IAGenWeb Project - Allamakee co. coordinator

E-mailing the Allamakee
county coordinator

In an effort to cut down on the junk and spam email I get, there are some clickable web-based email icons on this website. I am removing them because they apparently they don't work properly for some people. I DO want to hear from you .... so if you encounter a clickable email icon that doesn't work on your computer please use the email address below:


(Please update your email contacts list if you have other email addresses for me ... allamakee@sharylscabin.com is no longer a valid email address)

I'd appreciate it if you'd include Allamakee co. in the subject line or in the body of the email. Before you email me, if you have a query please consider posting to the Query Board first. I don't live near Allamakee county and am unable to do any hands-on research. If I have information that may be of interest in your posted query, I'll reply. If you have a submission for the website, please email me for instructions.

Having said that ...... I don't want to discourage anyone from emailing me and I will always reply to your emails usually within a week, even if all I can offer is a suggestion or guidance.



About me:

I was born and raised in Allamakee county, a native of Postville in Post twp. My roots run deep in both Allamakee county & neighboring Clayton county on both my maternal & paternal family trees.

My first 'job' with IAGenWeb was as a transcriber for the late Roxanne Barth, who was the original coordinator for both Allamakee & Clayton counties. In the early 2000's I 'adopted' the counties and have been coordinating them ever since --- and enjoying every minute!

Although I haven't lived in Iowa for nearly 50 years, I still have family near Postville. I don't get back there as often as I'd like, but maintaining the Allamakee co. website keeps me informed and knowledgable about the area. It's a thrill every morning to open my email and find that someone has taken the time to post an obituary, biography, document or query on one of the message boards, or has emailed me a note.