Muscatine County, Iowa


The Source for the following article was from the: "Muscatine Journal", Muscatine, Iowa 1903

Joseph Morrison Resigns Position
As Assistant County Auditor


Has Worked Around the County
Court House for the Past Twenty
Two Years and During His Long
Term Has Made Meny Friends.

Joseph Morrison this morning handed in his resignation as assistant county auditor and will in a short time remove his family to Arkansas, where he will make his future home. Mr. Morrison has been a resident of Muscatine for over half a century and during that time has made many friends who regret to hear of his determination to leave the city. During his long residence here he has done many things for the improvement of the city and the bettering of the conditions surrounding his fellow men. He has always been a public spirited man and has held many offices of trust within the giving of the people and never has he violated any confidence placed in him. He has merited and received the highest respect that could be paid to him by friends and neighbors. As a public official he has been very faithful in the performance of his duties and of strict adherence to what he thought was right. He is a man who has always made and held friends readily and it is no wonder that his departure from the scenes of his early life should be a source of keen regret to all who know him.

Came here in 1855
Mr. Morrison came to Muscatine in September, 1855 and since that time has resided here continuously. It was over 20 years ago that he first entered the court house as an employee and since that time he has served almost continuously, making over 22 years of faithful service for the people of Muscatine county. In 1868 he was chosen as deputy treasurer and served in that capacity for a term of 5 years; he then was elected treasurer and served for a term of 6 years. In 1892 he took up the work of assistant county auditor and has worked faithfully in that department for the past 11 years, completing the 22 year in the service of the people. He helped organize the first fire department for the city of Muscatine and in 1876 commenced his four years of service as chief of that department. At a later period he served on the school board for a term of 3 years and during that time suggested many improvements to better the condition of the pupils. During the administration of John Mahin as postmaster, Mr. Morrison served for 2 years as assistant and gave most satisfactory service to Uncle Sam's patrons.

He has purchased an 80 acre farm in Arkansas and he expects to make his future home in the sunny south. The farm contains 35 acres of fine hardwood timber, while the remainder is under cultivation.

Arrangements for his departure are nearly completed and as soon as he can pack his household goods and close up the work at his desk in the court house he will leave the city where he has lived for over a half a century. Mr. Morrison has been at the court house so long that he has practically become a fixture there and the attaches are loath to think of the time when his desk will be empty and the chair unoccupied.

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