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Story County, Iowa 1910 Ames D.A.R.

The Ames "Sun Dial Chapter" of the Iowa Daughters of the American Revolution was organized on October 7, 1907. The Regent was Mrs. Ella Rebecca Hardin.

The source of the membership list below is "Iowa Daughters of the American Revolution 1891-1911, compiled by Mary H. S. Johnston, State Historian, 1910-1911. The list was submitted by a Story County volunteer.

Lynn CHEVALIER ADAMSNo. 61975Benjamin ELLENWOODMrs. M. J. ADAMS, 807 Douglass Ave., Ames, Iowa.
Jennie E. BEYERNo. 79042William RICHARTMrs. Jennie E. BEYER, Ames, Iowa.
Rose GOBLE BRADLEYNo. 61974Capt. Isaac KELLOGGMrs. R. J. BRADLEY, Escondido, Calif.
Daisy BROWNNo. 61976Ebenezer BROWNMiss Daisy Brown, Care Y. W. C. A., Detroit, Mich.
Mary Louise TILDEN BROWNNo. 60937Josiah TILDENMrs. Harry F. Brown, Kellogg Ave. Ames, Iowa
Etta M. BREED BUDDNo. 61978Joseph BUDD 3dMiss Etta Budd, 804 Kellogg Ave. Ames, Iowa.
Sarah M. BREED BUDDNo. 61977Isaac LIVINGSTONEMrs. J. L. Budd, 804 Kellogg Ave. ,Ames, Iowa.
Lizzie CLARK CORBINNo. 57776Joseph RIGGSMiss Lizzie Clark Corbin, 829 Douglass Ave., Ames, Iowa.
Laura MARTIN CORBINNo. 73300Joseph RIGGSMiss Laura Martin Corbin, 1605 12th St., Des Moines, Iowa.
Jennie L. CROSBYNo. 66158Zebulon PIKEMrs. Jennie L. Crosby, Ames, Iowa.
Mary Wilson CROSSLEYNo. 76250Samuel REEDMrs. B. W. Crossley, R. F. D. No. 2, Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Rosalie C. KELLOGG GOBLENo. 61979Capt. Isaac Goble KELLOGGMrs. H. S. Goble, Rosehill Poultry Farm, Ames, Iowa.
Katherine GOBLE GRAYNo. 61980Capt. Isaac Goble KELLOGGMrs. H. W. Gray, Columbia, Mo.
Ella Rebecca HARDINNo. 57777Joseph RIGGSMrs. L. G. Hardin, 829 Douglass Ave., Ames, Iowa.
Harriette KELLOGGNo. 60932Capt. Eliab FARNHAMMiss Harriette Kellogg, Station A, Ames, Iowa.
Mary MCDONALD KNAPPNo. 60933Ichabod GRUMMON (d) Jr.Mrs. Herman Knapp, Station A, Ames, Iowa.
Theresa LINCOLNNo. 60934Seth LINCOLNMiss Theresa Lincoln, Boone St., Ames, Iowa.
M. Alice MARSTONNo. 42919Abram Van VLEET, Serg. Noah DAYMrs. Anson Marston, Station A, Ames, Iowa.
Elizabeth MOORENo. 63034Col. James AGNEWMiss Elizabeth Moore, Station A, Ames, Iowa.
Myrtle MCCLURE OKEYNo. 64572William MCCLUREMrs. F. M. Okey, Station A, Ames, Iowa.
Lura HUBBELL PHILLIPSNo. 29854John HUBBELLMiss Lura Phillips, Ames, Iowa.
Carrie PIKENo. 66159Zebulon PIKEMiss Carrie Pike, Ames, Iowa.
Florence KIRBY POTTERNo. 64887Abel HORTONMrs. A. L. Potter, 702 Clark Ave., Ames, Iowa.
Dora M. RICENo. 61982John HARTMAN, Zachariah RICEMiss Dora M. Rice, 719 Story St., Ames, Iowa.
Florence NETTIE RICENo. 61983John HARTMAN, Zachariah RICEMiss F. Nettie Rice, 719 Story St., Ames, Iowa.
Frances J. RICENo. 61981John HARTMAN, Zachariah RICEMrs. F. J. Rice, 719 Story St., Ames, Iowa.
Maud L. RICENo. 61984John HARTMAN, Zachariah RICEMiss Maude L. Rice, 719 Story St., Ames, Iowa.
Minnie R. RICENo. 61985John HARTMAN, Zachariah RICEMiss Minnie R. Rice, 719 Story St., Ames, Iowa.
Harriet N. BEYER STANGENo. 79403William RICHARTMrs. C. H. Stange, Ames, Iowa.
Myra Lee SYLVESTERNo. 76581John LEEMrs. V. W. Sylvester, Ames, Iowa.
Clara B. DUTTON THOMPSONNo. 60147Edward WENTWORTHMrs. A. S. Thompson, Station A, Ames, Iowa.
Winifred R. TILDENNo. 60938Josiah TILDENMiss Winifred Tilden, 915 Douglass Ave., Ames, Iowa.
Frederica B. HARLEY TUTTLENo. 54266Thomas FARROWMrs. E. C. Tuttle, 209 Welsh St., Ames, Iowa.
Hattie E. BREWSTER WILLEYNo. 28422Benjamin CUTTERMrs. F. W. Willey, Iowa St., Ames, Iowa.
Jessie M. RIDER WILLIAMSNo. 67566Israel STONEMrs. Clyde Williams, 611 Douglass Ave., Ames, Iowa.

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