Additions, changes & announcements
for Allamakee co. IAGenWeb 2002

December 2002
--Military - Wm. DuBay pension application 1877

--Other history - Postville & Waukon mayors and Postville Creamery (1930)
--'Lil Bits - Additional jury lists (1897), "In Memoriam - Bethel's Beloved" and Reuben Smith, old schools & the Old Stone House
--Other Biographies - Dayton & photo
--Wills & Probate - Will of M.B. Hendrick was added
--School Records - rosters, misc. years Postville
--Obits - More obits have been added (and there are even more to add)
--Land Records - 1903 Post twp. plat map extracted names & 1950 Waukon street map
--Family Album - Meier family

November 2002

--Military - WWII casualties (R. Erickson photo), Lt. Samuel O. Smith - C.W. letters & pension file,
Chronicles of the World War (WWI ), News articles (Kelly & Fischer), "Postville Express" Superfortress

--Other history - Hardin (D. Dickerson ledger entries 1865), Old Stone House (news article), Big-4 Institute Awards, 1930
--1913 Biographies - 17 new bios added
--Other Biographies - 2 new bios added
--Wills & Probate - New data-base: Allamakee wills 1855-1869 & Joseph Lull administration notice
--Taxes - New data-base: 1930 Franklin twp. taxpayers
--Obits - Many more obits have been added (and there are even more to add)
--The main search engine will now pick up all submissions made to the Allamakee IAGen obit posting board

October 2002

--An "every-name" Woodmansee index has been added
--The main cemetery page has been re-done
--Nearly 700 obituaries have been submitted for the web-site & they are being added, time-permitting
--Marriages (other sources)
--Anniversaries - new database
--Other History - databases added: Orphan Train Riders, 1918 Ford Dealership Ledger index & scanned pages, Inventors & Patents,1859-1937
--1913 History - Chapter 20 - the Shattucks & Allamakee College
--1913 Bios - new bios added
--Military - databases added: History of the 27th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry, WWI Casualties, & photos, WWII Casualties & photos
--Other Bios - several new bios
--'Lil Bits - updated & new items
--Wills & Probate - Gilson final notice
September 2002
--1872 History -Andreas Atlas engraved views of the residences of Wm Bacon, W.H. Carithers, Henry Harris, Jas. McEwen, S.S. Powers & the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church. Biographical sketches for Charles T. Granger, Henry Dayton, Simeon S. Powers & John S. Mott
--Land Records -- 1886 patrons directories, all townships & the towns of Lansing, Postville & Waukon
1886 landowners Franklin & Post twps.
--Other Biographies --
--Biographies from the 1913 Hancock History--
--St. Paul's Lutheran Church - 3 new data-bases: The beginning: German Lutheran Church - history & photos; Early church members - 1870's & Pastors - 1871-1970, plus interior photos
--Tax records -- two new data-bases: 1926 list of dog owners owing taxes & 1930 Post twp. taxes
--Woodmansee Notes -- a number of corrections for 'Allamakee Co. Burial Grounds' by Woodmansee.
--1913 History -- A complete index of the book has been added, plus Chapter 18 - the Pioneers & Judge Dean's Narrative
--"Other History" -- New data-bases: Politicians 1846-1923 & County officials 1893-1910.
--Birth Records -- several new birth records
-- Obituaries -- several obituaries have been added to the data-base
-- Surname Registry -- corrected e-mail addresses. If you change your e-mail address or click on one that no longer works please let us know.

August 2002

-- New History Data-base!! "Andreas Atlas 1875"
The first entries in this database have been added - the county history & Waukon history. Additionally, two previously submitted land data-bases from this book were linked.
-- "Allamakee Family Album" - we already have some great pictures in our new album.
-- "School Records" has a new data-base: Pleasant Valley country school records 1901-1905 & a new photo of Wexford school children
-- "Military Records" new submissions include an 1865 Civil War letter & a list of 1903 soldier burials & veterans.
--"Other History" New data-bases: Abandoned Allamakee Co. towns and two histories, both with
photos of Hardin

-- "Birth & Baptism Records"
-- "Marriage Records" - added marriages in the User-Contributed Marriages data-base
-- "1913 History" a photo of the Wexford Church was added to the history of Wexford
-- "1913 Biography" and "Other Bios" 12 bios have been added to these data-bases
-- Additional surnames have been added to our researcher indexes
-- Personal Web-sites - new links to make Allamakee connections
-- " Li'l Bits" added this month: Teachers Association 1888, news account of Amelia Hendrick's 90th birthday and 1939 Birthday calendar & business advertisements
-- " Local Directory" has been updated
-- "Death Notices & Obituaries" - Lots of new obituaries
-- "Query" page has a new look, with links to the new IAGen boards. A 'one-stop' page for links to all the Allamakee message boards & lists.

July 2002

--Tax data-base:1862 Allamakee Co. Assessments
--Marriage data-base: early marriages 1849-1855
--Divorce data-base, misc years
--School records: Postville alumni 1885-1933, Highland school 1923 & Little Red Schoolhouse. A photo of Lansing school was also added.
--A third data-base of Allamakee Co. biographies has been added. Biographies from sources other than the two Allamakee history books will appear in this section.
--L'Bits, new additions include: book review of Alexander's "History of Allamakee Co."; Allamakee jury lists, misc. years; 1919 Waukon Woman's Literary Club; and "Does the Name Shattuck Ring a Bell?".
--History: a third data-base "Other History" has been added. The newest addition is a 1916 Postville history & 3 other misc. histories were moved to this area. A photo was added to the Presbyterian chuch history.
--The index page has been re-vamped a little, for easier navigation.
--Hancock history, 1913: St. Patrick's Church & School of Waukon was added
--Surname registry.
--Obituaries, over 50 obits were added to our collection.
--Census up-dates: Links to the index for the 1850 census, to additional townships on the 1856 census & to 1854, 1856 & 1880 census transcriptions
-- Marriages. The DAR record of early Allamakee marriages 1849-1860 has been cross-referenced to the new marriage data-base.
--Cemetery page: links to "Find a Grave" for several Allamakee co. cemeteries
--Local resource directory: a link to "A Pioneer Church Library", by H.F. Swanson. (East Paint Creek Lutheran Church)
June 2002
--Allamakee Co. has a new search engine! Search for your ancestors anywhere on-site. Presently the search does not include the cemetery or census records. I've scheduled the search engine to up-date once a week (probably on Tues. nights), but I will manually update it sooner if several new files are added during the week.
--Our index page has a 'new', but very old map of Allamakee Co.
--The 'old' township map has moved to its own page -- find a link to it on the Land Record index. You will also find some corrections for this map.
--New school data-base: Waukon alumni 1889-1929.
--Misc. portions of Hancock's Past & Present in Allamakee Co. Iowa, 1913: Wexford, Agricultural & Farmers Association & County formation.
--1913 biographies continue to be added -- all submitted by volunteers!! Do you have one?
--1859 history of Allamakee Co. towns & people
--A link to the Allamakee Co. mailing list archives

--Land Records, Immigration & Naturalization and Letters & Diaries data-bases.
--Woodmansee (cemetery) corrections have been added.
--The Local Directory has been up-dated with a links to: Iowa City Directories; Allamakee Round Barns; & history of the Presbyterian Church in Postville
--Marriage extracts from the Postville newspapers 1873-1930. Marriages have been added for groom surnames starting with B,C,D,E,F,G,H,K,L,M,P,S & T
--Surname registry & Personal web-sites.

May 2002

--Birth records.
--Immigration & Naturalization Records
--Allamakee Co. Journal (You are here now)

--We have another volunteer to do look-ups in a personal resource.
--New on-site 1913 bios. have been added & a link added to off-site Hancock 1913 bios.
--The Local resources directory: links to the Postville Presbyterian church birthday calendar 1939 and a link to 'American Memory' Historic American buildings & bridges
--First marriages - correction note added.

March/April 2002
--Biographies from the Past & Present in Allamakee Co. Iowa, by Ellery M. Hancock, 1913.
--Land Records
--A page of corrections for Woodmansee's Allamakee Co. Burial Grounds has been added. Click on "Cemeteries" and then on "Woodmansee Notes"
--Letters & Diaries.
--Allamakee Marriages 1849-1860.
--Wills & Probate records
--Military records is also new. Lots of great information has been added here.
--Local Directory, resources for Allamakee Co. researchers.

--Census records: link to the 1856 Iowa State/Allamakee census.
--The Allamakee portion of the History of Winneshiek & Allamakee Co. Iowa, by W.E. Alexander, 1882
--Look-up volunteers ... another person has generously offered look-ups in their resource.
--Obituaries, 'other' marriages, the surname registry, personal web-sites & Li'l Bits

February 2002

--Personal web-sites.
--Surname registry
--New look-up volunteers have generously added their personal resources to our library.
--The census page has been completely up-dated & new links for volunteering to transcribe or proof-read have been added.

January 2002
--Gifts of Time - Our Honor Roll of Volunteers and our thank-you to them
--Another look-up volunteer has added her resource to our look-up volunteer list.
--1882 Biographies -- revised data-base. Same information, but they are now in a much better format than previously.