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November 1st thru December 28th, 2010

*Becker family album updated - from Paul Moritz

BIOGRAPHIES - Our Friends on the Acres
*Updated! Added the biographies of Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Pearson, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin M. Gass, Henry Gericke, Edwin Gordon & Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph C. Bugenhagen

*New database! 'Merged' Oak Hill Burials, combining the Cemetery Log Book (1916-1939), Cemetery Plot Book, superintendent burial cards, caretaker records, and several other sources of Oak Hill burials through November 2010 - from Paul Moritz
*Oak Hill map showing location of the cemetery sections - from Paul Moritz
*Woodmansee notes, Gethsemane cemetery, added notes for Francis Lucey, Rose Lucey, Gary L. Troendle - from Connie Ellis
*Woodmansee notes, Cherry Mound cemetery, added notes for Helen McCormick and Marie Henderson - from Connie Ellis and Paul Moritz
*Woodmansee notes, Oakland cemetery, added notes for the Hendricks family - from Paul Moritz
*Woodmansee notes, Wexford cemetery, added notes for Mary Ann McNamara Crowe, Fanny & Patrick Bolger - from Paul Moritz
*Woodmansee notes, Village Creek cemetery, added notes for Lape (Andrew, Elizabeth, John & Louisa) - from Paul Moritz

Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*gravestone photos from Oak Hill cemetery - from Paul Moritz
*gravestone photos from St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery, rural New Albin - from Jeannette Nelson
*gravestone photos from Center Baptist cemetery - from Paul Moritz

*New! Photos of St. Ann's & St. Joseph's Catholic (Paint Rock) churches, Harpers Ferry - from Betty Palmer & S. Ferrall
*New! Rossville Presbyterian church history 1864-1994, includes photos - from Connie Ellis
*Added a vintage photo to the Wexford - Immaculate Conception Catholic church page - from Betty Palmer
*Added the 1915 confirmation class to the St. Bridget's Catholic church page - from S. Ferrall
*Salem Church, added the 1928 class to misc. confirmation class records - from S. Ferrall
*Added the 1928 confirmation class to the Zalmona church page - from S. Ferrall

*Towns - Harpers Ferry, added 3 vintage photos - from Betty Palmer

*All new! Early Land Transfers, Center twp (T98 R4W) - from Constance Diamond & S. Ferrall

*1864 letter from Calvin A. Robey to his mother - from Connie Ellis

*300+ obits have been posted to the Obituary Board in November & December - from Mary Durr, Paul Moritz, AdaMarie Kerndt, S. Ferrall, Connie Ellis, Bruce Owens & an IAGenWeb volunteer
*Information added to the obits of: Jonathan Lewis (originally posted in 2005 by Diana Diedrich), Dorrene F. Grotegut (originally posted in 2005 by Mary Durr) and Rev. Duane Schroeder (originally posted in 2005 by Mary Durr) - from Connie Ellis

*Added to compiled marriages: Schuller-Boyer & Swenson-Jones - from S. Ferrall

*Updated the WWII Honor Roll, adding Leo J. Boese, Dennis J. O'Malley, Harold Mohs & Robert R. Stong

*New! Russell school, LaFayette #5 - 1934 attendence bookmark of Anne Mullarkey - from Betty Palmer
*New! People from Allamakee co. who purchased courses from The International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, Pennsylvania - from S. Ferrall

*Lara Lynn Lane has added her surname interest 'Candee' to the Surname Registry. She is researching Asa Candee and his wife, Mary McAlpine.
*Darrel K. Waters has added surname 'Downes' to his list of research interests. He is also researching the Waters family.
*Edith Schaefer has updated her email address in the Surname Registry for 'Cummens'. She is interested in hearing from anyone related to Joseph Cummens who lived in Waukon starting in 1865. He moved from Morgantown, West Virginia with his family - wife Margaret Stillwell, Children: Rebecca, Margaret, Louisa, Elias W., George, Peter T., Mary & Jeremiah.
*Anne Marie Spehar has updated her email address for 'Mooney'
*Marie Irons Nelson has added her surname interest 'Irons' to the Surname Registry. She has done extensive research on this family in the New Albin and French Creek area & has primary sourced records to share with others.


August 1, 2010 thru October 31, 2010

Autumn is in full color, the harvest is underway.... our contributors wanted to make sure there was a new crop of information to gather about your ancestors. Check it out! Thanks go out to the following contributors: Paul Moritz, Sharyl Ferrall, Janice Sowers, Bill Waters, LA, Mary Durr, Aradia Paganus, AdaMarie Kerndt, Erin Wilker, Cara Murphy, Connie Ellis, Tammy L., Brian Theiler, Tammy O'Hare Kuhn and IAGenWeb Volunteers

*Becker family album updated
*Dr. Thomas J. Murphy album updated
*New! Leo & Mary O'Hare album

BIOGRAPHIES - Our Friends on the Acres
*All New! In most cases, these interviews include ancestral family information as well as historical land ownership. The researcher will find many surnames and lots of information in these terrific articles!

BIOGRAPHIES - misc. sources
*Gilbert H. Eadie and John Pearl Ellis - each has a photo

*New cemetery added! Miner Farm Cemetery, Waterloo twp. This cemetery was not included in Woodmansee!
*Woodmansee notes, Oak Hill cemetery, added notes for Deremore, Barthel, Brooks, Fitscher, Fredrick, Frierich, Glynn, Goetel, Gruber, Kehr, Lytle, Markley, McMann, Rothermen/Rothermal, Rud, Severson, Smith, Wilde/Wild
*Woodmansee notes, Old Oak Hill cemetery, added note for Eliza J. Dermo
*Woodmansee notes, Gethsemane cemetery, added a note identifying Mary Hanley
*Woodmansee notes, Village Creek cemetery, added a note identifying Mary E. Rose McMillan/McMillin and correcting the surname spelling
*Oak Hill updates, adding burials of Anable, Morgan, Markley, Gaulthier, Hostert, Cole, Larson, Leppert, Love-Steiber, Kermeen, Glynn, Roeder, Sweat, Aird, Bailey, Papistella, Johnson, Campbell, Scheppele, Spellum, Slindee, Smith, Roggensack, Yeoman, Riek & Clark and updating the entry for Barbara Beise
*Oak Hill Log book, updated Katherine Gerkey, Selma Haas, Peter Campbell and Catherine Fry entries. Added Clara Haas, Amanda Hemenway, Charles A. Darling, Mary S. Darling, Jane Larson, Ire E. Larson, Lena Marti, Alia Moen, George H. Olson, Infant Spores, Robert Spores, Sara E. Otis, Henry Reah, Morrill & Elizabeth Godfrey, Cath. Wagner, Sam'l Fuiks, Olaf Haroldson, Sevie Simonson, John & Nora Helgheim, Ferne & Mary Bensch, Marie Nachtwey & Marie Strong. Added burials of Auger, Aspland, Arnot, Arnold, Angell, Albert, Hoerer, Patterson, Fetketter, Glynn, Smith, Moellermann, Vier/Veir, Henry, Aschom, Frederick, Wilson, Hazelton, Spores, Ritter, Dobbs, Johnson & Mix.

Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*gravestone photos from Miner Farm Cemetery
*gravestone photos from Oak Hill cemetery
*gravestone photos from Gethsemane cemetery
*gravestone photos from New Albin cemetery

*Towns - added "Dorchester Peaceful Valley" - this news article includes several pioneer surnames
*New! Allamakee co. Creamery Directory, includes photos
*Landmarks - Minnesota Bluff, a geographical landmark near New Albin
*New Albin photos, pg 3, added a photo of Brenner's Livery
*Waukon photos, pg 1, added a view of downtown Waukon ca 1870's & business card of Huffman & Barnard
*Waterville photos, added an undated general view

*Our Friends on the Acres - All New! In most cases, these interviews include historical land ownership

*Vol 3, pg 10, Allamakee co. Marriage Register
*Added to compiled marriages: Corcoran-Cox, Eadie-Sunderman, Feickert-Meyer, Kugel-Krumme, Lennon-Haining, Nali-Schultz & Ruckdaschel-Henry
*Added to compiled license records: Aschim-Fagre, Anderson-Hardin, Danaher-Buggy, Desmond-Lehman, Fischer-Riser, Folkedahl-Gaare, Holmes-Gamme, Groth-Kempka, Huffman-Wilson, Kelly-Ward, McMaster-May, Misling/Mishing-Shattuck, Phillips-Meier, Rhodes-Todd, Strub-Plein & Tygeson-Peterson
*Added to compiled anniversary records: Mr. & Mrs. Paul Topel, 50th (1940); and Mr. and Mrs. Lysander Darling, 63rd (1967)

*Updated the WWII Honor Roll, adding Daniel P. Kelly & a news article about him; Urban L. Wagner & photo, Clifford E. Soride, Francis C. Schott, Mark Byrnes, Louis E. Johnson, Hartley H. Meyer, Kenneth L. Evans, Ora Smith, James S. Morgan, Wayne L. Donaldson, Robert Clark, Emil Schultz, Raymond Schwartzhoff, Ivan Tippery, Milton F. Schlein, Robert O. Back, Kenneth G. Amundson, Beacher E. Bollman, Marvin Chevalier, Howard I. Hill, Donald G. Kermeen, Harold Lang, Allen A. Leas, Wilbur T. Mark, Leo H. Meyer, Jack A. Messler, Joseph T. Norton, Viola K. Rouster Wiemerslage, Vivien F. Wiltgen and Mary Lou Dasher Wiegand.
*Updated the WWII Honor Roll, adding links to the obituaries of several other WWII veterans previously found on the pages.
*Civil War soldier Thomas J. Murphy, photo & brief bio

OBITUARIES - Allamakee county now has over 7,000 obituaries!
*360 new obits (some with photos) were posted to our Obit Boards in from Aug 1 - Oct 31! WOW
*A newspaper accounting of death was added to the obit of David Dean Miller (originally posted January 15, 2009)

*The newspaper section was updated with current information sent by Jason Meyer, owner of the Postville Herald
*Added a link to the website of Our Savior's Lutheran Church

*Harpers Ferry HS Class of 1942
*Postville HS Class of 1940
*Waukon HS, added Gertrude Hansmeier textbook, 1918

*Kathy Klocke Bunner has registered her surname interests: Debner, Drew, Klocke/Kloke, Liddiard, Nagel & O'Neill. She has information to share on each of these families.
*Stephanie Schroeder Houston has registered surnames Miller, Nise, Schroeder & Wegner. Researching the ancestors of Carlton W. Schroeder, s/o William Henry Schroeder and Clara Wegner Schroeder Miller. William Henry Schroeder, emigrated in 1882, was s/o Ludwig Schroeder, who emigrated in 1892. William Henry lived and died in Postville (1912). Also researching Carl and Christina (Nise) Wegner.
*Janet Koozer has added Hirth to her list of surname interests.
*Cara Murphy has registered surname O'Mara / O'Marra. She was previously registered as researching surname Murphy. She is researching Thomas Joseph Murphy and his wife Sarah O'Marra in Lansing, Allamakee co., and David City, Nebraska.
*Connie (Kelly) Ellis has registered surnames Bray, Dunn, Ellis, Franck, McShane, Taylor, Kelly, Hawkins, Dresser, Webb, Owen, Robey & Schlitter


July 2010

Allamakee co. researchers will be pleased to find lots of new information and photos added to the website in July. The new additions to our Cemetery records are Wonderful!
Thanks go out to the following contributors: Tammy O'Hare Kuhn, Paul Moritz, Cheryl Cachampis, Mike Peterson, S. Ferrall, 'Gemni', Peter R. O'Brien, Dean Groth, Dennis S. Thompson, Errin Wilker, Mary Durr, 'LA', AdaMarie Kerndt, Dorothy, Betty J. Palmer and Karen Muchow.

*Added to the Allamakee Threshers page, Frances Burns steam thresher & crew
*New! Becker family album

BIOGRAPHIES - misc. sources
*Guluk O. Blakestad family (and photo), Adam Cavers, Hiram A. Brisbin, J.B. Clark, Martin Lockwood, Bjorn Svenson Loken aka Bennett Swenson family (and photo), F.W. Mattoon, J. McNutt, John Riesche, Wm H. Tuttle and Joseph J. Watson

*Added to user-contributed records: John & Michael O'Brien

*New! Oak Hill Cemetery Log Book, 1916-1939
*New! Oak Hill Cemetery Plot Book
*New! Brief history of Sixteen cemetery
*New! Original Sixteen cemetery quit-claim deed & survey, 1898
*New! Sixteen cemetery plat & survey, 1945
*New! Sixteen cemetery - Lot map and burials by section & lot number
*Woodmansee notes were added to Oak Hill cemetery, surnames Ackerberry/Ackerberg, Brockhausen, Cole, Dawson, Gules/Guler, Hale, Haroldson, Irle, Kelly, Pape, Peterson and Scholt/Schott
*Woodmansee notes were added to Old Oak Hill cemetery, surname Whitey
*Woodmansee notes were added to Old East Paint Creek cemetery, surname Larson
*Burials of Delores M. Krumwiede and Harriet Ugland Proctor were added to the current Oak Hill updates page J-P

Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*Several gravestone photos from Gethsemane cemetery
*Several gravestone photos from Waterloo Ridge cemetery
*Candee gravestone photos from the Postville cemetery
*Several gravestone photos from Mt. Olivet cemetery

*Mt. Hope Presbyterian church, added a brief 1951 newspaper clipping about the church
*St. Joseph Catholic church, New Albin, added 1965 confirmation class & a clipping about Father Edgar Kolfenbach's 20th ordination anniversary

*Added name & photo of Marshall Loren Bellows to the Allamakee co. Peace Officers page
*Orphan Train Riders page, added brothers Gilbert & Walter Eadie

*Elmyra Reynolds 100th birthday, 1934

*User-contributed marriages: added Hutchinson-Mitchell

*Indian War records updated, adding Charles Guy
*Updated the entries of John Dundee & Albert Held on the WWI casualty page

*95 new obits (some with photos) were posted to our Obit Boards in July
*The Allamakee co. connection for Barbara Beise's obit was not apparent. A note that should clear up the mystery was added (obit originally posted 8/22/2007)

*French Creek schools updated with a photo ca1914-1918
*Pea Ridge-Patterson Creek schoolchildren

*Dennis Schildhauer has registered surname Duff. He'd like to connect with any decendants of Issac Duff (b. 1833, Ontario Canada, d.1917 in Winneshiek co.) and his wife Emeline A. Knight (b. 1840, Ontario, d. 1872). He has statistical information on the family and would like to locate photos of Issac and Emeline.
*Paul Moritz and Cheryl Cachampis have registered surname Becker, both are researching the J. P. Becker family
*James J. Henderson has registered surname Henderson. Researching his father, William F Henderson (deceased), son of Forrest and Mabel Henderson (deceased) of Volney and his mother, Diane C. (Palmer) Henderson (deceased), daughter of Glenn and Ethel Palmer (deceased).


June 2010

The June contributors gave up many hours of their springtime to transcribe, share and help researchers from all over the world find information about their ancestors! Thank-you! The June contributors were: Paul Moritz, S. Ferrall, Erin Wilker, Jan Miller, Delores Bakkum Nolan, Mrs Richard J. Troendle, Mary Durr, Ada Marie Kerndt, Judy Moyna, Don Kudlewski, Phyllis Peterson, Cindy Bray Lovell and several anonymous contributors.

*Oak Hill records have been updated. Fritz (2), Weymiller & Back were added
*Woodmansee Notes were entered for Oak Hill, New Albin City and Old West Paint Creek cemeteries, surnames Wittbecker, Rieth, Darling, Smith & Gerkey

*Added a news article containing a brief history of St. Mary's Lycurgus church

*Added the 1929 HS graduation photo of William Robbins, aka Theodore Piederit, to the Allamakee co. Orphans page
*Allamakee Landmarks, added the 'Alberta House' photo & news clipping

*Old cabin landmarks: John Blake cabin & Hwy 13 cabin
*1905 New Albin Advertisements
*1951 New Albin businessmen photo

*Added to compiled marriage records: Bakkum-Larson, Gammon-McLaughlin & Stewart-Hill

*The WWII records have been completely redone and lots of new info. added.
*New information was contributed for Donald Olloff & the Schulze brothers (Harris, John & William)

*48 new obits (some with photos) were posted to our Obit Boards in June

*Nicholas Romereim has registered surname Lier


May 2010

A big THANK-YOU to the following people contributed to the Allamakee co. website in May - Mary Durr, Ada Marie Kerndt, Dorothy Gosse, S. Ferrall, Connie Bottolfsen Loftus, Paul Moritz, Dean Groth, Tammy Kuhn, LA & 'Gemini'

BIOGRAPHIES - misc. sources
*Jesse P. Prescott
*Links to the following biographies of people with Allamakee co. connections have been added to the miscellaneous biography index (these biographies are all located on the Biography Boards of other IAGenWeb county websites): Beetem, John T.; Benson, Elias; Curran, Henry (2 bios); Drake, S.H.; Goodykoontz, T.J; Helgeson, Andrew; Hendrickson, Hinchon, John W.; Iver; Johnson, Lewis G.; Lewellyn, Asa; Marston, Jasper E.; Miller, Leroy F.; Nierling, William F.; Regan, Rev. C.S.; Roe, Carl O.; Rosier, Lawrence; Swan, H.M.; Tillmoney, J.J. & Winter, William P.

*Updated listing of the burials in Sixteen cemetery as of April 2010, as well as corrections and additions to the 1986 Woodmansee list
*Oak Hill records 1986-2010 were updated with the burial of Raymond M. Cole
Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)"
*Gravestone photos from Waterloo Ridge Lutheran were contributed
*Gravestone photos from Oak Hill were contributed

*Old Stone church, Watson, page updated with historical articles

*Waukon Commercial Club, 1917

*Added a link to 'Irish marriages in Hogsback Canada in 1820-1847', a data-base that may be of interest to researchers of the Irish in Allamakee co.

*Added to compiled marriages: Baily-Childress, Bakewell-Schulte, Stutzman-Daubenberger & Webster-VanWey
*Added to compiled anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Eaton, 50th, 1934

*WWI Casualty page, added several additional names and photos
*Spanish-American war page, updated entries of Wm. S. Hart, Ross A. Nichols & Albert G. Stewart

*82 new obits (some with photos) were posted to our Obit Boards in May
*A 1934 photo of D'Estaing Harrington was added to the obit originally posted in 2003
*A more complete obit for Idamae Witt Leppert was added to the obit originally posted in 2005

*Waukon Junior College, updated with a very brief history
*1934 Harpers Ferry graduating class
*St. Patrick's School, Waukon, 8th grade graduates, 1934

*Eric M. Torgerson has updated his email address for surnames Bellows & Conkey
*Bernard St.Clare Butler, Jr. has registered surname Butler


April 2010

Kudos & thanks to the following people who shared photos, obituaries and other great information for the Allamakee co. website in April: Jacie Thomsen, Janet Koozer, 'Gemni', Loy Frisk Simmons, S. Ferrall, Judy Neff, Mary Durr, Chris Smithson, ‘LA’, Shirley Taylor, Dan Zoll, AdaMarie Kerndt and a volunteer gravestone photo contributor.

*Moore family album - new!
*Wendel family album - new!

- Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*Many photos of gravestones in Sixteen cemetery
*Gravestone photos from Oakland cemetery, Waukon

*1895 Iowa State Census, Hanover twp.

*Brief histories & a photo of St. Pius Catholic church, Cherry Mound


*Almost 1000 Years At Dinner (Capt. E.B. Bascom & others)
*Saw Two Eclipses (Mary E. Minert)
*How to Hold a Milk Pail (J.T. Bailey)

*Compiled marriages: Chapee-Riser, Davidson-Showers, Davis-?, Garner-Turnipseed, Sink-Streitz & Swenson-Miene
*Divorces: Laughlin, 1931; Rahilly, 1934 & Headington, 1936

*WWII Honor Roll - Allamakee co. servicemen & women (pg 3), updated with notes & a photo of Stanley M. Teslow
*Spanish-American War page updated for veteran R.A. Nichols & adding Frank B. Parsons
*Misc. Military News & Letters, added enlistee's article (1957)
*Charles L. King, Civil War Widow's Pension & Minor Children's claim

*62 new obits (some with photos) were posted to our Obit Boards in April

*1933 Waukon Junior College graduating class

*Tony Danaher has registered surname Danaher. He is researching the Danaher family from the Dorchester area.
*Jacie Thomsen has registered surnames Cassidy & Moore.
*Dennis Danaher has updated his email address for surname Danaher.


March 2010

Thank-you goes out to the following people who generously shared photos and other information for the Allamakee co. website in March: Tammy O'Hare Kuhn, Janet Koozer, Mary Durr, S. Ferrall, Gloria Payne, Susan Meyer Goldstein, Daniel Zoll, Paul Moritz, AdaMarie Kerndt, Wendy Wright, a 'volunteer' & LA

*Photo of Mrs. Duffy & Mrs. O'Neil; do you recognize these ladies?

CEMETERY RECORDS - Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*Photo of Theodore Yeoman's gravestone in Sixeen cemetery

*Waukon photos, page 2, added a 1948 picture of the Old Town movie theater
*Allamakee people: Orphans & Orphan Train Riders, added a 1917 photo of Theodore 'Teddy' Piederit Robbins

*Added Postville Herald news items from Dec 10, 1941
*Added Postville Herald news items from March 5, 1947
*Added to 1970's news: Which Was Worse -- the winter of 1936 or 1979?

*Added to compiled marriages: Blanchard-Mitchell, Bulman-Johnson, Cotton-Ebendorf, Davis-Wegner, Franck-Owen, Hale-Robbins, Lane-Duggan, Luebka-Jahnke, Niblock-Pearson, Palmer-Henderson, Perry-Pope, Waters-Hein
*Added to Anniversary records: Mr. & Mrs. W.G. Parker, 50th, 1898; Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Fisher, 42nd, 1927 and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bergh, 25th, 1933
*Added to Divorce Records: original notices for Clark, Elsey, Evans, Fosdick, Harris & Vansickle

*Misc. WW II News & Letters, added a poem written about New Guinea by Private Dick Hale, 1944
*Short news article added to the Red Cross Pig Club page
*Sp-Am War page updated with a brief news article about the discharge of Albert Hagen
*Vietnam Casualty page updated

*120 new obits (some with photos) were posted to our Obit Boards in March

*Added a photo of the 1946 New Albin basketball team
*Added photos of the 1948 Waukon Jr. High basketball & baseball teams
*Added to Waukon class pictures: 6th grade class, 1949 and Mr. Tidballs 7th & 8th grade special class, ca1950
*Added to the Minert school page: What Happened to the Minert School House?
*Allamakee co. residents who attended Northwestern University
*Rural school notes were updated with a list of 8th grade honor students

*A researcher has registered surnames Jones and Collins. Researching John & Sarah (Smith) Jones, Arrived in Allamakee/Clayton Co. ca 1863/1864; and H.C. (Henry) & Lucinda (Marshall) Collins family, buried at Hardin cemetery.
*Brian Cunningham has registered surname Cunningham.


February 2010

Our thanks to the following people contributed to the Allamakee co. website in February: Tom Curtis, Errin Wilker, S. Ferrall, Beth Ebner, Trina Brousseau, Darlene Johnson, Dan Zoll, Mary Durr, AdaMarie Kerndt, Joyce Reilly, Dan Zoll, Tammy, Marie, LA and anonymous contributor

*Shaff family album

BIOGRAPHIES - misc. sources
*Ray Mauss & photo, William Naum (2 bios), John W. Conway, Harrison S. Nichols, Michael F. Murphy & Hon. Richard 'Dick' Haney (2 bios & a photo)
*Added a scan of his wedding invitation to the Edward B. Everett biography

*A history of Sand Cove cemetery
*Woodmansee notes, May's Prairie cemetery, not recorded in Woodmansee, a note regarding the burial of infant Frantz Sales Ebner
Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*Gravestone of Hulda Pettit, Rossville cemetery

*Landmarks, Elijah Fish Log Cabin page, updated with photos & a newspaper article about Dan Love
*Orphans & Orphan Train page, updated with additional information

*Henry Selberg Petition, 1875
*Correction of dates to the 1850's Troendle land records

*Letter - written by Hugh Shepherd about early days in and around Postville, ca 1935/1940

*News articles & items abstracted from the Waukon Standard 1869-1875
*'Remember When' news articles from the Postville Herald, Jan 16 & 30, 1952
*Daubenberger brothers reunited after 39 years

*Added to compiled marriages: Jones-Gallagher, Sorenson-Anderson, Thornton-Henry, Transaglia-Schneider, Mauss-Selberg, Wittbecker-O'Dell, Petrehu-Marti
*Marriages 1849 -1860 (DAR compilation), spelling note for the Kasper Ebner - Magdalena Troendle marriage
*Added to marriage announcements & licenses: Bulman-Verthein & Petrehn-Marti

*Spanish-American War page updated, adding a link to the obituaries of Ben Martindale & Albert Stewart

*56 new obits (some with photos) were posted to our Obit Boards in February

*St. Patrick HS Class of 1950
*Hanover #4, photo of school children ca1930/31
*Luther College graduates, updated

*Dan Zoll has registered surnames Zoll, Ronan, Devitt & Collins
*Tom Curtis registered surname Shaff


January 2010

Our thanks to the following people contributed to the Allamakee co. website in January: Bill Deter, Matthew Whalen, Norbert Wurtzdl, Tara, Errin Wilker, LA, Mary Durr, Tammy O'Hare Kuhn, S. Ferrall, AdaMarie Kerndt, Linda W. Duncan, Henry Brainard, Ellen Lott, Paul Moritz, Jack Andresen, & a volunteer

*James Sweeney family album


*Woodmansee notes - West Ridge cemetery, added a note about the Mary Burke burial
Gravestone Photo Project (GPP)
*Gravestone photos for Ebenezer cemetery
*Gravestone photos for Old East Paint Creek cemetery

*Jury lists updated with Winter term 1892 U.S. jurors, December 1902 U.S. jurors, 1909 Federal court jurors
*Postoffices & Postmasters updated with lots of New Albin info. & photos

*Newspaper articles, added "William P. Robbe Murdered in California, July 1915"

*Added to compiled marriages: Marsden-Sweeney (and certificate), Yarwood-Livingood, Cowan-Craven, Calvey-?, Mausey-Helming, Strub-Beck, Gardner-Luther, Moe-Camph, Tollefson-Knudtson, Wurtzel-Rosendahl, Harrington-Prior, Cooley-Doleschal, Chase-Marugg, Stillions-White, Beall-Stillions, Mizener-Martin, Hoth-Klemme & Heins-Gullickson
*Added to Anniversary records: Mr. and Mrs. James Orr, 50th (1905)
*Added to marriage announcements & licenses: Gruber-Troendle, Jost-Flesch, Keller-Duncan, Uebelhoer-Eberhart, O'Brien-Barnes, Froelich-Steiber, Reynolds-Self, Gulsvig-Schroeder, Roeder-Dyhrkopp, Lehn-Clauson, Notan-Troendle, Steele-Nick, Siekmeier-Nagel, Deeny-Dougherty, McAneny-Redding, Dahms-Kluss, Mizener-Martin, Sherman-Hewitt, Young-Price, Hoth-Klemme, Stanley-Halsey, Stillions-White & Beall-Stillions

*World War I casualties, added the name & information of Albert Held

*105 new obits (some with photos) were posted to our Obit Boards in January

*Sean Ryan has a new URL for his personal website

*Steven G. Anderson has registered surnames Henderson, Mitchell & Rush
*Ellen Hupp has registered surname Hupp