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History of Neola Township
 Townships  Formed
  Belknap 1872
Boomer 1860
Carson 1882
Center 1860
Crescent 1857
Garner 1877
Grove 1858
Hardin 1870
Hazel Dell 1872
James 1860
Kane 1853
Keg Creek 1874
Knox 1857
Layton 1873
Lewis 1878
Lincoln 1875
Macedonia 1855
Minden 1877
Neola 1872
Norwalk 1872
Pleasant 1873
Rockford 1855
Silver Creek 1860
Valley 1879
Washington 1873
Waveland 1873
Wright 1872
York 1861

This is a full township with thirty-six sections. It is bounded on the north by Harrison county, east by Minden, south by Norwalk and west by Boomer townships. June 10, 1872, a petition signed by H.G. Fisher, George Remington, Fielding Steele and seventy-eight other citizens was presented to the board of supervisors, asking that a new civil township be formed. G.W. Henderson claimed the honor of being the first permanent white settler in the township. He came from VanBuren county, Iowa, in March 1855, pre-empted the southeast quarter of section 12 and began at once to build a shelter for his family and to break ground for a spring crop. Mr. Henderson's first neighbor in Neola township was Mr. Norman Abbott, who settled on section 19 during the latter part of the same month. Mr. Abbott remained a resident of the township until 1865, when he sold his farm to Thomas Cellars, who in turn sold it to a man named Hillsworth. William Tidwell came to the new country and settled in section 18, near Mr. Abbott. Joseph Balsley and Joseph Mecklin settled on Pigeon creek in 1855. John O'Brien settled on section 23. Prominent among the early settlers was Mr. Z. Remmington and family, who settled on section 33.

In 1869 the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad was built and the town laid out on lands owned by Messrs. Withrow, Wright and Allen. The first house where the city now stands was built by D. Little about 1868, who kept a store in the building. The second was Mr. Kuhl, a harnessmaker. Mr. Norris was the first blacksmith, and in the loft of his shop, Mrs. Doane taught the second term of school. In 1870 a postoffice building was erected by Mr. Duncan who was also the first postmaster. Daniel Flynn opened a saloon the same year, and Mr. C. Dillin engaged in the grain trade as early as 1873. In 1882 the town received its charter and became a city, and elected the following officers: J.P. Organ, mayor; C.M. Crippen, recorder; O.L. Davis, marshal. The city council was composed of T. Rishton, W. Downs, J.W. Butler and R.F. Lovell. The principal businesses were: Grain, C. Dillin and J.A.Hamilton; general merchandise, H. Mendel, B. Rishton, J.W. Butler, F. Rishton, Eggleston Brothers, and Bradley & Burton. Druggists were Vanness, C.F. Robbins and B.A. McKay; hardware, Reichart Brothers, C.M. Witt, and C.B.Stone; clothing, Remmington Brothers and C.M. Crippen; stock buyer, G.W. Rogers; newspaper, Neola Tribune, E.P. Innes, editor; real estate, H.L. McWilliams and D. Tostevin; hotels, Commercial, S. Burgess, proprietor; Neola House, McKinney, proprietor. The Bank of Neola was presided over by Mr. Henry, president; Mr. Lodge, cashier. Meat markets, Haggerty & Reichart and Handbury & Sills; livery stables, A. King and Downs & Mott; insurance, H.L. McWilliams and Riley Clark; millinery, Mrs. F.M. Gallup; carpenters, Purcell & Rogers, Eli Vickery, Wm. Schierbrook and Mr. Fulgen; physicians, Drs. Barton, Vanness, Harvey, Todd and Lawrence; attorneys, H.L. McWilliams and J.P. Organ.

On the 22d of March 1880, a church was organized by the Presbytery of Council Bluffs by a committee consisting of Revs. G.M. Lodge, F.H. Cleland and Elder J.S. Love. Members were John Buchannan and Jessie, his wife, and their children, Katie, Jennie, Kennedy and David; Lawrence Hunter and wife; Mrs. Anna Remmington, and Dr. Harvey and wife. John Buchannan was elected as ruling elder and Lawrence Hunter a deacon.

As of 1907, the city government consisted of Mayor, Fred Foss; council, Ed Rattigan, George Remmington, N.B. Chrisman, A. Ransom, H.S. Watkins and G.W. Giese; marshal, George Murphy, and James Hayes, deputy. The township officers are: Trustees, J.D. Porter, John R. Willmott and Frank Spencer; clerk, J.S. Hermsen; justices of the peace, Riley Clark and Thomas Kennedy; constables, C.J. Maxfield and Ed Ratigan; assessor, W.C. Wilmott.