Page County, Iowa Obituaries

You are welcome to submit your obituaries. If you have an obit from grandma's scrapbook, it may be one that the original newspaper no longer exist and so it's the only copy to be found. Please share these with others. Thanks you.

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Pfander, Abraham    
Pfander, Al Online scans, #139  
Pfander, Charles Julia Johnson; #56  
Pfander, Charles, 1829 - 1898 Julia Johnson  
Pfander, Charles C. Online scans, sb5173  
Pfander, Elizabeth A. Colvill    
Pfander, Frances Irene Online scans, #8658  
Pfander, G. Howard Online scans, sb455  
Pfander, George V. Online scans, sb6111  
Pfander, Harry Online scans, sb1363  
Pfander, Horace Clyde Julia Johnson  
Pfander, Irene Elizabeth Online scans, sb334  
Pfander, Irma C. Online scans, sb500  
Pfander, John    
Pfander, John Wesley    
Pfander, Julia Van Vactor    
Pfander, June C. Dimmick Online scans, sb5214  
Pfander, Marie C. Collier Online scans, #8779  
Pfander, Mildred Lee Martin    
Pfander, Nina Online scans, #909, #954  
Pfander, Rilda L. Burwell Julia Johnson  
Pfander, Perry Julia Johnson  
Pfander, Phoebe Catherine Julia Johnson  
Pfander, Sarah Baker Julia Johnson  
Pfander, Sarah Loy    
Pfander, Wilma Lockie    
Pfander, Zelma Sarah Stiverson    
Pfander, Zula Payton Online scans, sb268  
Pfeifer, Orlen Online scans, #8648  
Pfeiffer, Chris    
Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Ethelyn Stevenson    
Pfeiffer, John W.    
Pfeiffer, Mildred Ruth Sawhill Jerry Hamm  
Pfenning, Helen C.    
Pflug, Philip    
Phares, Wilda Lindley Jerry Hamm  
Phelps, Elizabeth Stiverson    
Phelps, Eunice Dorothy Julia Johnson  
Phelps, Lewis Wayne Julia Johnson  
Phelps, Will    
Phillips, Albert Moffatt    
Phillips, Alice Rhoades    
Phillips, Arleen Herzberg Online scans, sb5295, sb5297  
Phillips, Clarence Online scans, #836  
Phillips, Clinton Bruce    
Phillips, Derrell W. Julia Johnson; Online scans, sb5209  
Phillips, Emily Sayre    
Phillips, Gladys Williams Online scans, sb322  
Phillips, Isaac's CHILD    
Phillips, Isaac Ellsworth    
Phillips, James Edwin "Ed"    
Phillips, Letha Fern    
Phillips, Linda Darlene Baker    
Phillips, Myrna Jane Slauter    
Phillips, Max Dewayne    
Phillips, Rosiel Finch    
Phillips, Rusk Online scans, #7014  
Phillips, Thomas B.    
Philpot, Willis Julia Johnson  
Philpott, Ester Miller    
Phipps, Arlo A. Online scans, #8570  
Phipps, Audrey Lee Colwell / (two) Online scans, #8981  
Phipps, Bessie Annie Julia Johnson  
Phipps, Beth Ann Kirby    
Phipps, Charley Ray Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8781  
Phipps, Ella Levada Jane Parker Julia Johnson  
Phipps, Harold Keith    
Phipps, Henry Julia Johnson  
Phipps, Irene    
Phipps, Jesse Jerry Hamm  
Phipps, John    
Phipps, Lawrence Online scans, sb3680, sb3684  
Phipps, Minnie Alice Julia Johnson  
Phipps, Nellie Permelia Carlton Julia Johnson; Online scans, #9009  
Phipps, Pauline Fern Julia Johnson; Online scans, #8651, #8657  
Phipps, Rebecca Rosezetta "Zetta" Parker Jerry Hamm  
Phipps, Richard Keith    
Phipps, Roy Jerry Hamm  
Phipps, Willis Julia Johnson