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This page was updated February 8, 2018

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2018 Thank-you notes

Everything on the Allamakee co. IAGenWeb has been contributed by volunteers! Many, many people have helped to build this website .... generously sharing family photos and data. Others have volunteered their time to transcribe old records, biographies and obituaries. If you have found something on the site that 'made your day' ...... please let our volunteers know that you appreciate their efforts. Send them a thank-you, a kudo or 'pat on the back' here. E-mail directly to the contributor, or send your notes to the Allamakee co. coordinator & your message will be posted on this page.

New or updated in January & February 2018

ALLAMAKEE ALBUMS - Family Albums & Miscellaneous Photos from Allamakee county
*Updated album! Photos of Sand Cove & vicinity residents, nearly 2 dozen additional photos added, many surnames & some needing IDs - from Audrey (Colsch) Berger (01/27/18))

*Updated the Waterville page with a news article about the old Waterville Flour mill - from S. Ferrall (2/3/18)
*Updated the Lybrand-Myron page with a letter titled "When Myron was a Thriving Town" - from S. Ferrall (2/3/18)

New database! Iowa Department of Agriculture, Allamakee co. Century Farms, 1976-2016 - formatted & contributed by S. Ferrall

MARRIAGE RECORDS - marriages, anniversaries & divorces
*Added to user-contributed marriage records: Schlea-Meier, 1899 - from Joy Moore (2/3/18)

*Added the entry of Almer J. Hanson on the WWI Honor Roll - coordinator (2/8/2018)

*Dec. 1876 newspaper article titled "Prison Items" - from Cheryl Moonen (1/1/18)

OBITUARIES (over 12,380+ transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX (updated 02/08/18)
*Thank-you to our January & February obit contributors: Connie Ellis, S. Ferrall, Richard O'Brien, Cheryl Moonen, David Simon & Errin Wilker

*Carl Christianson has posted a query with questions about Center twp. #7 aka Darby School. Reply to the query if you have info.
*Shelley Cardiel has rescued a photograph of Carl Orman and his bride, Louisa Engelhorn, taken their wedding day in Mitchell, SD, 4/23/1902. Shelley would like to locate someone from the family so that the wonderful photograph can be returned to their care. (1/3/18)


OFF-SITE DATA added recently that will be of interest to Allamakee co. researchers (links open in a new browser window)
*Iowa Old Press - You can search the Allamakee co. section of Iowa Old Press from the Newspaper Index. Many of the other Iowa counties have Allamakee news, as do the scrapbooks and 'news from around the U.S. & world' so be sure to visit the website and do a complete site search as well.
*Obituaries from Neighboring Counties: Clayton co. obituaries, Fayette co. obituaries and Winneshiek co. obituaries all have newly added obituaries. Many Clayton co., Fayette co. and Winneshiek co. residents had close Allamakee county connections so don't miss these great obit collections!

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New or updated in September through December 2017

ALLAMAKEE ALBUMS - Family Albums & Miscellaneous Photos from Allamakee county
*New family album! Bottolfson family, Taylor twp. - from Connie Bottolfson Loftus (12/11/17)
*New album! Photos of Sand Cove residents - from Audrey (Colsch) Berger (10/12/17 & 11/10/17)

*Added to the Biography board: Dr. Milford Lyon (+photo) - from S. Ferrall (11/24/17)
*Added to the Biography board: Charles T. Granger (+photo) - from Genie Nuts (10/19/17)

MARRIAGE RECORDS - marriages, anniversaries & divorces
*Added 2 original notices, divorce records, both 1901. Rush vs Rush & Hirleman/Burton vs Burton (annullment) - from S. Ferrall (11/25/17)
*Added to user-contributed marriage records: Sisler-Freeze, 1958 - from Cheryl Moonen (11/23/17)

*Added to the entry of Arthur F. Brandt on the WWI Honor Roll, photos of the cross marking his grave in Meuse-Argonne cemetery, France - from Sharon Morena, g-niece (10/17/2017)
*Added to the entry of John F. Heim on the WWII Honor Roll, a photo of his gravestone taken in Normandy American cemetery, France - from Chris Heim, not related (9/18/17)
*WWII news article Sept 1945 "Men Who Fought on Foreign Shores Are Returning Home" - from S. Ferrall (09/11/2017)
*WWI & WWII Honor Rolls were updated - coordinator

*1876 news article "Bold Robbery in Lansing" - from Cheryl Moonen

OBITUARIES (over 12,350+ transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX (updated 12/11/17)
*Additional info. was added to the posted obituary of Frank Hancock - from Connie Ellis (11/08/17)
*Additional info. was added to the posted obituary of Wm McGeough - from Connie Ellis (10/19/17)
*Thank-you to our September through December obit contributors: Connie Ellis, Cheryl Moonen, Barbara Maher, S. Ferrall, CJeanealogy& Mary Eldridge
*The obit index has now been direct linked to each of the 12,300+ individual obits!!! Let me know if you find one in the index that I missed linking.

PERSONAL WEBSITES - researcher's websites with Allamakee connections
*Denise Blaede has posted to her Flickr account many vintage photos "...pictures I inherited from my great aunt.  They are mostly Fitzgerald/McGeough family pictures from Allamakee co., Iowa" (10/19/17)

*The original article of the 1916 Henderson-Kerr-Durno family reunion was replaced by a different news article containing many additional names and a full report of the reunion - from S. Ferrall (10/12/17)

New or updated in July & August 2017

ALLAMAKEE ALBUMS - Family Albums & Miscellaneous Photos from Allamakee county
*Updated the Lansing People page with a 1967 photo of 3 couples married in 1910 - from Cindy (Maust) Smith & Errin Wilker (7/8/17)

*Added to the Biography board: John C. Bateson, Samuel H. Bauman & Louis L. Kohlmeier - from S. Ferrall (8/14/2017)

CEMETERY RECORDS & Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*Research Alert and a Woodmansee Note have been entered for surname Hagemeier in Ebenezer cemetery - from David Hagemeier (8/10/17)
*New! Sand Cove cemetery, Richard O'Brien's research notes - from Richard O'Brien (8/10/17)

*Updated the Lansing United Methodist church page with a ca1950s/60s photo of young congregation members - from Cindy (Maust) Smith & Errin Wilker (7/8/17)

*New database! April 1900 Board of Supervisors, claims paid & other business - from S. Ferrall (7/26/17)
*Added to Lansing photos page 1- 1930s era photo of E. Main St. - from Cindy (Maust) Smith & Errin Wilker (7/8/17)
*Added to the misc. Lansing items page - 1958 photos of Lansing's 21st annual Fish Day - from Cindy (Maust) Smith & Errin Wilker (7/8/17)

'LIL BITS - you never know what you'll find here!
*1950s era photo of successful goose hunters in the Lansing vicinity - from Cindy (Maust) Smith & Errin Wilker (7/8/17)

MARRIAGE RECORDS - marriages, anniversaries & divorces
*Added to user-contributed marriage records: Morse-Winters, 1896; Whalen-McCormick, 1935; Knopf-Wendler & Kolsrud-Hanson, 1948 - from LA & S. Ferrall & Joy Moore (8/21/17)
*Added to user-contributed anniversary records: 50th Anniv. of Mr. & Mrs. M.J. Ryan, 1948 - from LA (8/21/17)
*Added to misc. divorces: Harriet (McAdow) Small vs Dr. Robert Small, 1864 (includes research notes) - from S. Ferrall (7/27/17)

*1869 newspaper article "Another Cold-Blooded Murder", about the May cousins tragedy - from Cheryl Moonen (8/14/17)

OBITUARIES (over 12,350+ transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX
*Obits containing additional info. were added to the previously posted obits of John Sadler, Milton Sheffelbine & Minnie C. Weber - from LA (8/20 & 21/17)
*Thank-you to our July & August obit contributors: Connie Ellis, S. Ferrall, Henry Brainard & LA

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