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Surname Researcher Date added/ last update Comments
ABRAHAMS Thomas Hutzelman   1888
ACKERMAN Alice Fluegge    
ADIX Matt Carman   Late 1800s
AHL Robert Ahl    
ALCOCK Richard Wilkinson   Approximately 1860-1940
ALCOCK Brian Burt   1870s-1930s; No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
ALLEN Melanie Smith    
ALLENSTEIN Randy Allenstein   1860s-Present
ANDERMAN(N)  Rick Bergman 1/21/2007 1870-1890
ARMSTRONG  Deb Prendergast   Early - Mid 1900s
ARMSTRONG  James A Armstrong    
ARNS Myron L Kelleher   1874-Present
ASCHBRENNER  Linda Payne Smith   Mid 1800s (No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.)
ASCHBRENNER  Stacy McKillop    
AUHAGEN Stacy McKillop    


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