Fremont County, Iowa

If you have any photos of schools, or if you can add information about any of these schools,
please contact the Fremont County Coordinator. Thank you!

Benton Township
Blanchard School    
East Side School    
Eastport School    
Eureka School (Benton Township)    
Keyser School    
Percival School Percival  
Platt School    
Prairie School    
Ricketts School    
Sheldon School    
Treat School 911 Hartford St.  
Fisher Township
Centennial School (Fisher Township)    
Fisher Center School    
Manti School    
Maple Grove School (Fisher Township)    
Nishna Valley School    
Pease School    
Prairie Glen School    
Summitt School    
Green Township
College Hill School (Green Township)    
Dalton School    
Dawsonburg School    
Fairfield School    
Hill School    
Lone Willow School (Green Township)    
Rhode School    
Ross School    
Seminary Ridge School    
Hunter SchoolTabor  
Tabor 301 Elm St., Tabor  
Tabor College Aprox. 4 miles N of Thurman  
Wildwood School (Green Township) 105 East Street  
Locust Grove Township
Alma Mater School    
Cottonwood School    
Fairview School (Locust Grove Township)    
High Creek School    
Hillsdale School    
Locust Grove School    
Lone Willow School (Locust Grove Township)    
Madison Township
Columbia School    
Eagle School    
Hendricks (Henry Cowles)    
Highland School    
Liberty School    
Sedgwick School (Round Top)    
Monroe Township
Centennial School (Monroe Township)    
Farmer City School (White Lily)    
Honey Creek School    
Monroe Center School    
Morning Star School (Monroe Township)    
Rice School    
Shady Dell School    
Spring Valley School (Monroe Township)    
Sunny Slope School    
Prairie Township
Center School (Prairie Township)    
Hampton School    
Maple Valley School    
Mayflower School    
Mount Hope School    
Riverside School (Prairie Township)    
Spring Valley School (Prairie Township)    
Sunnyside School (Prairie Township)    
Sycamore School    
Riverside Township
Bellevue School    
Fremont School (Riverside Township)    
Green Castle School    
Harvard School    
Hazel Glen School    
Rolling Stone School    
Riverton Township
District #5 School    
High Grove School    
Ledgewood School    
Mill Creek School    
Slough Grass School    
Scott Township
Dutch Hollow    
Bartlett School     
Elm Grove School    
Fairview School (Baldwin School)    
King's School Thurman  
Mann School    
McPaul McPaul  
Pleasant Valley School (Scott Township)    
Pomeroy School McPaul One-room school
Thurman School Building Thurman  
Western Star School (West Star) 1002 Illinois St. High School
Sidney Township
Sidney High School    
Anderson School    
Bright Side School    
Center School (Sidney Township)    
College Hill School (Sidney Township)    
Evening Star School    
Grandview School    
Green Bush School    
Hazel Dell School (Sidney Township)    
Hiatt School    
Hutchinson School    
Idle Slope School    
Lacy Grove School    
Lone Tree School    
Morning Star School (Sidney Township)    
North Star School    
Pleasant Grove School (Sidney Township)    
Possum Valley School    
Shady Glen School    
Sidney Schools    
Spring Valley School (Sidney Township)    
Wade Out School    
Walnut Grove School (Sidney Township)    
West Grove School Hwy 275 NW corner Hwy 275 and Hwy J18  
Walnut Township
Fairview School (Walnut Township)    
McIntyre School    
Morning Star School (Bright School)    
Mt. Etna School    
Prospect Hill School (Walnut Township)    
Rising Sun School (Walnut Township)    
Stony Point School    
Washington Township(previously Franklin)
Bee Hive School    
Belcher School    
Farragut Elementary School    
Austin SchoolFranklin Township historic
Hamburg Junior-Senior High School Hamburg    
Hillside School    
John Payne School    
Militia Hollow School    
Mount Washington School (Hardscrabble)    
North Liberty School    
Sunnyside School (Washington Township)    
Valley Farm School    
Young School    
Hamburg Teacher's Home
Unknown School Class Photo,

In 1894, Iowa had 13,433 school houses. Most of these schools, at the time, were considered their own public school district. Currently (2017), there are only 338 districts. Many of these old school buildings have long been forgotten.

Des Moines Register offers a website: Lost Schools, to learn more of old school houses

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