Muscatine County, Iowa


Dr. William Elias Adams - Submitted by Charlene Nichols Hixon

Benjamin Beach - Submitted by Lynn McCleary

John Frederich Boepple - Submitted by Lynn McCleary

Judge Jerome Carskaddan - Submitted by Beverly Witmer

Alfred D. Collier - Submitted by Kimberly Collier-McCarthy

Article about Aristarchus Cone, a pioneer of Muscatine County - Submitted by Norma Rogers

By Edwin Coombs, From Cape Cod To The Far West Fifty Years Ago 1837 the Coombs family leaves Cape Cod and comes to Bloomington, Iowa Territory - Submitted by Barbara MacLeish, assisted by transcriber Jackie Terry

Ray Doan Muscatine's nationally recognized baseball school operator and sports promoter during the 1930s and 1940s
- Submitted by Jeff Shellabarger

Laura Dusenberry Committed to Home - Submitted by June Brewer Welsch

Dead Man Shows Up Alive - Submitted by Ed Hintermeister

Paying tributes to Mrs. Jane Fry and other news in this article - Submitted by June Brewer Welsch

George Gates Family Story - Submitted by Kate Simpson

Charge Dr. Goss with Murder - Submitted by Sharon Elijah

Grunder Family Re-Union - Submitted by Dave Dunston for Norann Lustfield

Katherine "Kate" Hanley - Submitted by Lynn McCleary

Heath Family Story - Submitted by Carrie Jackson

Mira Hershey - Submitted by Lynn McCleary

Rev. Johannes P. Jans - Submitted by Sebastian Demuth

Ralph Lake Family Story - Submitted by Charlene Hixon

John Leahy Family - Submitted by Cynthia Booth Maher

1893 letter written by Mary Brown Knight Mathewson - submitted by Mary Mathewson-Eikey

Murder of Anna McDonough submitted by Valerie Plejdrup

The 1860s Journal of Nancy McGrew - Submitted by Wendy Harris

Metcalf Family Story - Submitted by Carrie Jackson

Joseph Morrison Quarantine Measures and Sympathy - Submitted by June Brewer Welsch

Joseph Morrison Resigns - Submitted by June Brewer Welsch

Nijenhuis Family from Winterswijk, Netherlands by John Grasskamp - Submitted by Gladys Mittman

Pond Brothers - Stage Coach Robbers - Submitted by Dr. A.J. Taylor

Theresa Louise Herron Olds' Family Story - Submitted by Margaret Dardess

Grandma Raff's Diary, 1911-1913 - Submitted by Elaine Rathmann

Researching Origins of German Ancestors of Muscatine County, Iowa ~ Submitted by Ute Brandenburg

Descendants of Johann Adam Rexroth - Submitted by Roland Rexroth

Article about life of Irene Yeater Rife, age 103 - Submitted by Roy J. Yeater

Pearl Valued at Three Thousand Dollars is Found (by Bert Roby) in River Today, June 6, 1903 - Submitted by Phyllis Hazen

The Frederick Detlef Steen Family - Submitted by Lynn McCleary

Doris Irene Meyers Thompson, Army Nurse - Submitted by Charlene Hixon

A Letter Home. Dated Sept. 26, 1849 from Ellen E. Stevenson ~ Submitted by M. Burns

Some Family History of the Walliker Family - Submitted by Jo Chance Cohrs

Henry Wildasin Running For Board of Supervisor Position - Submitted by Tammy

Henry Wildasin 1855-1962 - Submitted by Lenore Schlimmer

History of the Samuel and Catharine Wildasin Family and Others - Submitted by Barry Schuchart

Chauncey B. Williams' California Gold Rush Letter - Submitted by Priscilla Williams

Miss Irene Van Horn, Hurt at Lutheran Home - Submitted by June Brewer Welsch

Murder Trial For The Deaths of Van Winkle's - Submitted by June Brewer Welsch

William Wright aka Don De Quille - submitted by Barbara MacLeish, assisted by Jackie Terry, June 10, 2016

The Zukasty Family Story - submitted by Deanna Bennett, December 12, 2019

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