervin                    Mary J.
Ervin                    Matilda S.
Ervin                    Minfield S.
Ervin                    Nancy E.
Ervin                    Sarah B.
Ervin                    Zorababil
Evans                    Amazette
Evans                    Amos
Evans                    Asher
Evans                    Edward N.
Evans                    Elijah
Evans                    Elisha J.
Evans                    Elizabeth
Evans                    Harriet A.
Evans                    Helen J.
Evans                    James E.H.
Evans                    John C.
Evans                    John L.
Evans                    Lawson
Evans                    Maria
Evans                    Mary
Evans                    Mary
Evans                    Mary D.
Evans                    Mary J.
Evans                    Mary R,
Evans                    Rosanna
Evans                    Sarah A.
Evans                    Sylome
Evans                    Thomas B.
Evans                    William
Evans                    Wm.

Transcribed by James P. Kullmer,, January, 2000
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