Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Prather, Dora Kae Poore    
Prather, Elma M. Savage Online scans, sb5059  
Prather, Harland Herman Online scans, sb3000, sb3320, sb5006  
Prather, Hazel Online scans, #8883  
Prather, Maralee Almquist    
Prather, Marjorie R. Fewson Online scans, sb3952  
Prather, Walter H. Online scans, sb6416, sb5371  
Pratt, Berniece Isabelle Online scans, #4028  
Pratt, Carl William Online scans, sb3511  
Pratt, Crystal Werts Online scans, #188, #189  
Pratt, Delbert Dean    
Pratt, Dwight Myron Online scans, sb3882, sb3883  
Pratt, E.R.    
Pratt, Edith Francelia Benson Online scans, sb2650  
Pratt, Essie Leona Bankston Online scans, #3062, #3065  
Pratt, Karen Lynn Crowe Online scans, #8578  
Pratt, Keith Dorman Online scans, sb764  
Pratt, Kenneth Leroy Online scans, sb1460  
Pratt, Margaret Online scans, #8990, #8992  
Pratt, Maria Lightfoot Julia Johnson  
Pratt, Phyllis Mae Sefrit    
Pratt, Ralph Hiram Online scans, #456  
Pratt, Robert Online scans, sb3930, sb3931  
Pratt, Ruth Irene Reed Online scans, sb6166  
Pratt, Ruth Pauline Slagle Online scans, sb6237  
Pratt, Velma Lorene Lowe    
Pratt, Walter Clyde Online scans, sb2650  
Preeo, Jack E. Jerry Hamm  
Preeo, Lucile Hipsley Online scans, #789, #791  
Preeo, Orville Julia Johnson; Online scans, 852  
Prentice, Raymond Julia Johnson  
Prentis, Vicki Lou    
Pressley, George Julia Johnson  
Pressly, Dean Online scans, sb2651  
Pressly, Harry T.    
Prest, Harriett Ransom Julia Johnson  
Prest, John Ransom Julia Johnson  
Prest, Thomas A. Julia Johnson  
Preston, Carolyn "Jane"    
Preston, Dale Dean    
Preston, Millie [Armilda / Armilda] McVey    
Price, Ashley Nicole Online scans, #9378, #9409  
Price, Desmond "Des"    
Price, Edward E. Online scans, sb472  
Price, Iva May Wallace    
Price, Lee Kreglo Online scans, sb2647  
Price, Lewis Vandevender "Van"    
Price, Lorene McGarry Online scans, sb5283  
Price, Lydia Ann    
Price, Mary Lucille Vandevender    
Price, Russell Online scans, #9381  
Price, Sarah Jane Stewart    
Price, Vesper Online scans, #8853  
Pricket, Elsie    
Priest, Charles Dean Online scans, sb1922, sb1919  
Priest, D.S.    
Priest, Juliette Charlotte Swanson    
Prigga, Fred    
Prigga, Lucille    
Prigga, Stella Zoe Online scans, sb439  
Prince, Rhoda S.    
Pritchard, Mary Jane Kirkwood    
Pritchard, Robert L. Online scans, sb4334, sb5249  
Proctor, Mr    
Proffet, Asenith R. Melvin    
Prosser, Nancy Boggs Pearson    
Prosser, Thomas    
Proudfit, Carl    
Proudfit, Carl's SON    
Proudfit, Leonard    
Pruitt, Darlene McCoy Online scans, #642  
Pruitt, Helen Elizabeth Gates Online scans, #9375, #9407  
Pruitt, James B M "Mac" Julia Johnson  
Pruitt, Lena Rogers Online scans, sb1152, sb1154, sb383  
Pruitt, LeRoy Chancellor Online scans, #9016, #9068  
Pruitt, Leslie G. Online scans, sb466  
Pruitt, Margaret Peterson Online scans, sb401  
Pruitt, Nettie Pelton    
Pruitt, Paul Merlin    
Pruitt, Sarah Ann Wilson    
Puckett, Grace Ellen Ashbaugh    
Pugh, Delpha Darlene Kinman    
Pugh, Grace V. Julia Johnson  
Pugh, Joy    
Pugh, William "Garfield"    
Puhl, Milton Clement    
Pullan, Frances Lee Crawford Online scans, sb5145  
Pullan, Hannah Mary Anderson Julia Johnson  
Pullan, Harriet Evelyn Dickinson    
Pullan, Jack Online scans, sb3916  
Pullan, James Henry Online scans, #8433, #8435  
Pullen, Dorothy New Online scans, sb3978  
Pullen, Edna Fern Royer Online scans, sb3963  
Pullen, Florence Wheeler Online scans, #668  
Pullen, Gloria    
Pullen, Joe Online scans, sb6394  
Pullen, Lowell Wendell    
Pullen, Max E., Sr    
Pullen, Roy Online scans, #499  
Pullen, Tappan Online scans, #873  
Pullen, Vera Maley Online scans, sb6391, sb5353  
Pulley, Roland Martin    
Pulley, Sybil Trent Online scans, sb5666  
Pulliam, Charles Online scans, #8711  
Pulliam, Esther Fulk Online scans, sb2047  
Pulliam, Helen Alitha    
Pulliam, Karen Louise Ludington    
Pulliam, Lois LaVon Davison    
Purcell, Lester    
Purcell, Mary Josephine Maxwell Julia Johnson  
Pursell, Samuel William Julia Johnson  
Purtle, Merrill Online scans, #236  
Purviance, Eva Ethel Gwynn Julia Johnson; Online scans, #110  
Puryear, Herbert    
Puryear, Signe Swanson Online scans, #1007  
Puthuff, Myrta Ruth Miller Julia Johnson; Online scans, #67  
Putnam, George N., Mrs    
Putnam, Marie Black Jim D. Black  
Putnam, Robert M.    
Putnam, Thelma Marie Black Online scans, sb4244, sb4245, sb4252  
Pyner, Elizabeth H. Burns