Franklin County Military Records

Civil War Soldiers who lived in, died in or are buried in Franklin County Iowa

Surnames D - W


~Compiled by S. Ferrall & other Franklin County researchers (credited in the individual entries) from various Iowa CW records, CW records from other states, obituaries, newspapers, US census, Iowa State census & cemetery records.

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(L.L.) Linda Linn - has contributed many of the individual service records information
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(GPP) Gravestone Photo Project - IAGenWeb Special Project, photos contributed by users
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Davis, Charles Henry - 07/21/1842-1930; Captain, Co A, 77th NY Infantry. 9/16/1861 enlisted age 17 at Westport, CT. Promoted to Full Sgt., promoted to 1st Sgt 2/28/1863, promoted to 2nd Lieut on 11/9/1864, promoted to Adjutant 2/18/1865, promoted to 1st Lieut 1/2/1865, promoted to Captain on 5/3/1865. Mustered out 6/27/1865 at Washington, DC. (CW Soldier Records & Profiles and New York: Report of the Adjutant-General ~contributed by L.L.) Gravestone photo (S.H.), Oakwood cemetery, Ackley
Dirst, Howard - 1838-1893. Private, Co. A, 127th Illinois Inf.; Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery
Earhart, George - 1844-1924. Corporal, Co D, 3rd Iowa Cavalry. Enlisted 3/16/1864; promoted to 8th Corp. 6/18/1865; promoted to 7th Corp. 7/15/1865. Mustered out 8/9/1865 at Atlanta, GA. ( Roster & Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of Rebellion ~contributed by L.L.) Gravestone photo (S.H.), Oakwood cemetery, Ackley
Ferris, Benjamin Franklin - 1838-1929; Co F, 1st CO Cav. Civil War & Indian wars, mustered out Nov. 1864; enlisted in the Liberal Mexican Army at Chihuahua in Sept 1866 & fought in the war against Emperor Maximillian; pension #226667 filed 6/30/1880; buried Hampton cemetery, gravestone photo, obituary (see also 1914 biography of William Barry which gives more info. about B.F Ferris' service) Benjamin F. Ferris wrote a fascinating & detailed autobiography.
Ferris, John C. - 01/02/1834-11/30/1933; Charter member of the J.W. McKenzie Post, No. 81; Sergeant, Co. F, 1st CO Cav.; commissioned Colonel during the CW; invalid pension #789890; Obit & Gravestone photo, Mt. Hope cemetery, San Diego, CA, section 2, lot 207, grave 3-A (FAG)
Ferris, Solomon W. - Private Co. H, 2nd Illinois light infantry; pension #224865 filed 06/22/1880; his widow filed 06/21/1920; died 5/24/1920, Gravestone photo Hampton cemetery
Fransham, Henry - Sergeant, Co. H, 124th IL Inf.; Invalid pension cert. #940419 (or 946419), originally filed July 24, 1882; died 10/05/1915, buried Hampton cemetery; Obituary
Franklin, William A. - Co A & B, 12th IN Infantry and Sergeant Co. G, 9th IA Cav.; filed for pension 03/22/1880; Gravestone photo Hampton cemetery
French, William W. - 1842-1920. Enlisted in Co A, 34th IL Infantry on 9/7/1861. Mustered out on 07 Sep 1864 (Illinois: Roster of Officers & Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.) Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery
Fritz, William J. - Recruit, U.S. Army General service, may have served in Co I, 43rd IL Inf. - records are conflicting; Enlisted 03/15/1861 age 18, at Chicago, IL; Discharged 05/22/1861 at Newport Barracks, Ky, for disability; filed for invalid pension 06/01/1917 living in Oklahoma, pension application #1427846 - this pension may have been denied; Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery
Galer, Joseph B. - Co. F & S, 31st Regiment, WI Infantry; Assistant Surgeon. Original filed under Joseph B. Gaylor (Film #M559 roll 10).; Gravestone photo Hampton cemetery
Garber, William - Co. F, 74th IL Infantry; served 3 yrs. and for a time was a POW
George, Abel Thornberry - 1849-1934. Drummer boy, Co. I, 47th Iowa Infantry. Age 18, enlisted May 7, 1864, mustered June 4, 1864. Mustered out on Sep. 28, 1864 at Davenport, IA. Filed for invalid pension 5/19/1883, cert. #811069. Gravestone photo (S.H.), Oakwood cemetery. Photo (FAG)
Gibson, Alexander D. - Private, Co. C, Independent Battery, Pennsylvania Light Artillery; Participated in the Battle of the Wilderness, which took place in Virginia, May 5-7th, 1864. Filed for invalid pension on 7/6/1882, certificate #514,416. Died 5/22/1931, buried Hampton cemetery. 1914 biography and 1929 biography & photo
Gillett, Alvah A. - Co. L, 4th Iowa Cavalry; enlisted Dec. 14, 1863, mustered out with company; died in 1913, buried Hampton cemetery
Gillett, Charles - Co. L, 4th Iowa Cavalry; nativity New York, residence Hampton, enlisted Nov. 21, 1861, age 19. Mustered Dec 24, 1861. Died of disease June 21, 1863 in a hospital near Clear Creek, Mississippi.

Chas Gillett gravestone, Vicksburg Nat'l Cem. - photo courtesy of Steve  Hanken

Buried at Vicksburg National cemetery, Section F, Grave #1233
Photo courtesy of Steve Hanken

Hall, Thomas Wesley - 4/18/1842-2/21/1921. Enlisted Co G, 46th IL Infantry on 10/12/1864. Mustered out 10/10/1865 (Illinois: Roster of Officers & Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.) Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Hallowell, John E.W. - Musician, Co I, 39th IL Infantry as a Pvt. on 10/11/1861, promoted to Musician. Mustered out 6/29/1865 (Illinois: Roster of Officers & Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.) Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Hamblin, Franklin M. - enlisted for 3 years on Oct 8, 1861, Co. H, 12th IA Inf.
Havens, Benjamin - enlisted in the 9th IA Cav. in 1863, and served until Feb. 1866.
Henderson, David Beaty - 1st Sgt. (appointed from sergeant 5/1/1865), Co A, 102nd OH Infantry; entered service 08/09/1862 for 3yr, mustered out w/company 06/30/1865 (Roster & Record of the 102nd OH Inf.); Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery
Herman, Thomas J. - 1839-5/29/1864. Co. H, 32 Regt. Iowa Infantry Vol; mustered in on 6 Oct. 1862; became ill in August 1863 & on 10 Dec. 1863, was furloughed due illness. He died from the effects of chronic diarrhea and bowel complaint five months later on May 28, 1864; buried in Pleasant Hill cemetery, Osceola twp. Father: Benjamin Herman, Mother: Frances "Fanny" Bowen Herman Richardson (L.H.) Buried Pleasant Hill cemetery, Osceola twp.
Hicks, John George - 8/15/1839-7/14/1915. Enlisted in Company F, 17th Illinois Cavalry on 12/1/1863, mustered out 12/18/1865 (Illinois: Roster of Officers & Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.) Buried Lindenwood cemetery
Hogle, Sanford - Co A, 16th IA Inf.; nativity New York, residence at enlistment Clinton co. IA; enlisted age 19, Jan 29, 1864; mustered in Feb 9, 1864; mustered out July 19, 1865 at Louisville, KY. Died 4/6/1913, buried Hampton cemetery, Gravestone photo
Holden, L.P. - April 21, 1861, enlisted in Company F, 20th Illinois Volunteers, as Orderly Sergeant; after 16 months was discharged for promotion in the 88th, known as the 2d Board of Trade regiment, where he was appointed captain of Company E, and in August, 1864, promoted to the rank of major; served until 1865; was in action at Fredericktown, Mo., Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Perryville, Stone River, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, in the Atlanta campaign, Spring Hill, Franklin, Nashville and in many minor engagements.
Hopkins, Charles M. - Co B, 71st OH Infantry; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Horner, Benjamin F. - Co. H, 32nd IA, enlisted August 14, 1862, discharged for disability August 28, 1863
Horner, Jesse - Co. H, 32nd IA, enlisted December 23, 1863, killed in action at Pleasant Hill, LA on April 9, 1864
Horner, William C. - Co. H, 32nd IA, enlisted August 14, 1862, mustered out August 24, 1865; died 1933, buried in Lindenwood cemetery; obituary
Hudson, Amos B. - enlisted as a private at the outbreak of the war in the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry, and was promoted to sergeant, lieutenant and captain, and served till the close of the war.
Hudson, T.E.B. - Co C, 74th IL Infantry; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Hurd, John S. - Co. H, 32nd IA Inf.; Private. Invalid pension filed 06/21/1880, cert. #240953; practiced medicine in Franklin co. for many years; gravestone photo Old Chapin cemetery; obituary
Hutchins, James H. - Physician, Co B, 142nd IL Inf.; June, 1864, enlisted as a non-commissioned officer, was mustered out of the service with his regiment in the fall of the same year. Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
John, Cephas Day - 2nd Sergeant; Co. M, 8th Illinois Cavalry, discharged for disability after 3 mo.; in 1862 he enlisted into Co. F, 74th Illinois Infantry for 3 yrs.; farmed in North Fork twp. for several years after the war, then removed to Polk co., Mooney twp., MO; filed for invalid pension 07/15/1890; died 07/21/1913, buried Pleasant Hope cemetery, Pleasant Hope, MO
Johnson, William B. - Co. G, 9th IA Cavalry, Aug. 1863-Feb. 1866; filed for invalid pension 07/10/1890 #974238
Jones, Alexander - 7th Corporal; enlisted 12/10/1863 in Co. H, 32nd IA Infantry; transferred to Co D, 8th IA Inf. 07/26/1865, mustered out 08/04/1865; removed to Missouri in 1886; died 04/04/1937, burial Green Lawn cemetery, Jasper, MO Gravestone photo, obit & death cert.
Jones, Jacob S. - 1846-1926; Co C, Thirty-fifth Indiana Vol.; buried in the Alexander cemetery, Scott twp.
Jones, John Calvin - 1835-1891. Private, Co. E, 12th IA Inf., enlisted Oct 1861, served until July 1865, promoted to Captain, then commissioned 1st Lieut. in the 88th Regular U.S. Colored Troops. Filed for invalid pension 06/22/1880, cert #244949. Gravestone, Towle cemetery
Jones, Martin B. - Co I, 9th IA Inf.; Age 19. Residence Maysville, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug. 22, 1861. Mustered in Sept. 18, 1861, re-mustered Jan. 5, 1864. Wounded slightly June 14, 1864, Big Shanty, Ga. Promoted to 7th Corp. May 1, 1865. Mustered out July 18, 1865. Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery
Kempthorne, Charles - Co. I, 3rd WI Inf.; enlisted 06/03/1861 and was discharged 06/29/1864 at Washington, D.C.; wounded in the arm during the battle of Antietam; also served in Co. B, 14th V.R.C.; filed for pension, cert. #843373 on 12/02/1890; died 5/27/1904 in Sioux Falls, SD, and is buried in the Hampton cemetery. Gravestone, photo & additional info. (FAG)
Kibbe, Anthony - Enlisted in Co. E, Wisconsin 50th Infantry Regiment 02/14/1865, mustered out 8/31/1865. (Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers: War of the Rebellion ~contributed by L.L.) Died prior to 3/19/1892 when his widow filed for a pension, applic. #544415. Gravestone photo (FAG) Hampton cemetery
Kimball, Floyd - Co F, 188th NY Infantry. Enlisted 09/17/1864, as a Private, age 37, residence Corning, NY. Enlisted in the 188th 10/05/1864; mustered out 08/1865 at Elmira, N.Y. ~Report of the Adjutant-General, N.Y. (L.L.) Died 09/02/1900. Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hillside cemetery, Sheffield
Kline, Benjamin F. - Co A, 2nd MN Cavalry; d. 1895, buried in the Hampton cemetery, Gravestone photo
Knapp, Jacob Ransom - 3rd Iowa Artillery. Enlisted 08/29/1861, age 21, Private; enlisted 3rd IA Lt. Artillery 09/25/1861; mustered out 10/23/1865 at Davenport, IA ~Roster & Record of Iowa Soldiers in the War of Rebellion (L.L.) Died 10/1897. Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Layton, William D. - Co C, 31st WI Infantry; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Lee, Asa R. - Sergeant, Co H, 32nd IA Infantry; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Oakwood cemetery, Ackley
Marks, Ernst - Private, Co. B, 17th WI Infantry; Enlisted 12/01/1862, discharged for wounds 08/08/1863; Pension filed 11/05/1863 #21559; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hillside, Sheffield
McCauliff, John - Co G, 31st WI Infantry; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
McCord, James Matthew - Co G, 44th IA Infantry; Gravestone photo Hampton cemetery
McKenzie, James Wheeler - 07/02/1843-01/02/1882; Private, Signal Corps; the Franklin co. G.A.R. Post, No. 81 was named for him; bio & another photo

Pvt J.W. McKenzie, 1865

McKenzie, T.C. - died at Hampton in 1865
Miller, Jacob - Co A, 23rd WI Infantry; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Nelson, John B. - Sergeant, Co H, 32nd Iowa Infantry; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
O'Brecht, Mathias - Co I, 76th IL Infantry; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Oakwood cemetery, Ackley
Oliver, Edmond G. - Corporal, Co D, 1st MN Heavy Artillery; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Olmstead, Oren - Co E, 32nd Iowa Infantry & Co C, 8th Iowa Infantry; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Oakwood cemetery, Ackley; Obituary
Pease, George W. - Private, Co I, 16th Wis. Inf. (service dates unknown); 2nd Lieutenant, Co E, 8th Iowa Cavalry. Age 24. Residence Mount Pleasant, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Sept. 19, 1863. Mustered Sept. 19, 1863. Promoted 1st Corp; 2nd Lt April 6, 1864. Wounded & taken prisoner July 30,1864, Newman, Ga. Muster out Aug 13, 1865. Enrolled as Captain in Co F, 136th U.S.Colored Infantry. This regiment had been organized at Atlanta, Ga., July 15, 1865 for duty in Georgia. Regiment mustered out January 4, 1866. Pension certificate #150,892. Filed 03/28/1863. Died 1926, buried Hamptom cemetery - Gravestone photo.
Peer, George Washington - Aug 9, 1825 - Aug 20, 1908; Co G, 171st OH Inf. Buried Mayne's Grove cemetery - Gravestone photo (GPP)
Penny, Newton - 1843-1904. Co. H, 32nd IA. Age 18. Residence: Hampton, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Aug. 14, 1862. Mustered Sept. 13, 1862. Promoted 7th Corp May 1, 1864; 6th Corp Oct. 1, 1864; 4th Corp Jan. 1, 1865; 3rd Corp. March 23, 1865; 2nd Corporal June 27, 1865. Mustered out Aug. 24, 1865. Filed for invalid pension 5/13/1878, cert. #186080. Gravestone photo (S.H.), Oakwood cemetery, Ackley
Perington, Milton John - 1828-1931. Corporal, Co G, 29th WI Inf. Pension cert. #868293. Buried Oak Hill cemetery - Gravestone photo; obituary & photo
Petrie, Myron SR - c1839-1908; Sergeant, Co F, Ninety-fourth New York Infantry; buried in Oak Hill / Oakland Valley cemetery, Mott twp.
Pettis, George A. - died 1918; buried in the Old Chapin cemetery; obituary
Randall, Reuben W. - May 1840-June 7, 1903; Private, Co I, 10th WI Inf.; Enlisted 09/11/1861 & mustered out 11/03/1864; died at the Soldier's Home, Marshalltown, IA; buried Hillside cemetery, Sheffield; Gravestone photo
Raymond, Levi Beardsley - 1836-1911; Sergeant, Co G, 6th WI Infantry, 'Iron Brigade'; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery; photo & bio; obituary
Reeve, James Baldwin - Captain, Co. H, 32nd Iowa Infantry; Age 46. Residence Maysville, nativity Connecticut. Appointed Captain Aug. 14, 1862. Mustered Oct. 6, 1862. Died of disease June 24, 1863, Fort Pillow, Tenn. buried in Memphis, Tennessee. Photo of his memorial stone, Hampton cemetery ~contributed by S. Hanken
Reeve, Orson G. - Pvt., Co G, 8th Iowa Cavalry; Filed for invalid pension on 7/28/1882, certificate #737,058. Born 7/4/1846. Died 5/8/1932, buried Hampton cemetery; 1914 bio & photo and 1930/31 bio & photo
Richards, William H. - Corporal, Company A, 96th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry – Age 19; born in Jo Daviess County, Ill.; farmer; enlisted from Weston; promoted to Corporal; left leg injured on Lookout Mountain by falling of a tree; at Kenesaw a ball passed through his knapsack, and the lock of his gun was cut away by another ball; at the battle of Nashville a ball passed through his coffee bucket, but he escaped wounds; mustered out with Regiment. Is now comfortably located on a 320-acre farm near Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa ~History of the 96th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry; 1887; pg 689. Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Roberts, Charles F. - Co. F, 32nd IA Inf. No pension found. Gravestone, Mayne's Grove cemetery
Roberts, Cyrus - Co. C, 12th WI Vol. 1861-1865. Filed for invalid pension 04/27/1889 & again 08/5/1907, cert #973080 (Fold3 records) Died 08/18/1922, buried Hampton cemetery.
Roberts, Robert - Enlisted in Co. C, WI 21st Infantry Regiment on 08/14/1862, as a Private; mustered out 12/30/1862.(Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers: War of the Rebellion ~contributed by L.L.); 10/25/1842-05/05/1897; Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Robinson, William - 1843-1904; Co G, 15th NY Volunteer Engineers, Private, Enlisted 09/03/1864, dischged 06/13/1865; Invalid pension 07/14/1890, cert. #935438; obituary
Rodemeyer, Henry - 1840-1887; Pvt. Co E, 55th Regiment, ILL Vol. Infantry; His widow filed for a pension 2/23/1901, certificate #653484; Gravestone photo, Trinity Lutheran cemetery
Runyan, John M. - 1837-09/09/1909. Enlisted in Co. B, WI 31st Infantry Regiment on 08/14/1862, as a Corporal, mustered out 03/05/1863. (Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers: War of the Rebellion ~contributed by L.L.) Gravestone photo, Lindenwood cemetery
Sanford, Don H. - 05/21/1840-06/23/1919. Enlisted in Co. F, MI 6th Infantry Regiment on 08/20/1861, as Private, promoted to Full Corporal, mustered out on 05/31/1864 at Port Hudson, LA. (Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers 1861-65 ~contributed by L.L.) Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery 
Savidge, William - 1846-1935; Enlisted in Co. G, Ohio 45th Infantry Regiment on 08/19/1862, as a Private, mustered out 06/12/1865 at Camp Harker, TN. (Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio ~contributed by L.L.) Filed for invalid pension on 09/10/1892, certificate #1092654 (Fold-3 record) Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery. Biography & photo
Schermer, John C. - 1837-1918; Co. B, 33rd IL Infantry, Private, Gravestone photo, Marion Center cemetery, Marion twp.
Schollian, George - 1839-1912; Musician, Co. H, 21st IA Inf.; Invalid pension cert. #2170690, filed 06/12/1877.; Gravestone photo, Way Side cemetery
Shafer, William F. - 1828-1911. Co. D, 99th IN Infantry and the 14th Vol. Reserve Corps; enlisted at Indianapolis, IN 10/08/1862; at Scottsboro, Jan. 1864, unable to withstand the rigorous marching, he was transferred to the VRC where he served as a post guard until the close of the war; discharged at Washington, DC 7/24/1865; filed for Invalid pension 2/1/1879, cert #228245 (Fold3 records & "New History of the 99th Indiana" by Lucas, 1900); buried Hampton cemetery, gravestone photo
Smith, Volney - 1825-1910. Enlisted in Co. I, WI 3rd Infantry Regiment on 09/15/1862 as a Private, mustered out on 07/26/1865 (Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers: War of the Rebellion ~contributed by L.L.) Gravestone photo, Oak Hill / Oakland Valley cemetery, Mott twp.
Soper, Eben - 10/16/1840-12/10/1922; Enlisted 12/02/1861, dischged 03/14/1865; pension #976486; Corporal, Co B, Wisconsin Infantry; Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery
Soper, George W. - Pvt., 3rd Independent Battery, Iowa Lt. Artillery; Age 24; residence Franklin co. IA; nativity N.Y.; enlisted 09/12/1861, mustered 09/26/1861, dischged for disability 02/12/1862 at Pacific City, MO; d. 03/04/1925, Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery
Spencer, George M. - 1845-1928. Enlisted in Co. D, CT 10th Infantry Regiment on 03/28/1864, as a Private; mustered out 08/25/1865. (Connecticut: Record of Service of Men during War of Rebellion ~contributed by L.L.); Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Staley, James Knox - Co. L, 4th Iowa Cavalry; enlisted age 18; residence Hampton, nativity Ohio; enlisted 12/09/1863, mustered out 08/08/1865 at Atlanta, GA; 06/04/1846-12/23/1908; Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery
Stinson, Edward H. - 1842-1922. Private, Enlisted in Co. I, IL 74th Infantry Regiment 09/04/1862; transferred to Co. C, IL 36th Infantry Regiment 06/07 1865; mustered out 10/08/1865 at Washington, DC. (Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.) Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery
Stonebraker, Eliphelet James, SR - 08/07/1847-07/19/1935. Enlisted in Co. E, IL 46th Infantry Regiment 10/19/1864, as a Private; mustered out 10/16/1865 (Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men & Iowa Department of the Grand Army of the Republic ~contributed by L.L.) Charter member of the J.W. McKenzie Post, No. 81, five times elected Commander of the post; State Commander of the G.A.R. Gravestone & other photos, burial Hampton cemetery.
Tebay, James A. - 1839-1921; Enlisted in Co. C, IL 7th Infantry Regiment 7/25/1861, as a Private; mustered out 07/09/1865 at Louisville, KY. (Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.); Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Thayer, Andrew J. - b. 2/12/1827 in Steuben co. NY; enlisted 02/27/1863, Co. K, 11th MI Volunteer Infantry, which was attached to the Second Brigade of the First Division of the Fourteenth Army Corps (L.L.) Buried Belmond cemetery, Wright co. IA, 2nd addition, block 24, lot 2. Gravestone photo
Thomas, Theodore - 10/02/1844-04/??/1935; Co B, 92nd IL [mounted] infantry; enlisted 3/2/1864, mustered out 6/21/1865 at Greensboro, NC (Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.); buried in the Hampton cemetery; Obituary
Thoren, Henry - Co B, 26th IL Infantry; enlisted 09/28/1861 as a Private, mustered out 10/13/1864. (Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.) 11/12/1839-10/26/1915. Burial - Oakwood cemetery, Ackley
Ufford, Andrew W. - Co. A, 74th IL, enlisted as Private, 09/04/1862; transferred to Co. F, 1st U.S. Veteran Volunteer Engineers 07/27/1864; discharged in 1865. Filed for invalid pension 01/22/1892, cert. #985776; widow pension filed 09/04/1908, cert #662318. Died 08/23/1908; buried West Fork cemetery
Van Riper, Garrett - enlisted 08/27/1862 in Co. K, 87th IN Infantry; when his term expired in Jan. 1863, he re-enlisted in the 38th IN Inf. serving until his term expired in 1864; re-enlisted again and served to the end of the war; injured in the battle of Perryville. Died 03/22/1915 & is buried in the Harlan cemetery, Butler co. IA. Gravestone.
Vernon, John - Co H, 13th U.S. Infantry Regiment, Regular Army, Corporal. Died 02/06/1891. Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hillside cemetery, Sheffield
Vincent, John - Sergeant, Company A, 96th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Sgt  John Vincent, Co A 96th IL

Age 22; born in Galena, Ill.; farmer; enlisted from Galena; appointed Corporal at organization of Company; promoted to Sergeant and Color Sergeant. At the battle of Chickamauga a ball passed through boot top and pants just below knee; at Lookout Mountain, Nov. 24, 1863, was severely wounded by ball entering just below his right eye, passing through his head and coming out below and back of his left ear, between the two main arteries, causing the loss of sight of right eye; was taken to hospital, but rejoined the Company in a few weeks and served as Color Sergeant until mustered out with Regiment. Was in the grocery business at Galena for a time, but is now farming in Franklin County, Iowa. Postoffice address, Hampton, Iowa. (History of the 96th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry; 1887; pg 688) Enlisted in Co. A, IL 96th Infantry Regiment 09/05/1862 as Corporal, mustered out 06/10/1865 at Nashville, TN; promoted to Full Sergeant 06/10/1865. (Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.) Filed for invalid pension 07/16/1865, cert #56263. (Fold3 record) Died 02/05/1927. Gravestone photo, Mayne's Grove cemetery.

Wade, Timothy I. - 01/07/1848-08/02/1925; Co K, 25th Michigan Infantry; enlisted 8/8/1862 at Buchanan, MI, mustered in 09/22/1862, mustered out 6/24/1865 at Salisbury, N.C. (Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers 1861-65 ~contributed by L.L.); Gravestone photo (S.H.), Hampton cemetery
Wagner, Isaiah - 12/10/1839-06/29/1914; Co H, 34th IL Vol. Inf.; served 3 yrs; wounded in battle of Shiloh; Gravestone photo (FAG), Pleasant Hill cemetery
Walton, Charles W. - 06/15/1838-06/23/1914; Co. H, 45th PA Vol.; enlisted Oct. 1861, discharged for disability Nov. 1862; left Iowa after death of his wife; died in Texas
Wanamaker, Newton J. - 1838-1909; Co. C, 25th WI Inf., served 3 years; 1883 bio. states "...was in the battle of Resaca, and in many other important engagements; was also with Sherman in his march to the sea, but never received a scratch. He was mustered out at Washington, D.C."; attended a 1904 Butler co. IA old veteran reunion at Greene, Butler co. IA, gave his address as Clarksville, IA; Gravestone photo (FAG) Lynwood cemetery, Clarksville, Butler co. IA
Watt, John M. - 1845-1912; Private, enlisted Co. G, 22nd WI Inf. 01/05/1864, transferred to Co. (unassigned), 3rd WI Inf., mustered out 06/10/1865 or 07/18/1865 at Madison, WI; Pension #321835 06/25/1880, Widow pension #763492 03/11/1913; he served 1 yr. as commander of J.W. McKenzie Post, No. 81, G.A.R. Gravestone photo, Hampton cemetery
Weaver, Sylvester P. - Corporal, Co A, 139th IL Inf., served 6 months; per 1910 U.S. census, living in Tacoma, WA in the household of his daughter Mary
Whipple, Rufus Harland - 05/24/1849*-08/23/1902; Drummer, Co. I, 11th WI Inf. 1862-1864 ~from his 1883 biography; re-enlisted in 1st Lt. Artillery Battery, WI on 10/04/1864, mustered out 07/08/1865 at Camp Washburn, Milwaukee, WI ~Roster of Wisconsin Vol., War of the Rebellion; invalid pension #470119, 01/17/1885 & his widow Jennie E.'s pension, 09/27/1902, also indicate service in Co. C, 41st WI Inf.; by the early 1890's he is a lawyer in Ogden, UT; Died in Los Angeles, CA, buried in Ogden, UT; Obituary; *Note: DOB varies by record & should be confirmed
Whipple, William - 1819-09/08/1897; Corporal, Co. C, 38th WI Inf.; pension #168385, 01/18/1868; Gravestone photo, Mount Hope cemetery
Whitney, Ferdinand S. - Enlisted in Co. F, Illinois 151st Infantry Regiment 2/13/1865 as a Corporal; promoted to Full Sergeant; mustered out 01/24/1866 at Columbus, GA. (Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.) Also served in Co. A, 151st IL Inf., Co. B, 64th IL Inf. and Co H, 12th IL Inf.; filed for invalid pension on 5/2/1891, cert #929303 (Fold-3). 03/02/1840-02/28/1929; burial place is unconfirmed - funeral was in Hampton, burial may be in Ackley; Obituary
Wilde, Richard - 1836-1902; Private/Corporal; Co. I, 3rd Missouri Cavalry, Independent Battalion; Enrolled at Jo Daviess, Ill. 10/23/1862 for a period of 3 yrs.; Mustered in Palmyra, MO 02/20/1862; Appointed Corporal 02/06/1862, reduced to ranks at his own request 06/30/1862, reappointed Corporal 05/11/1863, reduced to ranks 12/05/1863; Captured at Beaver Creek, MO 11/24/1862, paroled 02/01/1863 - exchanged for Private Joseph Thompkins, Confederate; Mustered out at Little Rock, Ark. 12/31/1864; Charter member of Mulligan Post, No. 102, G.A.R.; Gravestone photo, Hillside cemetery, Sheffield; Death notice
Wilder, Newton A. - 1843-08/16/1890; Private, Co. F, 17th IL Cavalry; enlisted 12/01/1863, mustered out 12/18/1865 (Illinois: Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men ~contributed by L.L.); filed for pension 07/19/1889, widow pension #364713, 09/29/1890; minor pension #601655, 03/16/1905. Gravestone photo (FAG), Lindenwood cemetery, Geneva
Wolf, Casper - 1842-1914; Co. I, 23rd WI Inf.; wounded 05/22/1863, discharged 07/04/1865 at Mobile, Alabama; pension #236482, 04/20/1877; buried Hampton cemetery
Wolf, William M. - 1845-1927; Co. M, 1st WI Cavalry, served one year, discharged at Cape Girardeau, MO; buried Hampton cemetery
Wood, Albert R. - 1840-?; Private, Co. A, 2nd IN Cavalry, wounded at the battle of Resaca, Georgia; pension #37524, 11/10/1864


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