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Benton County, Iowa 1856 State Census Name Index

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LAST NAME                FIRST NAME
Saca                     Shara
Safford                  John M.
Saggart                  Mary
Sanders                  Alexander
Sanders                  Andrew J.
Sanders                  Ann M.
Sanders                  Benjamin F.
Sanders                  Booker
Sanders                  Charles C.
Sanders                  David F.
Sanders                  Eliza A.
Sanders                  Eliza B.
Sanders                  Ellen J.
Sanders                  Florence
Sanders                  Francis
Sanders                  Francis
Sanders                  Francis C.
Sanders                  George A.
Sanders                  George M.
Sanders                  Henry R.
Sanders                  Isaac B.
Sanders                  Jacob E.
Sanders                  James
Sanders                  James W.
Sanders                  John B.
Sanders                  John F.
Sanders                  John H.
Sanders                  Joseph
Sanders                  Lucinda
Sanders                  Lucy A.
Sanders                  Marietta
Sanders                  Martha A.
Sanders                  Mary A.
Sanders                  Mary J.
Sanders                  Mary J.
Sanders                  Molly B.
Sanders                  Nancy B.
Sanders                  Nancy L.
Sanders                  Nancy S.
Sanders                  Nathaniel B.
Sanders                  Patsy B.
Sanders                  Polly E.
Sanders                  Stacy W.
Sanders                  Willaim B.
Sanders                  William J.
Sanders                  William R.
Sargent                  Elisah
Sargent                  Elizabeth
Sargent                  Garet
Sargent                  Mag. J.
Sargent                  Malinx
Sargent                  Margaret
Sargent                  Rhuben
Sargent                  Sarah E.
Satchell                 Christopher
Satchell                 Christopher
Satchell                 Sephire
Savill                   Elizabeth M.
Savill                   Joseph
Savill                   Nancey
Schasley                 Mag.
Schealey                 Benjamin
Schealey                 Daniel
Schealey                 Elizabeth
Schealey                 Francis H.
Schmidt                  Frank
Schmidt                  George
Schoman                  David
Schoman                  George A.
Schoman                  Ira B.
Schoman                  Joseph O.
Schoman                  Julia A.
Schoman                  Levi W.
Schoman                  Maria P.
Schoman                  Sarah M.
Schomon                  Mary M.
Schooley                 Baron
Schooley                 Essa
Schooley                 George
Schooley                 Joseph
Schooley                 Margaret
Schooley                 Scandre
Scoot                    M.J.
Scoot                    M.P.
Scott                    Abraham
Scott                    Ann
Scott                    Calvin
Scott                    Jane
Scott                    Jane
Scott                    Josiah
Scott                    Manda
Scott                    Mariah
Scott                    Mary E.
Scott                    Mary J.
Scott                    Thomas
Scrilvra                 S.A.
Searl                    Angeline
Searl                    Hendrick
Searl                    Mary
Searl                    Minerva
Searl                    Nelson
Searl                    Quinly
Searl                    Susan
Seatles                  Melinda
Sebern                   Abram H.
Sebern                   Arannita
Sebern                   Emmeline
Sebern                   Leah J.
Sebern                   Orion
Secly                    James
Secly                    Sarah Ann
Secly                    Wm. Z.
Seely                    Jacob
Seely                    Rosell
Sefton                   Charita
Sefton                   Frederich
Sefton                   Samuel
Sells                    Alice
Sells                    Amanda
Sells                    George
Sells                    George W.
Sells                    John
Sells                    John O.
Sells                    Loutia
Sells                    Rebecca A.
Sells                    Wilber
Selrcet                  Andrew L.
Selrcet                  Rosa
Selrcet                  Sarah
Severand                 Dennus A.
Severand                 George W.
Severand                 Hansblet
Severand                 Laren A.
Severand                 Leacey
Severand                 Robbie B.
Severand                 Sally
Sgeak                    B.J.
Sgeak                    John T.
Sgeak                    Mary A.
Shaffer                  Catharine
Shaffer                  Mary Ann Flora
Shaffer                  Rosan
Shaffer                  Samuel
Shaffer                  Vinton
Shan                     John
Shane                    Anna
Shane                    Hannah
Shane                    Ida
Shane                    John
Sharp                    Ann
Sharp                    Elizabeth
Sharp                    Francis
Sharp                    George
Sharp                    John
Sharp                    John S.
Sharp                    Levi
Shaul                    Amos
Shaul                    Elizabeth
Shaul                    John
Shaul                    Rebecca
Sheldon                  Harvey
Sheldon                  Mary B.
Shelenberger             Frederick
Shelenberger             John
Sherman                  Charity E.
Sherman                  Mary A.
Sherman                  Nelson
Sherman                  Sarah
Sherman                  William
Sherman                  Winchester
Shields                  Alexander E.
Shields                  Alice
Shields                  Caroline
Shields                  David
Shields                  Eliza Y.
Shields                  Granvil H.
Shields                  Jane
Shields                  John C.
Shields                  John H.
Shields                  John H.
Shields                  Margaret
Shields                  Samuel
Shields                  Thomas S.
Shields                  William
Shira                    Abraham
Shira                    Emma
Shira                    John H.
Shira                    Morgan
Shira                    Rebecca
Shoemaker                Eliza C.
Shoemaker                George N.
Shoemaker                James K.
Shoemaker                Jane
Shoemaker                Joseph C.
Shoemaker                Mary J.
Shoemaker                Michael
Shoemaker                Nancy
Shreldes                 Harriet
Shreldes                 John
Shreldes                 John
Shreldes                 Mary A.
Shreldes                 Saphira
Shreldes                 Sophia
Shromm                   Godlip
Shultz                   Betsey A.
Shultz                   Florence E.
Shultz                   Henry M.
Shultz                   J.H.
Shultz                   Jane C.
Shultz                   Nels W.
Shultz                   S.J.
Shultz                   Simon B.
Silling                  Catharine
Silling                  Elizabeth
Silling                  Henry A.
Silling                  Sarah A.
Simmons                  Catharine
Simmons                  Daniel
Simmons                  Elisabeth
Simmons                  Pricilla
Simmons                  Rebecca
Simmons                  Sylvester
Simms?                   Dewitt
Simons                   Amanda
Simons                   Anna S.
Simons                   Clarissa A
Simons                   David N.
Simons                   Ely
Simons                   Erastus
Simons                   George C.
Simons                   H.M.
Simons                   Horaco W.
Simons                   Hulda E.
Simons                   Levy
Simpson                  S.W.
Sinclair                 Johnathan
Skiffington              Bridget
Skiffington              Cathatine
Skiffington              John
Skiffington              Patrick
Skinner                  Amasa
Slater                   Betsy
Slater                   Cashmal
Slater                   Edmon
Slater                   Hiram
Slater                   Thomas
Slattery                 Cornelia
Slattery                 Eliza
Slattery                 John
Slattery                 Joseph
Sleneker                 Jacob
Small                    Edwin A.
Small                    Elvira
Small                    Jeremiah
Small                    Polly
Small                    Samuel
Smelser                  Ben
Smelser                  Benjamin F.
Smelser                  Charles W.
Smelser                  Dorothy
Smelser                  Ephram
Smelser                  Hannah
Smelser                  Hannah
Smelser                  John
Smelser                  Joseph
Smelser                  Mary Jane
Smelser                  Missy
Smelser                  Samuel
Smelser                  Susan
Smelser                  Susanna
Smelser                  Tobias C.
Smith                    Adeline M.
Smith                    Albert C.
Smith                    Andrew
Smith                    Ann E.
Smith                    Belinda
Smith                    Benjamin
Smith                    Benjamin K.
Smith                    Cardilia
Smith                    Carey
Smith                    Catherine
Smith                    Charles
Smith                    D. Jane
Smith                    Dillon
Smith                    Edwin
Smith                    Elisha
Smith                    Eliza
Smith                    Eliza D.
Smith                    Elizabeth K.
Smith                    Emannel
Smith                    Ester
Smith                    Fanny E.
Smith                    Forest
Smith                    Frances
Smith                    Gaiffy L.
Smith                    George C.
Smith                    George W.
Smith                    George W.
Smith                    H.P.
Smith                    Harriet
Smith                    Harry R.
Smith                    Henry P.
Smith                    Henry R.
Smith                    J.W.
Smith                    Jacob
Smith                    James
Smith                    Jas. F.
Smith                    Jason F.
Smith                    Jerome
Smith                    John G.
Smith                    John H.
Smith                    John M.
Smith                    Joseph C.
Smith                    Josephine
Smith                    Lavinia G.
Smith                    Leander B.
Smith                    Lena
Smith                    Lucinda
Smith                    Luellen
Smith                    Luisa
Smith                    Maria
Smith                    Mary
Smith                    Mary A.
Smith                    Mary J.
Smith                    Melinda
Smith                    Michael
Smith                    Michael E.
Smith                    Nancey
Smith                    Nancy J.
Smith                    Paulina
Smith                    Peter B.
Smith                    R.E.
Smith                    Rebecca
Smith                    Samuel
Smith                    Samuel
Smith                    Samuel
Smith                    Samuel
Smith                    Samuel
Smith                    Samuel S.
Smith                    Sarah
Smith                    Sarah
Smith                    Sarah L.
Smith                    Squire H.
Smith                    Thomas
Smith                    Thomas
Smith                    Vy?
Smith                    William
Smith                    William C.
Smith                    Willis
Smith                    Wm.
Snow                     Harriet O.
Snow                     W.S.
Soden                    George
Soden                    Henry
Solk                     Cassandra
Solk                     Elias
Solk                     George
Solk                     Harriet
Solk                     Leah
Solk                     William
Spangler                 Eliza
Spangler                 Eliza
Spangler                 John
Spangler                 Mary C.
Spaulding                Ashley
Spaulding                Cornelus
Spaulding                DeWitt C.
Spaulding                Frank C.
Spaulding                Janette
Spaulding                W. C.
Spear                    Eliza A.
Spear                    Martha R.
Spear                    Mary
Speer                    Elisabeth J.
Speer                    James L.
Speer                    John W.L.
Speer                    Nancy
Spellman                 Dennis
Spencer                  Abby J.
Spencer                  Abner N.
Spencer                  Charles
Spencer                  David A.
Spencer                  E.B.
Spencer                  Emily
Spencer                  Frances
Spencer                  George F.
Spencer                  Martha
Spencer                  Martha
Spencer                  Mary P.
Spicer                   Mary E.
Spindler                 Barbara
Spindler                 Catharine
Spindler                 George
Spindler                 Israel
Spindler                 Levi
Spindler                 Moriah
Spindler                 Peter
Spindler                 Philip J.
Spracklin                L.G.
Spracklin                Peter
Sprague                  Anna
Sprague                  Eliza
Sprague                  Jobman
Sprague                  Richard
Sprague                  Sarah
Sprague                  Sarah
Sprague                  Washington
Springer                 Ada R.
Springer                 Eliza J.
Springer                 Eugine
Springer                 George
Springer                 J.A.
Springer                 Jacob
Springer                 James L.
Springer                 John M.
Springer                 Martha
Springer                 Mary
Springer                 Mary E.
Springer                 Newton T.
Springer                 Rachel
Springer                 Samuel
Springer                 Sarah A.
Springer                 Thomas
Spurgin                  Abraham
Spurgin                  Ann
Spurgin                  Betty Ann
Spurgin                  Charles H.
Spurgin                  Daniel
Spurgin                  Hannah
Spurgin                  Harvey
Spurgin                  John
Spurgin                  John L.
Spurgin                  Luoratia
Spurgin                  Lusinda
Spurgin                  Margaret
Spurgin                  Martha
Spurgin                  Samuel
Spurgin                  Samuel
Spurgin                  Sarah
Spurgin                  Sarah J.
Spurgin                  Sentha
Spurgin                  William
Spurgin                  William
St.Clair                 Elizabeth
St.Clair                 Elizabeth
Staeff                   Daniel
Staeff                   John A.
Staeff                   Martha E.
Staeff                   Matilda J.
Staeff                   Thomas
Stafford                 E.
Stafford                 K.A.
Stafford                 M.
Stafford                 M. E.
Stanberry                Eliza J.
Stanberry                John L.
Stanberry                Maggie
Stanberry                Recompence
Stanberry                Sarah J.
Stanberry                Thomas P.
Stanberry                William C.
Stanley                  Evangensa
Stanton                  Emma C.
Stanton                  Hannah E.
Stanton                  Hariet E.
Stanton                  Harmon
Stanton                  James E.
Stanton                  John
Star                     Mary Morning
Starts                   Elizabeth S.
Starts                   Hannah
Starts                   Hannah L.
Starts                   John B.
Starts                   John H.
Starts                   Liza J.
Starts                   Nancy S.
Startwether              Elizabeth S.
Startwether              Horatio
Stephen                  A.D.
Stephen                  Alexander
Stephen                  Elijah
Stephen                  Elisiah D.
Stephen                  Elizabeth
Stephen                  Franklin P.
Stephen                  Isabell
Stephen                  James
Stephen                  John R.
Stephen                  Louisa
Stephen                  Margora
Stephen                  Martha L.
Stephen                  Mary
Stephen                  Mary Anne
Stephen                  Nancy
Stephen                  Paulina
Stephen                  Polianna
Stephen                  Rachal
Stephen                  Rudolph D.
Stephen                  Sarah Jane
Stephen                  Vincent
Stephens                 John
Stephens                 Lucinda Jane
Stephens                 Margaret A.
Stephens                 Mary Catharine
Stephens                 Melissa Jane
Stephens                 Rena
Sterling                 George
Sterling                 James L.
Sterling                 Julete
Stern                    Catharine
Stern                    Charles
Stern                    Elmira
Stern                    Jacob
Stern                    John
Stern                    John
Stern                    Mary
Stern                    Peter
Stern                    Samuel
Stetlings                Susan
Stetlings                William
Steurts                  Mary
Steurts                  Mary E.
Steurts                  Peter
Stevens                  Charles
Stevens                  Cornelius
Stevens                  Hairison
Stevens                  Henry
Stevens                  Henry
Stevens                  James
Stevens                  James
Stevens                  Jane
Stevens                  Joseph H.
Stevens                  Lucy
Stevens                  Margaret
Stevens                  Mary
Stevens                  Mary Jane
Stevens                  Melrena
Stevens                  Nickolas
Stevens                  Theadore
Steward                  Charles
Steward                  Sarah
Steward                  T.H.
Stewart                  Alexander
Stewart                  Alexander F.
Stewart                  Catharine
Stewart                  Catharine
Stewart                  Ellen E.
Stewart                  Esther A.
Stewart                  Eunice
Stewart                  Harriet  A.
Stewart                  Harriet M.
Stewart                  Jacob N.
Stewart                  James H.
Stewart                  James L.
Stewart                  John G.
Stewart                  John H
Stewart                  John J.
Stewart                  John M.
Stewart                  John W.
Stewart                  Jonathan P.
Stewart                  Kristen A.
Stewart                  Levina A.
Stewart                  Mary B.
Stewart                  Mary E.
Stewart                  Melinda E.
Stewart                  Samuel A.
Stewart                  Sevina B.
Stewart                  Susan C.
Stewart                  Theodore G.
Stewart                  Thomas
Stewart                  William
Stewart                  William E.
Stewart                  Wm.
Stiles                   Amanda L.
Stiles                   Ann M.
Stiles                   Charlotte E.
Stiles                   Emma J.
Stiles                   Flora E.
Stiles                   Hannah N.
Stiles                   John
Stiles                   John W.
Stiles                   Joseph
Stiles                   Lovina
Stiles                   Margaret E.
Stiles                   Martha E.
Stiles                   Mary A.
Stiles                   Mary L.
Stiles                   Sarah J.
Stiles                   William H.
Stiles                   William H.
Stiles                   William M.
Stine                    Edward
Stockes                  C.W.
Stockes                  Harriet S.
Stockhorne               Cristina
Stockhorne               James
Stockhorne               James Jr.
Stolte                   Frederick
Stone                    ?
Stone                    David M.
Stone                    David?
Stone                    Emly
Stone                    Malena
Stone                    Mary Jane
Stoughton                Hannah B.
Stoughton                Harry
Stoughton                William
Stoves                   Amaline
Stoves                   Antony
Stoves                   Celestia
Stoves                   George
Stoves                   Madison
Stoves                   Myron
Stoves                   Pamilia
Stoves                   Sarah
Stoves                   Sarah
Strang                   James W.
Strang                   Mag, A.
Strang                   Margaret A.
Strang                   William K.
Strawhacker              Elizabeth
Strawhacker              Emause
Strawhacker              Henry
Strawhacker              Julian
Stronghton               Arthur
Stronghton               Florence
Stronghton               Jamora
Stronghton               L.
Stronghton               Peter
Sulivan                  Jeremiah
Sulivan                  Lavina
Sullivan                 A.W.
Sullivan                 J.A.
Sullivan                 James
Sullivan                 Joseph
Sullivan                 N.S.
Sullivan                 Susan
Sullivan                 W.W.
Summers                  Ann
Summers                  Anna L.
Summers                  Harriet S.
Summers                  John
Summers                  Lucy D.
Summers                  William H.
Susony                   Gabriel
Swagger                  Lucinda
Swagger                  Washington
Swanny                   Micheal L.
Sweet                    Alice
Sweet                    Chester
Sweet                    James
Sweet                    Sandra
Sybards                  George
Sybards?                 Daniel

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