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Knoebel & Harrington family Album

McGregor - Marquette area

Johann Eduard Knoebel (1821-1889) & Maria Cresentia Braendlin (1824-1906) with their daughter Mary Othilia Knoebel Enders (1849-1925).

Obituary of Cresntia Braendlin Knoebel

Otto Knoebel (1863-1937) and Edward Henry Knoebel, sons of Johann Eduard Knoebel & Maria Cresentia Braendlin.


Obituary of Edward Henry Knoebel

Mary Othilia (Knoebel) Enders, born in Ehrenstetten, Baden Germany and died in Milwaukee, WI. She is buried in the McGregor Catholic cemetary.

Obituary of Mary O. Enders

Cresentia 'Sauncy' (Enders) Mershon, daughter of Mary O. Enders, granddaughter of Johann E. & Cresentia B. Knoebel. Sauncy married Fred Merschon. She was E.E. Harrington's paternal aunt. (Note: farther down this page are photos of him & another of her, taken much later in life.)

Obituary of Fred Merschon


Edward H. Knoebel family, July 1913

Back L-R: Ruth Saraphia (1894-1967), Arlie Marie (1891-1984), Hannah Regina (1888-1923), Charles Martin (1887-1939), Edward Fredrick (1895-1980) and John Raymond August (1897-1965)

Front L-R: Bonnie Doris (1908-1994), Valeto Luella (1903-?), Lone Grace Oliver Knoebel (1868-1957), Edward Henry Knoebel (1861-1943), Micheal Henry (1905-1986), Joy LeRoy (1902-1982) and Allan Alfred (1899-1981)

Edward H. & Lone G. (Oliver) Knoebel's entry in the marriage registry, Prairie du Chien, Crawfort Co. WI., 1887
Ed & Lone's 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1936
Obituary of Edward H. Knoebel
Obituary of Lone Grace (Oliver) Knoebel

Charles Martin Knoebel (1887-1939), the oldest son of Edward Henry Knoebel and Lone Grace Oliver. The photo far left is Charlie as a young man. Photo on near left is a photo of Charlie when he was older.

Obituary of Charles M. Knoebel

Allan Alfred Knoebel (1899-1970) and Edward Fredrick Knoebel (1895-1980), sons of Edward Henry Knoeble (1861-1943) and Lone Grace Oliver (1868-1957).


John 'Jack' Knoebel (rear right) and Fred Knoebel (far right), sons of Edward and Lone Oliver.  The men on the left & center are unidentified.  If someone can identify any of them, please contact Lisa (contact info. at bottom)


Allen Alfred Knoebel in his WWI uniform


Edward Fredrick 'Fred' Knoebel (1895-1980) and John 'Jack' Ray August Knoebel (1897-1965), sons of Edward Henry Knoebel and Lone Grace Oliver.

Obituary of John R. Knoebel

Ruth S. Knoebel (1894-Dec 30, 1967), daughter of Edward Henry Knoebel and Lone Grace Oliver.

Ruth S. Knoebel as a young woman.

Ruth was married 1st to Mike Enders, a marriage that ended in divorce.

Marriage certificate * Petition for Divorce

Mike Theodore Enders, son of Mathias Enders and Mary O. Knoebel; grandson to Johann and Cresentia Knoebel.

Mike was born in St. Louis, MO in 1884 and died in Milwaukee, WI 1952. He resided in Clayton county from 1885 to 1924.

Photo on left - Mike is the taxi driver; the woman's identity is unknown. Below is close-up of Mike from the photo.

Ruth S. Harrington nee Knoebel with her 2nd husband George Victor Harrington (1891-1985).

They managed the Burke Hotel in Marquette (see below for photos of the hotel & more info.)

Marriage certificate * Obituary of Ruth (Knoebel) Harrington

Ruth with an unknown friend. If anyone can identify the friend, please contact Lisa (contact info. at bottom)

Joy Leroy Knoebel (1902-1982) with his sister Ruth.

Obituary of Joy L. Knoebel

Gregory D. Harrington (birth name Gregory D. Enders) son of Ruth Knoebel Enders Harrington and Mike T. Enders

Earl E. Harrington (1915-1999) aka Andy Harrington (birth name Earl E. Enders), son of Ruth Knoebel Enders Harrington and Mike T. Enders.

Andy, age 12, behind the Burke Hotel

Andy's graduation photo from Marquette High School class of 1934

Photo on left - Earl and Elsie (Lawrence) Harrington outside Pearl Kronn's house in Marquette.

Elsie & Earl met overseas during WWII.

Earl was born in Clayton county. After marriage they lived in Clayton county until their deaths. Elsie died in 1997 and Earl died in 1999.

Use the link below to view Earl's military records, which include Elsie's request, as a British citizen, to marry Earl.

E.E. Harrington's military records and Elsie Lawrence's British ATS documents

Harrington - Lawrence marriage certificate, 1945

Earl & Elsie's marriage certificate, issued in St. Silas' Toxleth Park parish, Liverpool, England. They were married July 11, 1945. Witnesses were Elsie's brother Thomas Lawrence and her sister Annie Higgins.

Earl E. 'Andy' Harrington as a young man in his conductor uniform for the Milwaukee RR. The photo was taken ca1951.

Earl E. 'Andy' Harrington in his American Legion uniform, ca 1998


Cresentia 'Sauncy' Mershon and Elsie Harrington outside the Burke Hotel in Marquette.

Burke Hotel, Marquette
Burke Hotel, Marquette, undated

George V. Harrington began managing the Burke Hotel in 1921. When he married Ruth Knoebel Enders in 1927, they both managed the hotel from their marriage until 1959-1960 when they retired and purchased a home. Since the Burke was open 24 hours a day, the family had rooms on the top floor of the hotel. Ruth managed the day shift and George the night shift.  As a child my Dad, Earl E. Harrington was expected to help out when needed. Everything from serving coffee in the cafe, mopping floor,  to waking Railroad worker to go to work and making up rooms.George V. Harrington is the man in the photo above.


Ruth with granddaughters Lisa, in cradle, and Catherine standing. Photo is dated Nov. 1961. Lisa is the daughter of Earl (Enders) Harrington and Elsie (Lawrence) Harrington.


~the photos were taken in the Marquette-McGregor area of Clayton county, or are of residents of the Marquette-McGregor area at the time.
~contributed by Lisa Woiwood, daughter of Earl & Elsie Harrington; granddaughter of Ruth S. Knoebel Enders Harrington. The photos are all from her personal family photo albums. Lisa's email contact info. can be found in the Clayton co. IAGenWeb surname registry for Knoebel and Harrington.


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