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Story County Hamilton County Hardin County Marshall County Jasper County Polk County Boone County City of Nevada City of Ames Milford Twp School City of Story City City of Roland City of McCallsburg City of Zearing City of Colo City of Slater City of Cambridge City of Gilbert City of Huxley City of Collins City of Maxwell
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Story County in located in the very center of Iowa. It is bordered on the north by Hamilton and Hardin Counties, on the west by Boone County, on the south by Polk and Jasper and on the east by Marshall County. You may click on the town to reach the town web sites for those having them.

Transcription Volunteers Needed
Source materials will be provided. Opportunities include transcribing census images into spreadsheets, proofing transcriptions, Story County obituary postings, and more. If you think you can help, please email Mark Christian. Thank you!

26 Sept 2023: Added Grant Twp to the 1930 Census. Thank you Nancy Baker Sweeney and Patsy Hubbard Griffith!
01 Sep 2023: Added Ballard High School Graduates.
30 Aug 2023: Added Nevada High School Graduates. Thank you Nevada Public Library!
08 Aug–01 Aug 2023: Added Franklin Twp, Gilbert Town & Ames Ward 4 Washington Twp to the 1930 Census.
Thank you Nancy Baker Sweeney and Patsy Hubbard Griffith!
29 Apr 2023: Added Ames High School Graduates. Thank you Ed Hendrickson of the Ames High Alumni Association!
26 Apr 2023: Added death certificate transcriptions for 1929 to Death Certificates. Thank you Stefani Wonders!
07 Apr 2023: Added 2021, 2022, 2023 patents to Story County Inventor Patents
27 Mar 2023: Added Ames Ward 3 Washington Twp to the 1930 Census. Thank you Nancy Baker Sweeney and Patricia Hubbard Griffith!
12 Mar 2023: Added Ames Ward 2 Franklin & Washington Twps to the 1930 Census. Thank you Nancy Baker Sweeney and Patricia Hubbard Griffith!
29 Jan 2023: Added Cambridge High School Graduates. Thank you Sara Spohnheimer of the Cambridge Historical Association!
21 Jan 2023: Added Ames Ward 1 Washington Twp to the 1930 Census. Thank you Nancy Baker Sweeney and Patricia Hubbard Griffith!
18 Jan–13 Jan 2023: Added Ames Ward 4 Franklin Twp, Collins Twp to the 1940 Census. Thank you Nancy Baker Sweeney!
07 Jan 2023: Started the 1940 Census adding Collins Twp. Thank you Nancy Baker Sweeney!
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Researching Story County Norwegians? Check out Norwegian Heritage in Central Iowa
See the November 2020 The Central Iowa Norwegians Volume 3 Announcement!

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1854 Census 1856 Census 1860 Census 1862 Military Eligible 1863 Military Eligible
1864 Military Eligible New! (Jun 25)
1865 Story Co History
1867 Military Eligible 1870 Census 1871 Military Eligible
1880 Census
(Including Image Links)
1880 Mortality Schedule 1883 Pensioners 1885 Census 1887 History of Story Co by Allen
1890 Military Eligible 1890 Story Co. History with Biographies New! (Jul 23)
1892 Farmers Directory
1894 Military Eligible 1895 Census
1897/8 County Directory 1900 Census
(Including Image Links)
1902 Atlas Land Owners 1904 Military Eligible 1905 Census Register
1910 Census 1911 Story Co History V2 by Payne
1914 Story Co Directory Now Complete! (Apr 26)
1920 Census
Added Ames Ward 4
1925 Census
New! (Sep 26)
1930 Census

Added Grant Twp
New! (Jan 13)
1940 Census

Added Ames W1 ED 85-3
Now Complete! (Dec 31)
1950 Census Abstract
Added Washington (2 of 2) Twp


Ames 1910 D.A.R.

Ames 1915
Phone Directory
New! (Apr 29)
Ames High School
New! (Sep 01)
Ballard High School
BiographyBoard Births
Birth Certificate Index New! (Jan 29)
Cambridge High School
Cemeteries Civil War New! (Nov 18)
Collins High School
Colo 1924
Colo 1926
Phone Directory
Colo 1940
Phone Directory
Colo 1956
Phone Directory
Colo High School
New! (Apr 26)
Death Certificate
Index (Partial)

Added 1929
Death Register
Vol 1 (Partial)
New! (Jun 25)
(1876, 1878, 1880, 1886)
Federal Land Patents Family
Gravestone Photo Project!
(Story Co Index)
Grave Marker Inscription Index
Huxley High School
Updated! (Apr 07)
Inventor Patents

Added 2020, 2021, 2022
ISC (ISU) Alumni
as of 1914
Links ISC (ISU) Directory
October 1915
Lookups with
Surname Index
& Other
New! (Jul 21)
McCallsburg 1969
Centennial Book
McCallsburg Pupils
& Faculty
Maxwell High School
Milford Township
and Proud of It

Great Twp History!
Nevada 1948
Phone Directory
New! (Aug 30)
Nevada High School
Updated! (Sep 09)
NCHS Family Tree Project
Nevada ME Church
Early Baptisms
Nevada ME Church
Early Marriages
Index Updated!
Obituary Board
(Jun 11)
Probate Index
Query Board
Resources Roland Centennial History
New! (Nov 20)
Roland High School
Roland 1913
Telephone Directory
Roland 1950
Telephone Directory
New! (Nov 13)
Shipley High School
Slater High School
Social Security Death Index Records
(Through 2010)
American War
Story City Jubilee 1931 Story Co IGS
Surname Index Towns and Post Offices Iowa Veterans Cemetery
Will Book Index W.P.A. Tombstone
WWII Dead & MIA Zearing 1953
Phone Directory
Zearing 1956

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