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History of Norwalk Township
 Townships  Formed
  Belknap 1872
Boomer 1860
Carson 1882
Center 1860
Crescent 1857
Garner 1877
Grove 1858
Hardin 1870
Hazel Dell 1872
James 1860
Kane 1853
Keg Creek 1874
Knox 1857
Layton 1873
Lewis 1878
Lincoln 1875
Macedonia 1855
Minden 1877
Neola 1872
Norwalk 1872
Pleasant 1873
Rockford 1855
Silver Creek 1860
Valley 1879
Washington 1873
Waveland 1873
Wright 1872
York 1861

Norwalk township was organized June 6, 1873, and was named Norwalk by Mr. R. Foote in honor of Norwalk, Conn., where he formerly lived. It is bounded on the north by Neola, east by York, south by Hardin and west by Hazel Dell townships. The first settlers were Mormons, but finally they all went on with the last detachment to Utah. The principal early settlers were Joseph Holman, Ezekiel Downs, Asa Downs, William Cox, William Hendrix, Johnson Lane and William Yocum. They all arrived and settled from 1845 to 1850. William Yocum was a wreck physically. He came from Missouri and while there joined the mob at Horn's mill against the Mormons. During the fight he received seven bullets in his body, from the effects of which he never recovered. He died in Pottawattamie county. As early as 1847, Ezekiel Downs and A. Smith built saw and flouring mills on Mosquito Creek. They were two-story buildings of hewed logs.

In the winter of 1863-4 the first school was taught in Norwalk township. It was in a log cabin built by the farmers. The first teacher was Miss Jane Davis. In March, 1882, at Downs schoolhouse, there was organized a Society of Friends, under the auspices of Revs. Lewis and William Smith. The following is a list of the original members: George F. Ward and wife, Jane Ward, Archibald N. Ward, Mary Fleck, Catharine Whitney, her son William Whitney, A. Mott and wife, Martha Mott, Ada Mott, Lena Vezy, Albert Shaw, Lizzie Vezy, Drucilla Downs, Minerva Downs and Joseph Whitney.

The town of Underwood was started simultaneous with the advent of the Rock Island Railroad and has made steady growth since that time. The town has two churches, German Lutheran and Latter Day Saints. C. G. Reese is president of the board of education; F.T.C. Johnson, secretary, and K.W. Klopping, treasurer. The following are the township officers: Trustees, K.W. Klopping, Henry Bensen, and William Whitney; clerk, W.F. Schmaedicke; justices of the peace, E.F. Schroeder and C.D. Langfeldt; constable, George Keso; assessor, F. Lee Johnson.