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This page was updated April 12, 2017

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2017 Thank-you notes

Everything on the Allamakee co. IAGenWeb has been contributed by volunteers! Many, many people have helped to build this website .... generously sharing family photos and data. Others have volunteered their time to transcribe old records, biographies and obituaries. If you have found something on the site that 'made your day' ...... please let our volunteers know that you appreciate their efforts. Send them a thank-you, a kudo or 'pat on the back' here. E-mail directly to the contributor, or send your notes to the Allamakee co. coordinator & your message will be posted on this page.

*Accept my thank-you for all of the people who help with this website. I've been going to the site for several years and am never disappointed.... Ed T., Dubuque, Iowa (March 27)
*My mother & I have been sitting down every Saturday evening for the past month looking over this website. She particularly loves the Lansing photos, although at age 97, her memories of living there as a young girl are dim. Thanks to everyone who obviously works hard on the records and photos .... Alice J., Mobile, Alabama (Feb 28)
*It seems like I find something new everytime I visit the Allamakee website. Such a big variety of records and always interesting. ... Carol S., Iowa City (Jan. 7)
*I check the SUPERB Allamakee County genweb site frequently. Such a treasure and a great help with my family research. Thanks to all involved! ... Dave O., northern Arizona (Jan. 2)

New or updated in March & April 2017

ALLAMAKEE ALBUMS - Family Albums & Miscellaneous Photos from Allamakee county
*Updated the Lansing People page with photos & 90th birthday article of the Fritz twins, Harold & Willard - from Errin Wilker (3/1/17)

CEMETERY RECORDS & Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*Research Alerts and Woodmansee Notes have been entered for Old West Paint Creek cemetery, surnames Engan / Engan - from Larissa Reutgen (4/4/17) and for surnames Larson - from Richard O'Brien (4/4/17)
*Research Alerts and Woodmansee Notes have been entered for Lycurgus (O'Neil), Mt. Olivet (Coddwaters & McDonald) & West Ridge (Urell, Slattery, McMorrow, Kilpatrick, McDevit, Bird, Butler, Schulte & O'Neil) cemeteries - from Richard O'Brien (3/1717)

*Misc. New Albin items, added photo of Paul H. Meyer to the New Albin Savings Bank page - from Errin Wilker (4/11/17)
*Allamakee co. Sports Teams, updated with 1947 & 1977 photos of the New Albin Indians baseball teams - from Errin Wilker (3/31/17)
*Lansing Photos (pg 3) - added an undated ca1890s photo of a Lansing funeral procession - from Errin Wilker (3/31/17)
*Sand Cove page was updated with a 1995 news article & photos "A Living Desert" - from Audrey (Colsch) Berger (3/19/17)
*The 'More New Albin History' page was updated with photos of the New Albin Tablet & artifact collection of Ed Colsch - from Audrey (Colsch) Berger (3/19/17)

'LIL BITS - you never know what you'll find here!
*Allamakee Co. Golden Age Club, news article & photos - from Errin Wilker (4/11/17)
*Mississippi River Boats, 1900 - from Cheryl L. Moonen (3/31/17)
*Updated! Thornton Manor Resident Profiles, added photos & an article about Laura Fruechte & Sarah Wilkins - from Errin Wilker (3/1/17)

*Vol 2 pg 58 was added to the Allamakee co. Marriage Registers - from LA (3/30/17)
*Added to compiled marriages: Aldrich-Bulman, 1931; Duval-Miller, 1931 - from Cheryl Locher Moonen (3/22/17)

*WWII Honor Roll, added information & a photo of 3 of the 4 Zoll brothers: Wm. V., Geo. D., Ralph J. & Raymond - from Errin Wilker & S. Ferrall (4/12/17)

*1931 (November) news articles: Mr. & Mrs. John Waters in Russia & Klees Lawsuit - from Cheryl Locher Moonen (3/22/17)

OBITUARIES (over 12,270 transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX (updated 4/04/17)
*The obit index continues to be direct linked to the individual obits - coordinator - continuing until finished - this is a tedious process :-)
*Thank-you to our March & April obit contributors: Larissa Reutgen, Reid R. Johnson, S. Ferrall, Cheryl L. Moonen, Connie Ellis & LA

QUERY BOARD - if you can help with a query, post your reply on the board
*Researcher seeking family of Matthew Berrier & Isabelle Franklin, married 1860 in Allamakee co. - from Shirley Vinsad (3/18/17)
*Researcher seeking info. re: Thomas & Eliza J. (Williams) Williams' triplets, b. 1903 in Allamakee co. - from Diana (3/11/17)

*Updated! News article about the 1973 Kee HS baseball champs & photos; and a photo of the 1977 Kee HS baseball champs were added to the misc. Lansing schools page - from Errin Wilker (3/22/17 & 3/31/77)


OFF-SITE DATA added recently that will be of interest to Allamakee co. researchers (links open in a new browser window)
*Iowa Old Press - You can search the Allamakee co. section of Iowa Old Press from the Newspaper Index. Many of the other Iowa counties have Allamakee news, as do the scrapbooks and 'news from around the U.S. & world' so be sure to visit the website and do a complete site search as well.
*Obituaries from Neighboring Counties: Clayton co. obituaries, Fayette co. obituaries and Winneshiek co. obituaries all have newly added obituaries. Many Clayton co., Fayette co. and Winneshiek co. residents had close Allamakee county connections so don't miss these great obit collections!

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New or updated in January & February 2017

ALLAMAKEE ALBUMS - Family Albums & Miscellaneous Photos from Allamakee county
*New! A page has been created for "Harpers Ferry People", photos of Agnes Conway added - from Errin Wilker (2/7/17)
*Updated! The New Albin People page, added a 5-generation of the Mary Beneke family - from Errin Wilker (2/7/17)

*Added biographies for Urban 'Punk' Hess +photo and Alvina (Hurley) Crowley +photos - from Errin Wilker (Feb 6 & 7, 2017)

CEMETERY RECORDS & Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*Research Alerts and Woodmansee Notes have been entered for the Iowa River Lutheran cemetery - from Richard O'Brien (1/717)

*Updated! 1895 Iowa State Census, added Table 42 - Allamakee co. residents aged 90 or older - from S. Ferrall (2/28/17)

*Updated St. John's Lutheran church, Waukon; added a photo & write-up about Pastor Wm. K. Benbow - from Debbie Johnson Odell (2/28/17)

*Added to compiled marriages: Bieber-Leppert, 1934; Freilinger-Moore, 1929; Leppert-McMillan, 1908; McCormick-Schultz, 1934 - from 'LA' & S. Ferrall (2/8/17)
*Added to compiled anniversaries: Esplend 50th, 1934; Lenz 50th, 1940; Leppert 25th, 1950; Voll 63rd, 1950- from 'LA' & S. Ferrall (2/8/17)
*Vol 2 pg 55 & Vol 3 pg 14 were added to the Allamakee co. Marriage Registers - from LA (2/4/17)
*Added to compiled marriages: Bailey-Stark, 1903; Bennett-Jacobson, 1958 (+photo); Foels-Krogmann, 1903; Jacobson-Busness, 1957 (+photo) and Jacobson-Valentine, 1949 - from Reid R. Johnson (1/12/17)
*Added to compiled marriages: Fossum-Jacobson, 1919; Jacobson-Premesberger, 1936; Mouw-Sorenson, 1946; Nolting-Sunderman, 1934; Russell-Mattie, 1935; Schild-Goettle, 1937 & Slindee-Pfiffner, 1946 - from Reid R. Johnson (1/6/17)

*Added to the WWII Honor Roll entry for Alfred G. Meyer, photos & info. about his service - from granddaughter Debbie Johnson Odell (2/19/17)
*New! 12th IA Infantry, Co. B (Civil War) - from Diane DuBay (1/12/17)
*New! Military biographies from a series written by Maury Gallagher, titled "Salute to Those Who Have Served". Both WWII and Korean war veterans querhave biographies & all have photos - contributed by Errin Wilker (1/5/17)

*1882 news article about the Van Hooser's - from Reid R. Johnson (2/28/17)
*1883 news articles about the Frink & Powers residences burning - from Reid R. Johnson (2/28/17)
*1903 news article about Jehiel Johnson - from Cheryl Locher Moonen (2/28/17)

OBITUARIES (over 12,260 transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX (updated 2/27/17)
*The obit index continues to be direct linked to the individual obits - coordinator - continuing until finished - this is a tedious process :-)
*A complete obit was added to those previously posted for Jacob Swenson - from S. Ferrall (210/17)
*A photo was added to the obituaries of Ed Easton & his wife Ethel Easton - from Errin Wilker (2/7/17)
*Thank-you to our January & February obit contributors: Regina Riesen, Connie Ellis, Cheryl Locher Moonen, 'LA', S. Ferrall & Reid R. Johnson

QUERY BOARD - if you can help with a query, post your reply on the board
*Researcher seeking more information on the Michael Sanner family living in/or near Rossville - from Janet Brooks Kooser (2/28/17)
*Researcher needs ID of photo of an unknown family, probably from Waukon, with Nebraska connection - from Connie Bottolfsen Loftus (2/27/17)
*Info. needed of Anders Jacobson, Waterville, killed in the Civil War - from Lynn Peterson (1/28/17)

*Updated! Lansing Graduates & Class Rosters, added the Lansing HS Class of 1936 - from Debbie Johnson Odell (2/28/17)


New or Updated in December 2016

*Added a biography for Dr. Orville E. May +photo - from Errin Wilker (12/09/16)

*Added to compiled marriages: Blumhagen-Schuette (1896), Herrig-Molloy (1942) & Loven-Jacobson (1964) - from Reid R. Johnson & S. Ferrall

*Updated the Korean conflict honor roll; added an article & photo of Tom Darling receiving Purple Heart many years later -from Errin Wilker (12/25/16)
*Updated, mic. military news file; added articles from 1963 & 1967 - from Errin Wilker (12/25/16)
*New! Lansing's 5 Peters brothers, Vietnam; news article & photos - from Errin Wilker (12/9/16)
*Updated! WWII Honor Roll: added additional info. for D.R. Darling & W.G. Meyer (+photo) - from Errin Wilker (12/2/16)

OBITUARIES (over 12,190 transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX
*Thank-you to our December obit contributors: S. Ferrall, Reid R. Johnson & Errin Wilker

QUERY BOARD - if you can help with a query, post your reply on the board
*Researcher looking for birthplace of John Ronan - from Linda Steinkamp (12/28/16)
*Researcher looking for an obit for Mathea Haug died 4/3/1899- from Lynn Peterson (12/2/16)

*Brief news article & photos of the 'new' New Albin grade school, 1969 - from Errin Wilker (12/26/16)

*Eric Torgerson updated his email address for surnames Bellows & Conkey (12/22/16)


New or Updated in November 2016

*Added a compiled biography of Sarah (Conway) Wargen Wilkins, includes several photos - from Errin Wilker (11/06/16)

'LIL BITS - you never know what you'll find here!
*Updated! A 1925 news article was added to the Moonshiners & Bootleggers page - from Errin Wilker (11/10/16)

*Added to compiled Anniversary Records (most include at least 1 photo): Mr. & Mrs. .... Alvin Beneke, 50th, 1995; John Benek, 40th, 1986; Walt Breeser, 40th, 1986; LeRoy Colsch, 45th, 1986; Robert Dresselhaus, 50th, 2010; Jim Hammell, 50th, 2007; Kern Kelleher, 40th, 1976; Gottfried Loeffler, 50th, 1970; Otto Luttchens, 50th, 1992; Bernard Mauss, 60th, 1999; Fred Mauss, 50th, 1997; Edwin Meyer, 50th, 1982; George Meyer, 60th, 1975; Earl Moore, 50th, 1994; Alvin Oitzmann, 40th, 1976; Herman Schuldt, 50th, 1964; Norbert Schulte, 40th, 1991; Otto Schuttemeier, 50th, 1959; Alfred Smerud, 50th, 1997; Edmund O. Smerud, 50th, 1994; Nick Strub, 1979; Robert Thomson, 58th, 1961; Clarence Van Brocklin, 50th, 1987; Floyd Waters, 50th, 1991 - from Errin Wilker (11/29/16)

OBITUARIES (over 12,150 transcribed obits) & OBITUARY INDEX
*Longer obits were added to the previously posted obits of Janice Kester, Eliza Dresselhaus, Leroy L. Colsch, Catherine Farley, Breanne Darling, Otto Kubitz & Leo N. Rouster; Photos were added to the Janice Kester, Carl Vonderohe, Jerry Smerud, Curtis Wild, Theresa Buege, Alvina Crowley, Breanne Darling, Leo L. Fink, Josie Gerkey, Gladys Bakewell & John W. Thornton obits (from Errin Wilker -thru-out November) AND a longer obit for Laton A. Huffman (from Connie Ellis 11/16/16)
*Thank-you to our November obit contributors: Errin Wilker (WOW - 195 contributed in November!), Connie Ellis & 'LA'

QUERY BOARD - if you can help with a query, post your reply on the board
*Researcher seeks info. to confirm Amos Pederson's great-grandmother was sister to Hendrikke Jacobson - from Lynn Peterson (11/28/16)


New or Updated in September & October 2016

*New! Allamakee Board of Supervisors claims paid, April 1874 (lots of names!) - from S. Ferrall (10/05/16)

*Added a link to the 1872 John G. Ratcliffe map of Allamakee county on the Library of Congress website - from Steve Hols (10/11/16)

*Added to the compiled marriages: Bellows-Meyer, 1903; Clark-Clark, 1870; Overguard-Barthell, 1930; Schissel-Tieskotter, 1932 & Wallace-Schott, 1899 - from Reid R. Johnson, Audrey Haught & S. Ferrall (Sept. 2016)

*Marshall Robey, Feb. 1893 news item - from Connie Ellis (10/5/16)

*Thank-you to our September obit contributors: S. Ferrall & Reid R. Johnson

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