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Surname Researcher Date added/ last update Comments
NAFUS Rick Bergman 1/21/2007 ?-1933
NEIDERT  Todd Kern   Late 1800s
NEIFERT  Beulah Mens    
NERGE Larry Nerge    
NICHOLS Marian Pedersen    
NICHOLS Joe Nichols   1860s-1870s
NIEMEYER  Jim Laughlin   Late 1800s-1940s
NIKLAUS Florence Notch   1890-1905
NOLL Beverly Packard   Late 1800s (No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.)
NOLTE Steve Pueppke    
NOLTING Suzanne Meek    
NORDMANN  Karen Rowe   E-mail address no longer valid. Please contact the Bremer County Coordinator if you need to update this address.


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