Muscatine County, Iowa


Our community owe much to Mr. Joseph Morrison who has met with such a terrible domestic loss for the rigid quarantine measures enforced by him to prevent the diphtheria desolating his hearth from invading the homes of others. It is now believed that Muscatine has seen the worst of this visit of diphtheria, but this should not lessen the vigilance of citizens in keeping their premises and surroundings free from the foul spots that invite the steps of the pestilence. The Marshal's example is a good one to follow scatter the lime around plentifully.

Next to Mr. and Mrs. Morrison for whom so profound a sympathy is felt by the city, no one can be more entitled to our tenderest compassion than Mrs. Joseph Beard of Wapello Iowa, so recently a member of the home circle and who has been compelled to hear of her little sisters and brothers sickening and dying without her being granted the scant but sweet consolation of seeing them before their burial forever from her sight. The old residents of the neighborhood who could but observe the peculiarly loving relations existing between this eldest sister and these children will appreciate in some measure the anguish of the days to her now passing.

Notes from June Brewer Welsch: (Four children of Joseph and Sarah Morrison died of diphtheria within a 7 day period in 1883).

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