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Surname Researcher Date added/ last update Comments
FARLEY Geraldine Glover   Late 1800s - Early 1900s
FARNSWORTH  Ray Justus   1857-1920
FARRINGTON Sheila Spencer Stover   Mid-Late 1800s 
FASEL Barbara Schenck    
FEHRING Becky Fehring    
FERGER Ronald Ferger 2/1/2011  
FERNEY  Marian Pedersen    
FINGER Rick Finger    
FINK Rick Bergman 1/21/2007 1860-1880
FLOOD Bob DeLong 11/11/2007 Emmon Flood & son Elery Walter Flood, b. 1862
FOLKS  Maria Welna   1860s-1870s
FOLKS  Jeanie Robertson   1860-1900; No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
FOLKS  Cindy Overhauser   Late 1800s
FOSTER Judy Swenson    
FOWLER Deb Prendergast   Early - Mid 1900s (No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.)
FRACHER  Irene Hahn   1875
FRAZEE Pat Weber    
FREELAND Everette A. Freeland   David (born ca. 1823, NJ) & Sarah (born ca. 1829), lived in Franklin 1870s-1880s
FRENCH Amy J. Schneider   Late 1800s to 1900s
FRERICHS  Susan Horman   ? - 1961
FRITZ Lynne Ruschill 3/10/2008  
FRONTRYHOUSE   In 1856 Iowa Census for Bremer Co, Washington Twp - unable to locate before or after.
FROST Karlyn Armstrong    
FRY Christa Mouser/Janet Sutter   1895-1957 
FUCHS Gerald Bade    
FUHR C. D. Clark   Late 1800s-Early 1900s; No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
FULKA Kristen Hill   1870
FULKS/FOLKS Barbara Redman   1906-1912; No current e-mail available, please contact coordinator.
FUNK Donna Lange   married Dorothea Harms


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