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Surname Researcher Date added/ last update Comments
DAILEY Jeanie Robertson   Late 1800s
DANCER Alice Fluegge    
DAVIS  Daniel Stripes    
DAVIS  Janet Behrendt   1858-Present
DAVIS  Bob Trapp   Early 1900s
DEAN Lynda Booker    
DECKER S. Clark Otterness   1855-present; No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
DESGRANGES Jim Kurtti   1860-1890
DIERCKS  Linda Payne Smith   Mid 1880s
DILGES Katherine K.    
DILLEY Bob DeLong   Bertha Estelle Dilley, born 1872
DOBBS Rhonda Lawrence   1870
DILLEY Lori Rhoades   1897-1971 
DORRIES Alice Dorries Wisdom   1866-1948 
DRAVIS Rebecca Dravis   1892-Present
DREWIS/DREWES  Julie H.   1852-?
DUNN Amelia Morrow   1860s
DUNNING Pat Weber    
DURNAN Eric Durnan   Stephen and Bridget Durnan, 1870 to early 1900s, Dayton Twp.


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