Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Poe, Wayne Online scans, sb5654  
Pointer, John M.    
Pointer, Rena's DAUGHTER    
Poley, Margaret Butler    
Pollert, Clytha Muriel Edmonds    
Pollert, Edith May McNeal / (two) Julia Johnson; Online scans, #67, #110  
Pollert, Ray Online scans, sb3833  
Pollert, Victor “Vic” / (two) Julia Johnson; Online scans, #67, #110  
Pollock, Emma Bertram Online scans, #3028  
Pollock, Frank L. Online scans, sb271  
Pollock, Jane Brownlee    
Pollock, John    
Pollock, Lois E. Turner Online scans, sb6048  
Pollock, Lyle Online scans, Or016  
Pollock, Wilbur Leslie    
Polsley, Clement Online scans, #84  
Polsley, [Elizabeth] Ann Nocton Online scans, sb5134  
Polsley, John Haymond Julia Johnson  
Polsley, John Scott Barnes Julia Johnson  
Polsley, May Hannah Honan    
Polsley, Melbern C. Online scans, sb3859  
Polsley, O.L. Julia Johnson  
Polsley, Rachel Julia Johnson  
Polsley, Rex Layne    
Polsley, Ruth Elna Handorf Online scans, sb5673, #3062, #3061  
Pomeroy, Mary Ann Daine Julia Johnson  
Pond, Charley    
Pond, S.P.    
Pond, Sarah E.    
Pontious, Harry Eugene    
Pontious, Jacob Online scans, sb3792  
Pontious, Leslie R. Online scans, sb1849  
Pontious, Russell M.    
Pook, Charles    
Pool, James Leland Online scans, sb3501  
Poore, James Edward    
Port, William C.    
Porter, David, 1811 - 1892 Julia Johnson  
Porter, Ebenezer Finley    
Porter, Eliza Guy Julia Johnson  
Porter, Gertie Hodges    
Porter, Harland    
Porter, Isabelle Heckathorn Julia Johnson  
Porter, J.R., Mrs    
Porter, James, Mrs    
Porter, John    
Porter, John C.    
Porter, John Thomas    
Porter, Minnie Elliott Online scans, #2093  
Porter, Patrick Henry Julia Johnson  
Porter, Phebe Jane    
Porter, Ralph Online scans, #3029  
Porter, Troy Duane    
Porter, Zackery Dillon    
Porterfield, Marjorie Cuttell    
Porterfield, Raymond Online scans, #8783, #8824, #8828  
Portlock, Elizabeth    
Portlock, Willis    
Posten, Margaret Lois Williams    
Poston, Eloise Park Hendrix    
Poston, Isaac Newton    
Poston, Patricia Ann Davison    
Poston, William "Bill" Eugene    
Poteet, Ted Online scans, #8886  
Potter, Florene Eloise Lacy    
Potter, Francis Ray "Red"    
Potter, Kenneth Lloyd    
Potter, Mrs Dr    
Pottinger, Earl "Mike" Online scans, sb478  
Potts, Edwin Chester Julia Johnson  
Potts, Floyd Thomas    
Potts, Keith Edwin Online scans, sb3908  
Potts, Robert D. Online scans, #8516, #8802, #8804  
Potts, Willis Ray    
Poush, Lida Pearl Shockey    
Powell, Arliss Anna Baumgarten    
Powell, Harriet M.    
Powell, Karen Elaine Stogdill    
Powers, Anna M. Crawford    
Powers, Donald Eugene    
Powers, E.R., -1893 Julia Johnson  
Powers, Elizabeth M., -1887 Julia Johnson  
Powers, Evelyn May Scott    
Powers, Frank Online scans, #346  
Powers, Irma Rose Hahn    
Powers, James "Leo"    
Powers, Judy Maxine Bain    
Powers, Mary Online scans, #8852  
Powers, N. Olive    
Powers, Norma Nadine Jenkins    
Powers, Ray Clifton Julia Johnson  
Powers, Richard Dean