Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.


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Guenther, Anna Mae McNeese Julia Johnson  
Guenther, Anna McNeese Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #11A  
Guenther, Anne Marthelia Guenther Jerry Hamm  
Guenther, Clement E. Jerry Hamm; Online scans, #570  
Guenther, Ethel Louise    
Guenther, George Isaac Online scans, sb3387  
Guenther, Glenn E. Jerry Hamm  
Guenther, Harriet Sarah Online scans, sb3387  
Guenther, Henry    
Guenther, Madelean Schenck    
Guernsey, Bernard "Skip" Online scans, #493  
Guffey, Berniece Ruth Barr    

Guidicessi, Doris Wallace

Linda Kestner


Guilford, Benetta Beth Mitchell    
Guilford, Gary Lee    
Guilford, Lavina E.    
Guilford, Paul Robert Eugene    
Guill, Erma L. Johnson    
Gulick, Elsie Online scans, #8660  
Gunaca, Anna C. Taylor Hunter    
Gunn, William, Mrs., -1894 Julia Johnson  
Gunn, William E. Julia Johnson  
Gunnel, Thomas S.    
Gurner, James B.    
Guss, Janet N. Online scans, #8985  
Gust, Albert Online scans, #71  
Gust, Albert H. Julia Johnson;  
Gust, Hulda Peterson Julia Johnson; Online scans, #10A  
Gust, Otto Alvin Online scans, #9010, #9070  
Gustafson, Alfred Joseph    
Gustafson, Elizabeth Mowry    
Gustafson, Ella Online scans, #3001  
Gustafson, Fred Online scans, #965  
Gustafson, Jon Mark Online scans, sb5185, sb5186  
Gustafson, Keith Online scans, #8576  
Gustafson, Rosa Birdie    
Gustafson, Veva McCorkle    
Gustavson, Carl Julius Julia Johnson  
Guston, A.B.    
Guthrie, Dora Johnston Online scans, #49, #41  
Guthrie, Edward Online scans, #934  
Guthrie, Elizabeth Osborne Julia Johnson  
Guthrie, Gerald Emerson [Clarinda Herald] Clarinda Journal  
Guthrie, Millicent Maxine Cabbage Online scans, sb3234  
Guthrie, Ralph E. Julia Johnson  
Guthrie, Virgil Julia Johnson; Online scans, #58  
Guthrie, W.A.    
Gutschenritter, Carroll Eugene    
Gutschenritter, Franklin Joseph    
Gutschenritter, Julia Ann Online scans, sb3554  
Gutschenritter, Patricia Lee "Pat"    
Gutschenritter, William "Delmus"    
Guy, Margaret Bracken    
Guynn/Gwynn, E. Unice    
Guyton, Mattie Windhorst Online scans, #435  
Guzman, Librado S. "Lee" Online scans, sb6364, sb5346  
Gwynn, Joseph Kirby Julia Johnson  
Gwynn, Phoebe    
Gwynn, Sarah Jane "Jennie" Whitehill Online scans, #1015, #1018