Additions, changes & announcements
for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb 2003

December 2003
--Biographies - 1913: The remaining biographies have been added from the 1913 Hancock history
**All of the biographies from this book are now on-line!!!**
--Biographies - other sources: Bowman, Brisco, Lyons, Patterson, Miller, Fourt & Clark. Also added photo to the bio. of Truman Stevens
--Births & Baptisms - updated
--Cemetery records - Woodmansee notes: corrections for Lansing Ridge & Thompson's Corner
--History - other: 1849 Postoffice & Postmaster appointments
--'Lil Bits: news article "House Was Made From One Tree" (1857)
--Marriage records - researcher contributed: Deremo/White marriage article
--Military Records: World War I Mothers' Pilgrimage, 1930
--Obits & Death Records: posted onsite - Duffy, Larson & Neuhring & many more on the obit board
--Surname Registry: Updated.
November 2003

--Biographies - 1913: many more new biographies added from the 1913 Hancock history
--Biographies - other sources: Fladager, Hanson, Rogers, Stevens & Trewin
--Cemetery records - Woodmansee notes: Biggs in Maple Hill cem - from Steven Bareis
--History - 1913: Added Chapters 12, 14 & 16
--Immigration & Naturalization: Application for citizenship of Ole O. Hegg
--'Lil Bits - Added 'looking for son' ad (1859), "Oldest man in Iowa" (1893) & Dorchester murder story
--Marriage records - researcher contributed: Lawrenson-Schroeder marriage news article
--Military Records -WWII: Schroeder news article
--Obits & Death Records: posted onsite - Duffy, Larson & Neuhring & many more on the obit board
--Local Resource Directory: Added a link to the Lansing area Chamber of Commerce & the Lansing celebration of "Grand Excursion 2004"
--Surname Registry: Updated.
October 2003
--Allamakee Album: Postville Basketball team c1918-1922
--Biographies - 1913: Over 100 new biographies have been added from the 1913 Hancock history
--Gravestone Photo Project: misc. photos added for Volney and Cummings Plot cemeteries
--History - 1913: Added Chapters 4,5 & 7
--Misc. History & Photos: added county officials years 1921-1940
--Obits & Death Records: several new obits added to the obituary data-base and to the obituary boards.
--Surname Registry: new surname researchers added - Murphy
September 2003
--Births & Baptisms: Schroeder & Sondrall records
--Gravestone Photo Project: Zoll & Hess photos for St. Mary's & Gethsemane and Thornton, Warren & Moe photos for Oak Hill cemetery.
--Misc. History & Photos: List of Trial Jurors, 1902 Sept. term
--Obits & Death Records: many new obits added to the obituary data-base and to the obituary boards.
--Surname Registry: updated
August 2003
-- Allamakee Album: Henry & Elizabeth Fish, Gast family photos and old Waukon Catholic church & parochial school photos were added
-- Biographies - 1913: Beucher, Harris, Sherman, McEwen & Sherman bios
-- Births & Baptisms: Krogman(n) & Schroeder births
-- Cemetery/Gravestone Photo Project: several new Allamakee gravestone photos added.
-- Church Records: added the remaining St. Paul's Lutheran church confirmation classes & photos
-- History- 1913: Chapters 1,2 & 3 added
-- Lil Bits: Bryan at West Union, 1914 (lots of names) & an addendum to the 1887 Volney Runaway article
-- Marriage Records: User-contributed database updated (Holter-Marston wedding article)
-- Obits & Death Records: Erbe & Gast obits added
-- Obituary Board: many new obits posted in August.
-- Personal Web-sites: added 'Howling Wolves'- lots of Allamakee photos
-- Surname Registry - new surname researchers added
-- Wills & Probate Records: Peter Rush LW&T

July 2003

-- Allamakee Album: photos of John F. McKinley & the Samuel Waters family were added
-- Biographies - other: biography of John F. McKinley
-- Births & Baptisms: Schellhammer added
-- Cemetery Records - Woodmansee Corrections: Doerring correction & Nyberg additional information
-- Gravestone Photo Project: Many new Allamakee gravestone photos added by Allamakee researchers
-- Census Records: off-site links added to the 1854 Lansing twp. census
-- Church Records: Many additional St. Paul's Lutheran church confirmation classe rosters & photos added
-- Wills & Probate Records: Haas & Tully wills added
-- Marriage Records, User-contributed database: Waters/Redhead & Waters/Lower marriage records
-- Military Records: American Battle Monuments Commission: obtaining photos/info. on soldiers buried overseas
-- 1875 History: Patrons of the 1875 Andreas Atlas, all twps.
-- Misc. History & Photos: Dorchester, New Albin & Harpers Ferry photos added
-- Obits & Death Records: Haines obits
-- Obituary Board: many new obits posted by our researchers in July.
-- Surname Registry: several new surname researchers added
June 2003

-- Allamakee Album: Waters family, 4-generation photo added
-- Biographies, 1913: Hirth & Leppert bios added
-- Cemetery Records/Woodmansee Corrections: Rellinan/Rellihan burials in Gethsemane cemetery, not in the Woodmansee index; Kenison correction in Ion cemetery and Ellithorde/Ellithorpe correction in Oak Hill cemetery
-- IAGraveStone Project: over 50 new photo submissions
-- Census Records: off-site links added to the 1854 Iowa state census, Allamakee co., 11 of 12 existing
townships transcribed to date and the 1860 Federal census, Allamakee co., Taylor twp. transcription
-- Wills & Probate Records: added LW&T of Dennis D. Ronan
-- Immigration & Naturalization: linked to the 'Irish in Iowa' website (contains great info. for Allamakee co. researchers)
-- 'Lil Bits: added 100 yr.farms, 1956 & Iowa Century businesses, 2002
-- Marriage Records/User-contributed database: new records added
-- Military Records: WWI and WWII casualty lists updated
-- Obits & Death Records: Howes, Waters & Henry obituaries & additional info. to Ketchum obits
-- Allamakee co. Obituary Board: many new obits posted in June.
-- Surname Registry: new surnames added
-- Local Resource directory: updated
May 2003

-- Allamakee Album: Thompson's Corner church photo added to our church album
-- Biographies - other: biographies of Grant, Hatch, Clark, Fellows, Dayton, Kinne & Knoepfler
-- Cemetery Records: page 422 of Woodmansee was 'discovered' by researcher Marcia Johnson. These names have now been added to the Every-name Woodmansee index and the burial info. can be accessed from the cemetery list, as OPEC (Old Paint Creek Church Records) Thanks Marcia!!
-- IAGraveStone Project - Allamakee co: several new submissions to the Lansing Ridge cemetery
-- Church Records: Added historical records, death records & rosters of the Lansing (German) Evangelical, Thompson's Corner & Columbus Ridge churches. Also added were 1928,1931 & 1932 St.Paul's Lutheran church confirmation photos & rosters
-- Estate Records: Last Will & Testaments of Joseph & Mary Zoll -
-- 1913 History: Added Chapter 15, County Schools & Chapter 18, The Pioneers (remaining sections)
-- Marriage Records: new submissions
-- Other History: Added a photo of Michael Clark and several unidentified men. Click on Michael Clark's photo on the Journal index page. Other historical items added: Allamakee co. as it was in 1855 & 1856, a brief history of Lybrand & Myron & 1916 Allamakee co. newspapers
-- The Allamakee co. Obituary Board has many new obits posted in May.
-- Surname Registry: new researchers have added their family surnames & research interests
April 2003
--Added a page with misc. information to help our summer visitors plan their trip to Allamakee co.
--New database: Church Records! I've indexed all of the on-site church records moving some of them from other area's of the website & linking to others. Our church records are growing, so hopefully this index will make it easier to find them all. There are new Church records too: St. Paul's Lutheran church confirmation classes, misc. years, photos & class lists & Birth/Baptism Records for German Evangelical Churches of Columbus Ridge & Lansing Ridge, 1868-1895.
--Allamakee Album: Hanover church & Father Francis McCullough photos & Meyer, Thies & Kruse family photos were added in April.
--Births & Baptisms: see Church records.
--Cemetery Records, Woodmansee Notes: several corrections to Thompson's Corner & Oak Hill cemetery listings, misc. surnames. Also the IAGraveStone Project/Allamakee co. received several new photo submissions
--Estate Records: Clark and Waters LW&T and probate notices
--1913 History - added Chapter 10, Politics; Chapter 11, County Officials & Chapter 13, The County Press (remaining sections)
--Li'l Bits: added - Chautauqua in Allamakee co., The Black Hawk bridge & People attending the speech of Wm. Jennings Bryan, 1912.
--Marriage Records: over 100 new records added to the 'Marriage & License Applications'
--Military Records: Up-dated Ex-soldiers & Sailors for War of 1812 and Mexican War & added a page on the American Legion in Allamakee co. 1919-1929.
--Other History: - Added Parts 3 & 4 of Michael Clark's boarding house Journal 1853-1892; Hardin, Flourishing 1850's town & Masons, Markwell chapter, 1882
--Obits & Death Records: Burroughs obits (2) and corrections to Evelyn L. Schara's obit; plus dozens of obituaries posted to our Obituary Board.
--Surname Registry & Local Resource directory - -both updated with new or revised information
March 2003

--The Allamakee co. home page got a bit of a make-over and some new wallpaper!
-- Added a GuestMap. Like a Guest Book, but more fun. Find it on the main page, next to the search box.
--New database: Reunions - misc. submissions.
--Allamakee Album: added more church photos, photo of Rev. Bockelmann & Beebe, Stock, Finnegan & Heffern family photos.
--Other Biographies: Healy & Knoepfler bios added.
--Births & Baptisms: new submissions
--Cemetery Records, Woodmansee Notes: correction to Iowa River Lutheran cemetery, Anvidem burial
--Cemetery Records, IAGraveStone Project/Allamakee co.: several new photo submissions
--Estate Records: -Will of Torfin Anvesson
--Immigration & Naturalization: -immigraton of Torfin Anvidson & naturalization records of Hugh Clark, Michael Clark & James Sullivan
--Land Records: -land of Torfin Anvidson, land transactions Troendle & Doehler 1850's -1900's (lots of surnames) & 1886 Linton twp. landowners
--Li'l Bits: - 1910 Steamer fire newspaper account - part 2 added
--Marriage Records: - new records added to the 'user contributed data-base'
--Other History: Postoffices 1856-1927, 1860 Postmasters, Unitarian church history in Allamakee, misc. St. Paul's Lutheran church confirmation classes, Village Creek history & photos and the Journal of Michael Clark's Johnsonsport Boarding house,1853-1877, index, part 1 & part 2
--Obits & Death Records: submitted for onsite posting Brennan (2), Gleason, Manning & Thornton and dozens of obituaries posted to our Obituary Board.
--Personal Web-sites: added Jon Raymond's genealogy homepage
--School Records: Village Creek school & children, 1899 (photos)
--Surname Registry: many new surname researchers added
February 2003
-- Township maps (all) - from the Andreas Atlas - 1875. Access via 1875 history or land records.
--Allamakee Album -Allamakee co. churches & photo of Rev. Schumann
-- Biographies - 1913: Added Bakkum, Shattuck, Hammel, Rudnick, Eide, Jones & Helming & Hon. W.S. Hart
-- Other Biographies: Added Stewart, Hobson, Clyde, Trewin & Bowen (all with photos) and Gilbert & Granger
-- Births & Baptisms - misc. records, many surnames added
-- Cemetery records - Woodmansee Notees updated.
-- Immigration & Naturalization - additions to the 'German's from Husum immigration' data-base &
Journey to America, story of the Kregel family voyage
-- Land Records - Union Prairie twp. landowners by section, 1903
-- Lil Bits - JS Excursion Steamer Fire - 1910 & North Iowa Medical Society & Medical Register - 1883/84
-- Marriage Records - many new contributions to the 'user contributed data-base' & a correction note added to Marriages 1849 -1855
-- Military - added to the WWI casualties - Hugh P. Kidder, bio. & photo
-- Other History - added Jury lists, Jan. term 1898, County level politicians 1911-1921 & additional info. to the Stone House page
-- Obits & Death Records - many new obituaries added
-- Personal Web-sites, Surname Registry and Local Directory - updated.
January 2003
--The addition of hundreds of obituaries has been completed, courtesy of Mary Durr!
--New organization of obituary section
--Allamakee co. has joined the new IAGenWeb Gravestone project
--1913 Biographies added -Roffman, Lawson, Stopperan, Eisenla, Weymiller, Lloyd, Arnold Hecker, Staadt, McWilliams, Bell, Troendle, Krousie, Hartley, Russell, McClintock & Bowen
--Other Biographies - added Crawford, Byrne, Pierce, Barkley (nee Goodykoontz), Dayton, Daily, Olmstead, Earle, Metcalf & Fellows bios (some have photos)
--1913 History - added chapter 6 (The Old Mission) & partial chapter 13
--Other History - added Allamakee Co. Mills, Forest Mills Mill (& photo), an additional article to the Old Stone House page & an article on the Yellow River by E. Orr
--Wills & Probate - added Coleman, Dungan, Stillwell, Walsh, Norton (2), Waldron, Goettel, Doehler, Beebe & Stock wills.
--Immigration & Naturalization - added Thomas Norton records & Immigrants from Husum, Germany
--Land Records - added 1872 Linton twp. landowners by section
--Marriage Records - added misc. marriage records & anniversary records
--Military - added a List of ex-soldiers, sailors & marines living in Allamakee co. in 1885
--Local Directory, Woodmansee Notes & Personal Web-sites updated