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Surname Researcher Date added/ last update Comments
BABBAGE Beverly Packard   1860-? (No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.)
BACKER Rebecca Thomas Seehusen   Late 1880s
BADE Debbie McCarrell 5/10/2010 1870-1960
BADE  Gerald Bade    
BAHLMANN  Clarence Bergmann    
BAHLMANN  Linda Finley 8/2/2011  
BAILY Phil   Mid 1800s
BARBER Tim Meyer   1894-Present
BARLING Sue Rife   1857-?
BARLING Debbie McCarrell 5/10/2010  
BARKER Marian Pedersen    
BARRON Marian Pedersen    
BARTELS  Judy Lutt    
BARTELS  Earl Armbrust Jr    
BARTELT Rick Finger    
BARTLING David Chaney    
BARTLING Steven Swanson   1930s-Present
BASKINS Ray Marvel   No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
BASKINS Randy Allenstein   1859s-1990s
BAXTER  Diane Linkert   Approximately 1870
BEAL Amy Christensen   1870
BEARD Judy Loftin    
BECK John Mummert    
BEEBE Tim Meyer   1863-?
BEMENT  Jeanie Robertson   1860-1990
BEMENT  Cindy Overhauser   Late 1800s
BENNETT Marilyn Spoor    
BERGMAN(N)  Joan Harvey    
BERGMAN(N)  Clarence Bergmann   1870-Present
BERGMAN(N)  Rick Bergman 1/21/2007  
BERGMAN(N)  Judi Poppen 8/15/2008  
BERGMAN(N)  Jan Bergmann Smith   No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
BEU Holly Schrank   1905-1929+
BEU(GE)  Karlyn Armstrong    
BICKFORD Kate Lynn   About 1879
BIEDERMAN  Dorothy E Stanley    
BIESTERFELDT  Frederick Stumme    
BINGHAM Amelia Morrow   1860s
BLODGETT Judi & Ron Blodgett    
BOESEN   Late 1800s-Early 1900s
BOESEN  Christa Mouser/Janet Sutter   Early 1900s
BOHNSACK  Judi Poppen    
BOIS Holly Schrank    
BOLTE Carl H Tiedt   1885-1911
BONDURANT Marian Pedersen    
BONWELL Cliff Westphal   1856-?
BONSTEIN  Tom Turse   1857
BOOK/BOCK  Roger Morris    
BORTHWICK David Mathieu   1883
BOVEIA Rebecca Hansen 10/31/2011 1870-
BOWEN  Valery Wachter    
BOYER Diane Linkert   Approximately 1865
BRANDT Jerry Brandt   1861-?
BRANNOCK  John Brannock    
BRAUN Stacy McKillop    
BREMER  Clarence Bergmann    
BREMER  Linda Finley 5/10/2010  
BROCKMAN Joyce Stavely   1900s
BROOKS Ken Box    
BROWN Judy Jackson    
BRUNSCHEON  Paul Foote   Late 1800s-Early 1900s
BRUSTKERN  Andrea Wetzstein    
BRYANT Joyce Cummings   1855-1900
BUCHOLZ Jan Bergmann Smith   No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
BUCK  Ray Justus   1856-1950
BUCKLEY Kathleen Garner    
BUCKMASTER Mike Murphy   1855-1868; No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
BUCKMASTER Jan Sutherlin   1860-1884
BUCKNAM Steven Norris   1879-Present
BUEHNER  Ginny Core    
BUENZOW  Sue Rife    
BUHR Nancie Smith-Dobyns    
BULL Tony Bull    
BULS John Thomson    
BURNS Jerilyn Johnson   1800s; No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
BUSS Judy Lutt   1888


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