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Surname Researcher Date added/ last update Comments
GADE / GAEDE  Earl Armbrust Jr    
GARDEN Charlene Miller    
GARLING Debbie McCarrell 5/10/2010 1870-1960 
GEVERS David Zoller   1850-1870 
GIESEKE Ingo Viebrock   ? - Early 1960s; No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
GILLETTE  Judy White   1875
GISH Jean Hanks   Early 1900s
GITCH Kathleen Garner    
GITCHELL Shirley Tathwell   1870+ 
GLAZIER  David Mathieu   1883
GLENN Debbie Mitchell   1850-1885 
GOETZ Debbie McCarrell 5/10/2010 1870-1960
GOOD Jeanie Robertson   Late 1800s
GOODENOW Cathy Myers    
GRAHLMANN Kathleen Garner   Late 1800s
GRIGSBY Bill Fitzgerald   Mid 1800s
GROVER Richard Wilkinson   Approximately 1860-1940 
GULLIARD  Marian Pedersen    
GULLIFORD  Marian Pedersen    


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