Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Woerth, Max Lawrence    
Wolcott, Chester Clark Julia Johnson  
Wolcott, Eliza Ellen Edmondson Julia Johnson  
Woldruff, Arleen Online scans, #8977  
Woldruff, Amanda Florence Fine Julia Johnson  
Woldruff, Cecil Guy Online scans, sb180, sb182, #223, #225  
Woldruff, Charlotte Maxwell Shearer    
Woldruff, Clara Wilma Hopple Foster Julia Johnson  
Woldruff, Clarence Glen "Skinny" Online scans, #8885  
Woldruff, Darleen    
Woldruff, Ethel Louise Brummett    
Woldruff, George A. Online scans, sb6365, sb3985, sb4311, sb5372  
Woldruff, George Washington Julia Johnson  
Woldruff, Gerald E. Online scans, sb5139  
Woldruff, James Russell Jerry Hamm  
Woldruff, Lee Online scans, #9275, #9276  
Woldruff, Marvin Wendell    
Woldruff, Mary Stewart Online scans, sb5113  
Woldruff, Maye Parsons Online scans, sb5815  
Woldruff, Oneita Brown Julia Johnson; #8358, #8373  
Woldruff, Roxa Thomas Online scans, #9190  
Woldruff, Thelma Darleen Online scans, sb6036  
Wolf, Abraham Julia Johnson  
Wolf, Carl Ballard Julia Johnson  
Wolf, Catherine Mary    
Wolf, D.H.    
Wolf, Eliza    
Wolf, Hollis Cumberlin Julia Johnson  
Wolf, J.W.    
Wolf, Jacob    
Wolf, John, -1892 Julia Johnson  
Wolf, John William Julia Johnson  
Wolf, Martin Julia Johnson  
Wolf, Nancy Magdalene Beery Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb1476  
Wolf, Olive Floy Thomas Julia Johnson  
Wolf, Ralph Virgil Julia Johnson  
Wolf, Simon Peter Julia Johnson  
Wolf, Verner Lloyd    
Wolf, Zelpha    
Wolfe, Bradley Albert Online scans, sb448  
Wolfe, Dean Miller    
Wolfe, Evelyn Wiley    
Wolfe, John Bryant    
Wolfe, Rosa's MOTHER    
Wolfe, Waive Crawford Online scans, sb3844  
Wolfkill, Frank    
Wolford, Margaret A. Hoffman    
Wolford, Max Alfred    
Wolford, Monta Edith Thomas    
Wolhoy, Gary L. Online scans, #8554  
Wolhoy, Nedker "Jack" Robun    
Wolhoy, Thelma Online scans, sb1848  
Wolkensdorfer, Brian    
Wolkins, Mildred Lou Westlake Online scans, sb3685  
Wollenhaupt, Edith Online scans, #8650  
Wollenhaupt, Henry F. Online scans, sb2906  
Wolph, Maurine Online scans, sb422  
Wonner, Christina    
Wood, Chris Orville Online scans, sb5063  

Wood, Clarence O. / (2)

Don Parsons; Online scans, sb5864, #362, #366  
Wood, Eliza P. Jones Julia Johnson  
Wood, Elizabeth Jarred    
Wood, Elvina M. Jeffers Online scans, sb5223  
Wood, Erma Kathleen Handorf Radke    
Wood, Everton Earl Online scans, #8646, #8655  
Wood, Frank G. Online scans, #684  
Wood, Homer F. Online scans, sb214, sb1476  
Wood, Marguerite Eileen Snowdall Online scans, sb5101, sb5104  
Wood, Marjorie Hayes Lorelei Rusco  

Wood, Mildred Harkless

Don Parsons  
Wood, Muriel Hazel Patton Online scans, sb528, sb529  

Wood, Nora Burnham

Don Parsons  

Wood, Nora Elizabeth Burnham

Don Parsons  
Wood, Norman Lee    
Wood, Orville Online scans, sb3108, sb5145  
Wood, Robert B. Julia Johnson  
Wood, William Allen Don Parsons  
Wood, William W.    
Woodard, Alice M.    
Woodard, Corie Justine Online scans, sb3503  
Woodman, Dewey Online scans, #625  
Woodmansee, Ann B. Truscott    
Woodmansee, CHILD, -1892 Julia Johnson  
Woodmansee, J.S.    
Woodmansee, Lutitia Margaret Scoggan    
Woodmansee, Margaret    
Woodmansee, Thos    
Woodrow, Benjamin L.    
Woodruff, Billie Mae Online scans, sb508  
Woodruff, Flossie J. Hamm Jerry Hamm  
Woodruff, Fred Herman Jerry Hamm  
Woodruff, Fred W. Jerry Hamm  
Woodruff, Jean Margaret Smith Jerry Hamm  
Woodruff, Lee Jerry Hamm  
Woodruff, Leonard J.    
Woodruff, Mary    
Woodruff, Mary Lucille Linebaugh Online scans, sb2733  
Woodruff, Nehemiah    
Woodruff, Nehemiah    
Woodruff, Ollie Florence Cabbage Online scans, #270  
Woodruff, Ross Jerry Hamm  
Woods, Abner, 1824 - 1894 Julia Johnson  
Woods, Alger    
Woods, Dolores "Kay" Cramer    
Woods, Douglas Eugene Online scans, sb5661, sb5662  
Woods, Edward Alvin    
Woods, Elaine Carney Online scans, #9199  
Woods, Elvira    
Woods, Esther Irene Hill    
Woods, James Alfred Julia Johnson  
Woods, Josephine "Josie" Berry Julia Johnson  
Woods, Leander Perry "Lee" Julia Johnson  
Woods, Lee    
Woods, Margaret Louise Hayes    
Woods, Mary Ellen Van Arsdol Julia Johnson  
Woods, Mary Larson Online scans, #319, #325  
Woods, Matilda White Kelly    
Woods, Miss    
Woods, Phoebe Donaldson Julia Johnson  
Woods, Robert M.    
Woods, Ross A. Online scans, #202  
Woods, William W., 1800 - 1892 Julia Johnson  
Woods, Wilson Julia Johnson  
Woodward, John    
Woodward, John, Mrs    
Woodward, Mary A. Gordon    
Woodward, W.B.    
Woodworth, Luther, Mrs    
Woodworth, William D.    
Woodyard, Emmett Lee    
Woodyard, Lucinda Jerry Hamm  
Woolery, Sarah Margaret Sanders    
Woolsey, Aileen Online scans, #327  
Woolsey, Audrey May Ismay Hudson    
Woolsey, Doris E. Thomas Online scans, sb5237  
Woolsey, John D. Online scans, sb5392, sb5394, sb6067  
Woolson, George Online scans, sb3517  
Woolson, Jennie S. Shultz Online scans, #9085  
Woolston, Doris    
Wooten, Charley Online scans, #543  
Wooten, Harry    
Woten, Hugh    
Wooten, Idabell    
Wooten [Wooden], John    
Wooten, John 1918    
Work, James Edward Julia Johnson  
Workman, Earl Leroy    
Worl, Naomi Irene Holmes    
Worley, David    
Worley, Frank E.    
Worley, Mary Jane    
Worrel, William N. Julia Johnson  
Worrell, Edward E. Jerry Hamm  
Worrell, Ernest O. Online scans, sb1475  
Worrell, Janette Rosbrook Julia Johnson  
Worrell, Lester Online scans,  
Wort, May Gray Online scans, Or017  
Worth, Mrs    
Worthen, Leroy    
Worthington, Mabel Dennis Julia Johnson