Story County, Iowa 1950 Census

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The 1950 United States Census shows an overall 14.5% increase over the 1940 United States and a 3.3% population increase for Iowa. For Story County, the increase was 30.7%! This can be largely attributed to the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 (G.I. Bill) which provided paid education for most World War II veterans. As a result, the population of students and faculty at Iowa State College (now Iowa State University) increased dramatically. The population of the Ames swelled by 10,550 people, a 84% increase over 1940. In the 1950 population census, one can see this population housed on campus in dormitories, in Pammel Court (for married student housing), in lodging facilities, and many as lodgers in private homes.

The 1950 census microfilm images were made available by the National Archives and Records Administration on April 1, 2022. The microfilm images and other information are for Story County, Iowa are located here. Each census sheet contains 30 lines for information on each inhabitant. As the enumerator recorded, entries were made for empty homes and for homes where nobody as at home at the time of the census. For each enumeration district, the maximum number of sheets were 70, except that when the enumerator went back to record people missed the first time the information was entered on sheets number 71 and higher. Thus you may see as in Collins town the sheet number going frrom 13 to 71 on the next sheet.

This is the seventeenth federal census and represents the ninth federal census enumerated for Story County after its formation. The effective date of the census was April 1, 1950. Errors may have been introduced by the census taker or during transcription. The extensive instructions for enumerators are available in at this site.

This transcription contains an abstract of the data. Special focus on ensuring the names are correct. If you locate a people of interest the images are readily available for free online.

The transcribed 1950 Census data is comprised of:

The following information is included in the transcription but is not taken directly from the census:

Information not included with the transcription includes:

Finally, six random people on each sheet were selected for additional questions such as schooling, earnings and U.S. Armed Forces serving during a war.

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