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This page was updated June 16, 2018

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2019 Thank-you notes

Everything on the Allamakee co. IAGenWeb has been contributed by volunteers! Many, many people have helped to build this website .... generously sharing family photos and data. Others have volunteered their time to transcribe old records, biographies and obituaries. If you have found something on the site that 'made your day' ...... please let our volunteers know that you appreciate their efforts. Send them a thank-you, a kudo or 'pat on the back' here. E-mail directly to the contributor, or send your notes to the Allamakee co. coordinator & your message will be posted on this page.

*So very helpful. Thank-you for all of your work.... Mavis R., Tampa, FL (6/15/19)
*What you are doing is absolutely critical for the history of America. I found your web site from researchers at my local Mormon church. The site and the information are invaluable to us researchers.  Thank you and all the volunteers for your efforts... Charles D., Massachusetts (April 2019)
*Thanks for all you do.  I think the Allamakee and Clayton Co. Genweb sites are the best I’ve seen... Grace K., Mankato, MN (April 2019)
*This is a wonderful website. Very nicely done. Thank-you.... Sonya F., Albuquerque, N.M. (March 2019)
*I was on your web site for Allamakee Iowa and was very impressed, it had lots of great information. Many of the genweb sites seem neglected, yours seems new and very active and full of actual records... Ann M. (January 2019)

New or updated in May & June 2019

ALLAMAKEE ALBUMS - Family Albums & Miscellaneous Photos from Allamakee county
*Updated! Eleven postcards were added David Shedlock's collection of photo postcards - from David Shedlock (5/6/19)

HISTORICAL ITEMS - Miscellaneous
*Updated! A brief news article was added to the Lybrand page - from Bill Waters (5/15/19)
*Updated! Eleven postcards were added David Shedlock's collection of photo postcards - from David Shedlock (5/6/19)

MARRIAGE RECORDS - marriages, anniversaries & divorces
*Added to compiled marriages: Biel-Garms, 1908 - from Joy Moore (5/6/19)

*World War II honor roll was updated - coordinator (6/16/19)

OBITUARIES (over 12,610+ transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX (updated 06/16/19)
*Thank-you to our May & June obituary contributors: Connie Ellis, S. Ferrall, Joy Moore & Diane Cunningham

*New or updated! Union Prairie twp. schools, photos of the schoolhouses were added to existing or new pages - from Aubrie Monroe (6/15/19)
*New! 1932 Spelling Bee Champ (see school index 'tidbits') and the 1952 rural school teachers - from Aubrie Monroe (6/15/19)
*New! Ludlow twp. No. 1, 2, 5 & 7; Myron school (Post twp.)and Southwest school & Helming school (both Union Prairie twp.), misc items added to each of the individual pages - from Aubrie Monroe (6/15/19)
*New! French Creek No. 1, picture w/names and No. 2, brief history of school & students - from Aubrie Monroe (6/13/19)
*Updated! Franklin No. 7, the Cherry Valley school. Added a school history & photo of students ca1935/36 - from Aubrie Monroe (6/12/19)

SURNAME REGISTRY - if you've registered your surname interests in the past, and have since changed your email address, please contact the coordinator.


OFF-SITE DATA added recently that will be of interest to Allamakee co. researchers (links open in a new browser window)
*Iowa Old Press - You can search the Allamakee co. section of Iowa Old Press from the Newspaper Index. Many of the other Iowa counties have Allamakee news, as do the scrapbooks and 'news from around the U.S. & world' so be sure to visit the website and do a complete site search as well.
*Obituaries from Neighboring Counties: Clayton co. obituaries, Fayette co. obituaries and Winneshiek co. obituaries all have newly added obituaries. Many Clayton co., Fayette co. and Winneshiek co. residents had close Allamakee county connections so don't miss these great obit collections!

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New or updated in March & April 2019

ALLAMAKEE ALBUMS - Family Albums & Miscellaneous Photos from Allamakee county
*New! David Shedlock's collection of photo postcards - from David Shedlock (4/3/19)
*Added to the unidentified photos page, wedding pic, possibly of Dennis Cooney & bride, needs confirmation - from Diana Henry Diedrich
*Added to the unidentified photos page, a group photo where only a couple of people are ID'ed - from Diana Henry Diedrich

BIOGRAPHIES (A-H * I-Z) - from miscellaneous sources other than those included in the various bio databases on this website
*New! Hon. Otto A. Helming (includes photo), 1917 - from Aubrie Lenz-Monroe (4/13/19)

HISTORICAL ITEMS - Miscellaneous
*"Waukon, A Rapidly Growing Iowa City", 1911 article with lots of period information - from Aubrie Monroe (4/13/19)
*Lansing Lath Mill, 1964 news article, includes a vintage photo (ca1890's) of the boys who worked in the mill - from Aubrie Monroe (4/13/19)
New database! County Board of Supervisors January 1879, claims paid & other misc. business. Lots of names! - from S. Ferrall (4/8/19)
New! "How Lycurgus Got It's Name Remains a Mystery", 1950 news article - from Aubrie Monroe (3/16/19)
New! NE IA Landmarks news article, 1932 - from Aubrie Monroe (3/16/19)
Updated! Creamery directory added 2 vintage photos of the Waukon creamery & a 1937 news article - from Aubrie Monroe (3/16/19)

MARRIAGE RECORDS - marriages, anniversaries & divorces
*Added to user-contributed marriage records: Lenz-Cooper, 1937 and Underwood-Lenz, 1938 - from Aubrie Monroe (4/30/19)
*Added to engagement & license records: Lenz-Moore, 1964 engagement and several licenses obtained from Sept. 1941 - from Aubrie Monroe (4/30/19)
*Added to Anniversaries: Mr. & Mrs. Leo Monroe, 50th, 1991 - from Aubrie Monroe (4/30/19)
*Added to user-contributed marriage records: Lower-Stock, 1905 - from Joy Moore (4/26/19)
*Added to user-contributed marriage records: Opfer-Kuehne, 1928 and Kiesau-Lemme, 1928 - from Aubrie Monroe (4/13/19)
*Added to user-contributed marriage records: Depping-Steffen, 1905 - from Joy Moore (3/12/19)

*Added to the newspaper transcriptions: "Lansing Burglaries", Dec. 1960; "Lansing HS Musical Comedy", 1/30/1927; "County News", 5/3/1928; "Ludlow Correspondence", 3/13/1930; "Lansing Firemen Minstrel Play", 3/13/1951; and "Waukon Horse Show Winners", 9/15/1953. Lots of names in these articles! - from Aubrie Lenz-Monroe (4/13/19 & 4/30/19)

OBITUARIES (over 12,595+ transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX (updated 04/26/19)
*Additional obits have been added to those previously posted for Bartholomew Campbell, William Ryan & Phila Humphreys - from Joy Moore (4/6/19)
*Additional obits have been added to those previously posted for Wilhemina Helming & Margaret Ward - from Aubrie Monroe
*Thank-you to our March & April obituary contributors: Don Kudlewski, Ken Wright, Joy Moore, S. Ferrall & Aubrie Monroe

*Rebecca Laird is researching John Laird SR & his wife Mary Williamson. She didn't include a question in her posting, but likely would like to correspond with others researching this family. (4/8/19)
*Diana Diedrich has posted a wedding photo, possibly of Dennis Cooney & wife. Needed is positive ID (4/6/19)
*LeAllyn Swendsen would like help finding when her g-mother Lucy (Wersinger) Engle - possible surname Lavelle - arrived on the Orphan Train (03/29/19)
*Charles Denny is looking for a marriage record for John Deeny/Denny & his wife Sarah Gallager/Gallager. Their 1st child born in Waukon (1858) & 1860 were in Makee twp. (3/13/19)
*Diana Diedrich has posted a photo in the hope that someone can ID the people pictured (3/9/19)

*Added Lenz family reunion, 1956 - - from Aubrie Monroe (4/30/19)

*West Grove country school was updated with a list of teachers 1944-1952 & list of students in 1953 - from Grace Keir & S. Ferrall (4/6/19)
*New! News article titled "One-Room Country School -Trying to keep the past from fading from memory" - from Aubrie Lenz-Monroe (3/15/19)
*New! Center twp. school No. 1 and the Howard school, Makee twp., photos & more - from Aubrie Lenz-Monroe (3/15/19)
*New! Union Prairie schools No. 5 & No. 6 - brief history - from Aubrie Lenz-Monroe (3/12/19)
*New! Eells School & Stone School No. 2, both in Union Prairie twp., photos & histories of the schools - from Aubrie Lenz-Monroe (3/10/19)
*New! 1935 & 1939 Allamakee co. rural school teachers; plus the 1938 teachers were added to the Post, Franklin & Ludlow teachers page - from Aubrie Lenz-Monroe (3/10/19)
*Added to "Miscellaneous country school records & photos" a list of the 149, 1933, 8th grade graduates, from rural Allamakee co. schools - from Aubrie Lenz-Monroe (3/9/19)

New! Vintage photo of the 1909 Waukon baseball team - from S. Ferrall (4/26/19)
*Updated! Added another photo of Postville's Famous 1st Nine, a list of players and their positions in 1907 and a news article about the team - from Reid R. Johnson & S. Ferrall (4/26/19)

SURNAME REGISTRY - if you've registered your surname interests in the past, and have since changed your email address, please contact the coordinator.
*Charles Denny has registered surname Deeny / Deeney / Denny. His gg-grandparents were John G. & Sarah (Gallagher) Deeny who immigrated from Ireland in 1852 & 1850 respectively. They purchased land in Makee twp. in 1857 & had 3 children before removing to St. Louis, MO abt 1875. (4/26/19)
*Sandy Burgess McClay has updated her email address. She is researching the Burgess family (9/15/19)

New or updated in January & February 2019

ALLAMAKEE ALBUMS - Family Albums & Miscellaneous Photos from Allamakee county
*Updated! The Bechtel Orchestra page, adding family info. for Frank Bechtel - from Traci Rylands (2/16/19)
*New! Conrad Fiet family album - from Aubrie Lenz-Monroe (1/22/2019)

CEMETERY RECORDS & Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*Added a Research Alerts & Woodmansee Notes for Eliza Butts & Ruby Hinman (Hardin cem), Jacob Unterberger (Waterville cem) & a 2nd Woodmansee Note for Mary Kenison (Ion cemetery) - from S. Ferrall, Richard O'Brien & Harold Kirby (February 2019)
*Research Alerts and Woodmansee Notes for surnames Boeckh, Kallmerten, Moellerman & Stull have been entered for Oak Hill & Rossville cemeteries - from Greg Stull, S. Ferrall & Richard O'Brien (1/23/19)

HISTORICAL ITEMS - Miscellaneous
Updated! Hall Maternity Hospital, added Kruger (1937) & Jeglum (1942) - from Connie Ellis (1/22/19)
New! Allamakee County Fair, 1969 & 1970 - includes photos of the Fair Board members and the names of life-members of the Allamakee County Agricultural Society - from Aubrie Lenz-Monroe (1/2/2019)

*Added an 1875 news article "Ed Tompson Accidently Shot" - from Cheryl Moonen (1/22/19)

*Additional obits for G.W. Pearson & Mary A. (Murch) Pearson were added to those previously posted - from S. Ferrall, his gg-granddaughter & her ggg-granddaughter (2/16/19)
*Thank-you to our January & February obituary contributors: D. Hagemeier, S. Ferrall, Errin Wilker & Aubrie Lenz-Monroe

SURNAME REGISTRY - if you've registered your surname interests in the past, and have since changed your email address, please contact the coordinator.


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